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Why the New World Order Needs Australia

Written by The Informed Aussie
Published on Thursday, December 15th, 2011
Globalist Report

new world order australiaThe New World Order is real and the Globalists who desire the establishment of a New World Order are doing everything in their power to create the global government they need to guarantee global control and power.

The Globalists will only achieve the establishment of a New World Order under two conditions.

  1. They control the majority of global natural resources.
  2. The global monetary system becomes centralized.

Sadly, Australia is in the firing line of these criminal Globalists who want to establish a new world order in australia.

So why is this the case? Let’s briefly examine how the Globalists need Australia to achieve their ultimate goal of a New World Order and Global Government.

New World Order Australia

Australia has an abundance of natural resources

Australia’s capacity to mine it’s finite natural resources is world leading. At the time of writing this article, Australia’s capacity to supplyAustralian Coal Mining the world with its minerals, natural gas and oil was at an all time high. Australia is the world’s leading exporter of iron ore and coal that is traded by sea, which accounts for about 41 per cent of seaborne iron ore exports in 2010, 56 per cent of the coking coal used in steelmaking, and 21 per cent of the thermal coal used in power stations. It is also a top-five producer of a suite of other commodities, including aluminium and its precursors bauxite and alumina, as well as zinc, lead, nickel, gold, silver and uranium, while rapid expansion of its gas-export industry could place it as the world’s biggest exporter of liquefied natural gas by 2020.

So what does all this mean for the Globalists. Well, we all know that natural resources have a finite supply and because Australia has the world’s most diverse and known discovered resources on earth, the Globalists will need these resources to control and influence China as it seeks more and more resources to feed its 10% annual growth rate.

In the short term this may all sound unrealistic, but when push comes to shove and the demand for oil, coal and other natural resources begin to impede growth, the Globalists will use Australia’s position to push their agenda.

Low levels of interest in politics

Australian Parliament House Canberra

Would you believe Australians have little or no interest in politics and who governs their country. At present, voting is mandatory and fines are given to those who don’t vote. There are only two political parties and politicians never break or deviate from official political lines and propaganda. Australians are trained to obey their government and never question what the government does and how they spend their revenues.

This mix of complacency is exactly what the Globalists need to achieve their agenda. They need minions who will not question and understand what the New World Order stands for. If an Australian mentions the term ‘Bilderberg Group’ or ‘New World Order’, they are labelled and conspiracy theorists and ignored. This attitude will never change and it’s the perfect environment for the Globalists to move in.

Access to vast remote spaces

Uluru Australia formally known as Aires rockAustralia is an enormous continent and only 5% of its land is habitable. This is perfect for the Globalists. The Globalists need vast spaces that are in close proximity to China because China is the Globalists biggest threat. Due to the heavily regulated nature of communism, Globalist organizations like the Bilderberg Group can’t access it’s political circles to enact change like they do in Europe and the U.S. When the New World Order becomes a reality, the Globalist propaganda machine will begin the war effort against the Chinese Government. Unfortunately, for the good hardworking people of Australia, it has the perfect launching and preparation grounds for an invasion. Other counties in the south east Asia region are too heavily populated to orchestrate such an attack. Also, due to the infiltration of Indonesia by the Globalists, the cumulative effect of having both Australia’s land mass and Indonesia’s population density, the Globalists have the perfect recipe for an attack on China.

In conclusion, the wolds most democratic, free and establishment resistant country is under attack and needs to wake up. Due to its populous having no interest in politics, it’s vast natural resources and geographic location, the Globalists and the New World Order need Australia to begin the next phase of deployment for global government and New World Order.

Wake up Australia, the Globalists are almost finished with the Americans and Europeans and now have you in their sight!

  • Rose Heath

    Attack on China? The ‘Globalists’ are doing business with China…You know with everyone so dumbed down and misinformed, I think I’ll go and join the globalists and help finalise the ‘plot’ . idiots.

  • peter colenso

    The New world order is more than economic
    The best way to experience the mechanism first
    Go to”tns radio fatima the great conspiracy”
    print out pages 94-99, then drop them in letter boxes
    especially in rich areas and universities. Soon after
    you will have the workers of the New order on your
    tail trying to scare you into stopping.

    You will also feel an uneasy aura of evil
    around you.

    The information is pertaining to trotskys’
    Whereabouts immediately before the
    revolution and who financed him & why.

  • John

    Hunt down those globalist bastards and make them go bye bye! Drop them into shark infested waters!

    • John Cook

      Crab bait lol

  • jarrah keenan

    i completely disagree with the idea that we aussies are complacent when it comes to politics and we are NOT a “two-party” system. There is a VERY progressive and wonderfully leftist party here that you may have heard of called The Greens. The party was born in a little state down south called Tasmania and was formulated and run by one of my heros – a chap by the name of Dr. Bob Brown. Without the Greens, we’d be in even more of a mess than we are now they are also responsible for the first Carbon pricing system in the world – one which is being adopted by many other countries and one which is only hurting the big polluting companies. We’re yet to see any effects on our wallets – the Gillard Government has even taken steps to ensure that welfare recipients do not suffer! It could be a lot better – the big coal and power companies have escaped but with more pressure from groups like The Greens this is likely to change…

    • Rose Heath

      The Greens are not Lefties – they’re conservationists and there is very little civil libertarianism involved. Not a bad thing in my opinion. will go work for them this year.

    • Rose Heath

      One of things i most agreed with in this story is that Aussies are not politically interested, but considering politics is a front for something much more controlling that might be a good thing.

  • Tony Ryan

    There is another and even more compelling reason why the Globalists MUST subdue and destroy Australia… it is the only country that is potentially self-sufficient; which means it can ignore trade embargoes and reject one world government. That is the reason why we have more tariffs removed than any other nation; to teminate our food security and manufacturing.

    • John Cook

      Yes, this is true. I think oz could be amazing. We just need to wake up. We have a unique lack of old hatreds. Multiculturism is a recipe for disaster in most countries but we have managed to make it work…

  • mitz

    Hi there
    I agree with most of what you say but I do believe that the complacency for politics in Australia is changing. People here have been YES MEN and let the government do what ever they like… Now they are seeing the consequences of this and starting to wake up. Unfortunately it might be too late though.

    • http://www.theglobalistreport.com/ Andrew @ The Globalist Report

      Well said Mitz… Weather it’s too late or not can only be decided by the Australian public. I think Julia’s socialist policies and Abbott’s reluctance to adopt change leave Aussies between a rock and s hard place. I think this ideology between liberal and labor needs to be thrown in the bin and replaced with rational reasoning. There are way too many people who support party lines without careful consideration about the consequences of their political allegiances.

      • Kobarri

        The Americans are already here, they have 10 (secret) military bases.. Haliburton getting already there Gas out off Queensland and poisoning the people around. They own the railway between Darwin and Alice Springs were one military base is. Australians wake up, the world order (Bilderberg group) wants to depopulate. They only interested in money and power, they don’t need you and me.
        Wake up it is more serious than you think!!!!!