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Where Suspected FEMA Camps Could Be Located in Australia

Written by The Informed Aussie
Published on Thursday, December 29th, 2011
Globalist Report

Ping Gap Warning SignIn 1970, the United States of America set up its first military base in Pine Gap, Australia. Originally, less than 500 American citizens were based at the camp. It is reported in the main stream media that the military base was originally intended to provide the American military an appropriately isolated base to set up antenna to receive satellite signals not available in the United States, perform testing of weaponry and surveillance of South East Asian countries.

There are many reports derived from main stream media and alternative media sources about the American Governments introduction of FEMA camps to Australia, however the focus of most of these reports are based around the Pine Gap facility in the Northern Territory of Australia.

Sadly, for the Australian and American people, there are many other authorised camp’s that could be used as FEMA camps instantly. Some of these options are already being used to manage illegal immigrants.

So where could the Australian and American government’s set-up FEMA camps with very little notice?

Broadmeadows Army Camp

Broadmeadows Army Camp

The Broadmeadows Army Camp was originally used to house ‘legal’ immigrants as they made their way into Australia in the 60’s and 70’s. These legal immigrants were aptly known as 10 pound poms. Although this facility is currently used for training new army recruits, because it is located only 5 km from the Melbourne Airport, is situated in a residential area and has facilities setup to house large numbers of people, it is perfectly setup to hold large numbers of civilians.

Villawood Immigration Detention Centre

Villawood Immigration Detention Centre

The Villawood detention centre is located around 27 kilometres west of the central business district of Sydney. It was constructed on the site of the former Villawood Munitions Factory, which operated on the site from 1941 until the close of World War II. The Villawood detention centre is now used to control and manage upt o 600 illegal immigrants. This facility is privately run and can be immediately turned into a camp / control access point on demand by the Australian Federal Government.

Woomera Detention Centre

Woomera Detention Centre

At the moment, this detention centre is closed (renamed Camp Rapier). It was originally intended to hold up to 600 illegal immigrants, however there are unsubstantiated reports that up to 2000 people can been held in the camp at any given time. This detention facility was renowned for its remote location, extreme weather conditions and famous break out of 100 captives

Christmas Island Immigration Reception and Processing Centre

Christmas Island Immigration Reception and Processing Centre

Located North West of Australia, the Christmas Island Immigration Reception and Processing Centre consists of eight accommodation units. Commissioned by the Howard Government, this remote facility was designed to hold illegal immigrants. Due to the facilities remote location, the Howard Government’s first preference for detention was always the Christmas Island Immigration Reception and Processing Centre.

Although the above five facilities, including Pine Gap, are not currently being used to hold Australian and American civilians, should an outbreak of civil unrest, war or governmental dictatorship arise, these facilities WILL be used by the government to hold dissidents and political opponents.

  • SammyH

    Pentridge Prison Victoria take a look i think you might find it interesting

  • http://www.facebook.com/cjmerrett257 Chris J Merrett


  • Patrick Donnelly

    Fear and terror are the weapons of a government that is itself afraid: of the populace. To paralyse opposition they pretend to be able and willing to intern millions. Fear weakens sheep. Power is an illusion!

    Rather like the Wizard of Oz.

  • fred nerk

    Interesting that the new Alice Springs Gaol was built well out of town, on the Stuart highway, between the airport and Pine Gap.

  • Charlie

    I work for Immigration and specifically the Immigration Detention Centres around the country. Let me say they are not capable of housing large numbers of “dissidents” FEMA Style. Sorry. Simlarly for Defence sites, I did 6 years for defense deploying record keeping software to bases and service (army, air force, navy) bases are limited in their setup to cater for FEMA style accommodation also and are actively used and inhabited by service families … where would they go? Australia is a huge country though and thee willimsure be plenty of places thye can hide something…I am concerned about FEMA and the visit by FEMA staff to Australia though and wait with concern for the Olypmics to “hopefully” come and go without incident…I fear it may not.

    • Andrew Puhanic

      Hi Charlie,

      Thank you for sharing your insights.

      I too am concerned about FEMA and the visit by FEMA staff to Australia. Why on earth would agencies such as the ‘Federal Emergency Management Agency’ be in Australia? Considering that our government is just another puppet to the globalists from the United States, I guess this should come at no surprise?

      The reality is, when push comes to shove, us Aussies won’t be in any position to dictate to much larger countries such as America and China. To be honest, considering the growth rate of China and their increasing desire to obtain and control our natural resources, if the world experiences another global recession or something even worse like world War three, then I think we will be overwhelmed by the interests of China.

  • Jonathan

    Like the Superbowl was used to herd and hold people after Katrina, we believe the two new sports stadiums recently constructed in our area have built into their design security measures to keep larger numbers of people against their will. We have visited theses structures and see how easily they could utilized before more permanent housing could be arranged in one of our military camps. Also, we have reports of some police stations going overboard on new extensions to house numbers of prisoners beyond what you’d expect from the local suburb they service.