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Turning off Energy, Not Climate Change, Is Biggest Threat, Doctors Say

Written by The Informed Aussie
Published on Wednesday, September 5th, 2012
Globalist Report

Climate change has occurred constantly throughout the earth's history, driven by powerful natural forcesThousands of accused witches were burned at the stake in medieval times in an effort to protect their communities from bad weather, stated Jane Orient, M.D., president of Physicians for Civil Defence.

It didn’t work then, of course, as Europe continued to suffer greatly during the Little Ice Age. And human beings still do not have the power to control the climate, she said.

Orient spoke at the 30th annual meeting of Doctors for Disaster Preparedness, which advocates protection against all perils, based on accurate scientific information.

Since astrophysicist Sallie Baliunas spoke about “Witches, Whiskey, and Bad Weather” in 2005, http://www.ddponline.org/ddp-audio-2005.php “global warming” has continued its 15-year hiatus, but in the name of global “climate change,” politicians are still trying to shut down energy production from hydrocarbon fuels.

For example, the 2012 Democrat Party platform reads:

“We know that global climate change is one of the biggest threats of this generation – an economic, environmental, and national security catastrophe in the making. We affirm the science of climate change, commit to significantly reducing the pollution that causes climate change, and know we have to meet this challenge by driving smart policies that lead to greater growth in clean energy generation and result in a range of economic and social benefits.”

CLIMATE CHANGE has occurred constantly throughout the earth’s history, driven by powerful natural forces. There is no good evidence for the speculation that human emissions of carbon dioxide could cause major climate effects, and plenty of evidence against it.

Still, the political forces that demonize carbon dioxide are so well-funded and powerful that a young person aspiring to an academic career dare not express disagreement, according to Richard Lindzen of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who spoke on “Alarming Global Warming: What Happens to Science in the Public Square?”

Carbon dioxide is part of the cycle of life, not a pollutant,” Orient explains. “All living things are made of carbon that was once in atmospheric carbon dioxide.”

Medieval technology such as windmills cannot replace coal, natural gas, and oil to provide the electricity and transportation fuel on which modern society depends. Drastic cuts in carbon dioxide emissions would have at most a negligible effect on earth’s temperature, but would cripple agriculture, medicine, industry, and defense, Orient states.

Energy poverty from misguided policy based on bad science is one of the biggest threats to this generation,” she states. “Not carbon dioxide.”

Credit: Physicians for Civil Defense