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Turkey Intercepts Airplane Carrying Russian-made Ammunitions

Written by The Informed Aussie
Published on Monday, October 15th, 2012
Globalist Report

Turkey Intercepts AirplaneTurkey’s Interception of a Syrian plane travelling from Moscow to Syria’s war-torn capital Damascus Is not a message to the Syrian regime solely but also to those countries, Including Russia, China and Iran, which have been Involved In the Syrian crisis by siding with the country’s regime since the very beginning, experts agree.

“The Intercepted plane Incident Is a message to the countries that are Intensively Involved In the Syrian crisis, Including Russia, China and Iran. After the Incident, neither Russia nor China will consider Turkish airspace as easy passage. Therefore, this Incident will pave the way for the Isolation of the Syrian regime,” Veysel Ayhan, an expert on the Middle East from Abant Izzet Baysal University, told Sunday’s Zaman.

In the latest blow to the already strained ties between the two neighbours, a Syrian Air Airbus A320 travelling from Moscow to Syria’s capital was Intercepted by F16 jets as It entered Turkish airspace and was escorted to Ankara’s Esenboga Airport on Wednesday.

After inspecting the cargo, Turkish officials announced that the plane was carrying Russian-made ammunitions destined for Syria’s defence ministry.

According to Ayhan, If Turkey closes its airspace not only to military planes, but also to civilian planes travelling to Syria, this would mean Isolating Syria from Its supporters, Russia, Iran and China.

Despite the escalating pressure from the International community, Russia and China are the two closest remaining allies to embattled Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, blocking tougher UN resolutions against Damascus.

“The plane Incident doesn’t only bother Turkey and Syria, but Russia also. In fact, Russia has an Important role In the Syrian crisis,” Mehmet Seyfettin Erol, the head of Ankara’s International Strategic and Security Research Centre (USGAM), told Sunday’s Zaman.

The Syrian plane Incident came amid heightened tensions between Turkey and Syria, which have been exchanging artillery fire across their volatile border over the past week, after Parliament passed a motion allowing Turkey to send, If need be, Turkish troops Into Syria. Necdet ozel, Chief of General Staff, also warned Syria, In a statement on Wednesday that Turkey would retaliate In a more forceful way should shelling by the Syrian side keep landing Inside Turkish territory. Turkey has reinforced Its border with artillery weapons and also deployed more fighter jets to an air base close to the border.

From now on, Turkey should avoid taking the wrong steps In the Syrian crisis, said Erol, adding that Turkey is not the sole actor In finding a solution to the crisis. “Turkey portrays itself as the key actor In the Syrian crisis but neither Turkey nor Syria are the sole actors In this crisis. Russia, China and Iran cannot be neglected. Turkey should stop acting independently and should cooperate with Russia, China and Iran as It does with the US,” said Erol.

Following the Incident, the US strongly supported Turkey’s move to inspect the Syrian plane, saying the transfer of any military equipment to the Syrian regime at this time was very concerning.

The revolt In Syria has dragged on for far longer than any other Arab Spring uprising, partly because of Assad’s unwillingness to meet the demands of the Syrian people, but also because of the support of global powers Including Russia.

“By Intercepting a civilian plane travelling from Moscow to Damascus, Turkey doesn’t only shows Its limits to Syria but also to Russia,” Kaan Dilek, general coordinator of the International Middle East Peace Research Centre (iMPR) told Sunday’s Zaman.

Following the plane Incident, Syria demanded reparations for the material seized by Turkish authorities, while Turkey Issued a diplomatic note to Syria, on the grounds that the plane was carrying “certain equipment In breach of civil aviation rules.”

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ErdoganTurkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Thursday the plane was carrying Russian-made ammunitions destined for Syria’s defence ministry, but he declined to name the source of the Intelligence obtained by Turkey on the presence of non-civilian cargo on the plane.

“Turkey obtained reliable Intelligence and used It against Damascus. With this Incident the pressure on the Syrian regime will Increase,” said Erol.

Erdogan said a report that Includes details on the seized material and the Intended recipient of the cargo Is being prepared by officials. However, he did reveal that the Syrian Defence Ministry appears to be the buyer of the confiscated materials, according to documents found on the plane.

“The vital question Is why Russia, which has the legal right to carry military arms to Syria, preferred to carry these arms by civilian plane?” said Dilek.

According to Dilek, every sovereign state has the legal right to assess the Intelligence obtained. “Basically, there are some question marks regarding Turkey’s Syria policy. Due to these question marks, It becomes hard for us to assess Turkey’s move In this Incident. This Incident pushes us to think beyond the Information provided to us,” said Dilek.

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said on Wednesday that Intelligence had suggested that the Syrian plane was carrying “non-civilian cargo” and “banned material,” adding that Turkey was within Its rights under International law to Investigate civilian planes suspected of carrying military communications devices or arms. Davutoglu noted that the country would In stay In line with International law regarding whatever the Inspectors found In the plane, while declining to name the source of the Intelligence.

“With the Incident, It became Inevitable for Russia to Investigate Its Intelligence gap,” said Dilek.

Davutoglu also dismissed claims suggesting that Russian President Vladimir Putin delayed his upcoming visit to Turkey due to the deepening division between Turkey and Russia over the festering Syrian conflict. He said he does not think the grounded Syrian plane will In any way harm Turkish-Russian relations, adding that Putin’s scheduled arrival date had already been a tentative one and officials have fixed his date for November.

Dilek also maintained that It would not be realistic for Turkey to damage Its relations with other countries, Including Russia and Iran, due to the crisis with Syria.

As tensions mount between Turkey and Its southern neighbour, In fear of Syrian retaliation, Turkish authorities have declared Syrian airspace to be unsafe and have prohibited Turkish aircraft from flying over the war-torn country.

Credit: Zaman website, Istanbul, in English 13 Oct 12

  • Ooden

    I have posted this Glenn Beck video
    chiefly to highlight the evil-mechanics of Governments and Terrorist Organizations acting as puppets for the World’s Elites. I am sure you will be more than enlightened by its account of seemingly designed “Arms Manoeuvrings in the heart of the Middle East. It seems like “Fast & Furious” all over again, …..but on a vastly gigantic-scale, involving the Middle Eastern “enemies of enemies” …. So much for the so-called “YouTube” Video being the “cause of Global chaos”..! A video is nothing more than a false-flag ploy to cover an evil-plot. In many ways.. this “Arab Spring,” is… the initiative of the US Government—and unwittingly …by the courtesy of US Taxpayers.

    Qld. Aust.

    Video @—>>
    ***UPDATED*** Must Watch: Glenn Beck explains how Obama used Ambassador Stevens to funnel arms to Libya and Syria


    • Andrew Puhanic

      Excellent share Ooden… Checking it out now.

  • Ooden

    Here are some additional information via Videos below.

    Lip-service of perpetual lies, flattery and deception are all part of the Globalists’ Tools… a thing to be grasped as one watches these shock and awe insightful footages of world events as they un-fold. One un-surprizing hallmark is featured here; that is — Foreign Policies often indulge and design Foreign crises, ….rarely are Foreign crises a spontaneous occurrence.

    One will see how Turkey, Al Qaeda, US government, United Nations, Muslim Brotherhood et al, and last but not least; —Globalists, fit the maze of Foreign Policy designs. …And sadly; it is only a minor piece in the overall-design of what is ultimately is; — World Control by ultra-financed Globalists. It is necessary for these insidious elites to reign in Sovereign nations unto their control…. just a few to go.

    Each video is approx. 36 minutes duration.

    Qld. Aust.
    20-October, 2012

    “Reality Check: The US Government Created Al Qaeda?….”


  • Ooden


    This is hardly surprizing that Turkey has entered the fray of the Syrian crisis. Turkey has changed its “Political Mask.” Not too long ago, …it exchanged, fostered Tourism, indulged Commercial and Economic Trades with Israel. Both nations prospered on that score. But Turkey revamped its nation, military and politics ….thus abandoning diplomatic relations with Israel, …and even participated to aggravate Israel via a 2010 Armada, —a flotilla led by the Turkish Islamist organization IHH in which it attempted to break Israel’s legal naval blockade of Gaza. Of course, the Turks contrived objections sparked an International outcry against its former neighbouring patriot. Now Turkey …hypocritically wants to play “Good Samaritan” by grounding a Syrian bound flight on a conjecture of “illegal cargo”..? It appears that Turkey has “Double Standards…” when it comes to the Accords of International Law..?

    By the same token; it doesn’t take too much to figure out with whom Turkey decides to affiliate itself with. Similar mask are now worn in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya thanks to the recent advent of the “Arab Spring.” Turkey seems to condone incursions into Syria from its territories. Upholding the Muslim Brotherhood’s policies of un-doing regimes called; “Dictatorships,” and “Royalties.” The conjecture is extremely plausible; that these MB mercenaries (Assad presumably; calls them “Terrorists/Enemies”..?) …are most likely Armed, Trained and sponsored by the Turkey and Co. battlements. One can surmise from recent-historical projections that dictators and Royalties will make way for Islam’s …”new boss” Agenda — courtesy the MB. One needs to ask; “Is the New-Boss better than the Old-Boss..?” While both Bosses are devils in their own acclaimed trails of murderous carnage, ….the old bosses and their ideologies were palatable… though thorns in the West’s moral-eyes. “Tamed” and partly “Restrained” as one would say.

    To quote an excerpt from the article; “….the US strongly supported Turkey’s move to inspect the Syrian plane….” arouses immediate suspicion of course. After all, Obama wasted no time to fuel the Arab Spring’s Firestorm when he circumvented the US Congress and declared a “personal War” against the troubled Libyan Regime. Obama conveniently signed an Executive Order to perform the deathly and un-Constitutional task on United Nations’ behalf we are compliantly told…. but other noble Obama traits …should not be ignored either. For instance, conspicuously genuflects to a Saudi King, the un-Constitutional announcement that: “America is; …no-longer a Christian Nation,” …distances himself from America’s long standing ally—Israel, barely condemns a Terrorist attack (Fort Hood,) …but upbraids a Coptic-Christian video even to the distinguished calibre of the United Nations’ General Assembly … saying; “The future belongs to nations that respects Prophet Mohammad,” — in the same breath-stroke, …condemned the revered “American and Christian Free Speech Liberty.” Additionally; Obama and his Administration …whilst addressing the Nation’s Press, …do not flinch nor hesitate to continually refer the Koran as: —”The Holy Koran” …but in the same counter-stoke, the Obama and his Administration, “orders” the US military to “Burn the Bibles” in the Afghanistan’s war-theatre. Generally speaking, apparently the Bibles were considered “inappropriate.” These few examples inadequately underscore the numerous sleighed-hand policies that Obama and his Administration assert towards endearing MB’s endeavours. It would be candidly equitable to proffer that Obama is the Muslim Brotherhood’s proxy. Essentially, who does Obama represent..? “We the People… or; We the Muslim Brotherhood..?” It is no wonder the Rank-and-File—US-government “strongly supported Turkey’s move to inspect the Syrian plane,” …they wear the same mask too.

    On another front, …last Monday, 8th October, the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Communists,) —”Four Corners,” …ran a typically notoriously bias diatribe regarding; Syria and President Assad, thus un-equivocally …painted a ‘one-sided-coin’ story of events there. However, during the Four Corners rant, the Australia’s leftist politician; Bob Carr was apparently bemused …by suggesting and calling for “Assad’s assassination.” I wonder if he was mindful what triggered World War 1..? Assad’s assassination and being tenaciously linked to Shiites, Russia, Iran, Lebanon and China … could well fusion the Middle East into the pages of oblivion. It wasn’t a terribly smart call, to say the least.

    But the ire I wish to make is; “Does the ABC or the Politicians ever do any Research…?” They pervade the perception that Assad and his Regime sole-handedly slaughter civilians. But there’s umpteen evidence to say otherwise. The tactics used of Communist Viet-Cong during the height of the Vietnam War, was to “enter” Vietnamese’s villages and point the loaded gun barrel at the temple of the head… and threateningly invite one to “Join or Die..?” Within the Syrian theatre, under the auspices of “Freedom Fighters,” but more aptly called; terrorists, mercenaries, MB’s insurgents, Al Qaeda & company… are undertaking same methodologies towards Syria’s civilians. Many journalists have reported and filmed footage of Freedom Fighters’ “slayings.” People fleeing Syria testify of it…. in fact, a Syrian Christian abbess, Mother Agnes-Mariam de la Croix, to Australia last week, tells her ordeal of hostilities and brutalities to “The Australian” newspaper. Hers and other accounts are simply not compatible with the ABC’s rendition of the Syrian Crisis. The Global Media no doubt, are driven by mass-hysteria news …too commonly …news propagated by the inventors and masters of “Faux News,” ….masters; none other than cultured Islamists themselves.

    Syrian Christian abbess, Mother Agnes-Mariam de la Croix, Account of the Syrian Crisis… @—>> “The Australian…”
    “Christians ‘Emptied from Middle East’….” @—>>

    Already …Egypt, Libya and Sudan have suffered un-speakable persecution and afflictions by the so-called "New Boss," ….and we don't include Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, and scores of South Africa regions too…. where the "Religion of Peace" (…as opposed to George Orwell's 1984—"Ministry of Peace," (…by which of course; was in charge of the; "Affairs of War",) …has not subsided, and nor it ever will, …till its goals are accomplished and its enemies are vanquished.

    If the Power Globalist continue to politically energize and finance these global insurgents (radical or moderates,) …the Judeo-Christian world as we know it, will be overrun, revamped, and dispensed. Whether we are religious or irreligious… it makes no difference, we all …are still their obstacles.

    Globally; we are on target to lose freedom, sovereignty, cherished livelihood and heritage. Put simply; "Slaves under the New Boss..!" Islam is not a Religion, but a Military Wing, a Political System, an affront to Human Rights, a debilitating enslavement system to—unwilling mankind.

    Observing and given, ..that Islamists are involved in a goodly two thirds of global wars/conflicts, it is reasonably predictable to affirm that Islam is the assailant towards peaceable nations and individuals. Turkey has recently and decisively "upped" the military and regional policeman's ante… it is consistent with the wearing of the "New Boss" mask, and it appears to be the new-puppet for expansion to surgically enforce its enemy; Syria ….for a "New MB Mask" soon. Assad must capitulate or flee… but either way, it's all part of the Global Elites plan, …for the West has not expressed serious alarmism during any part of the current "Arab Spring."

    Qld. Aust.