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The Expendable Project | A Documentary About Schapelle Corby

Written by The Informed Aussie
Published on Saturday, February 4th, 2012
Globalist Report

Schapelle Corby in Bali's Kerobokan jailA unique and extraordinary film has been released this week, free of charge, on the internet, via simultaneous upload to networks in territories as diverse as Russia, India, the United States, Japan, China, Vietnam, France, South Africa, and Germany. It is a film, however, which will certainly have long-term implications for the state of Australia.

Expendable‘, produced under conditions of strict secrecy in the US, demonstrates a lengthy series of corrupt and criminal acts by Australian politicians, sanctioned collectively by an Australian government. These involve not only activities at ministerial level, but central roles for Australian Federal Police (AFP) officers, and a number of prominent corporations.

Demonstrate is the operative word, because these are not allegations. Every abuse of power covered in the film is supported by documented proof, usually in the form of cables and correspondence between government ministers. These were pre-published on the Expendable website for public scrutiny.

Further, collectively, the movie and supporting dossiers are currently being collated for submission to the United Nations, and the International Criminal Court in The Hague.


The ‘Expendable’ film documents the case of Schapelle Corby, a young Australian woman, who was sentenced to 20 years in an Indonesian prison in 2005, when 4.2kg of marijuana was found in her bag as she collected it on arrival in Bali.

The movie tracks the Australian government’s response, which included the willful withholding of vital primary evidence. This included the information that 5kg had been added to the weight of her bags after check-in, and that the offending bag was the only one not screened at Sydney airport, which she passed through on route.

The need to hide the systemic scale of post 9-11 corruption at Australian airports, including within the AFP, and the strategic policy of the appeasement of Indonesia, frame these, and a whole series of other acts of hostility against her.

The steps taken to cover this policy, post her trial, are equally appalling. The film shows, supported by indisputable government records, how public opinion was managed, how Schapelle Corby was deprived of funds for an extraordinary appeal, how the AFP’s role was hidden, how known abuses of her human rights were ignored, and how a range of other hostile activities were initiated.

From the blurb issued with the film itself: “It presents, and demonstrates, the crushing, pre-meditated, and often brutal acts which a western government is prepared to inflict upon a helpless citizen in pursuit of political expediency.


The lack of plurality of ownership of the Australian media is a point made early in the film segment covering the state-owned Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). The implications of this resonate to this day.

In Australia, dead men cannot sue, a device which, since the death of Schapelle Corby’s father, has been ruthlessly exploited by unethical publishers, to spin and re-spin wholly disproved smears. The ‘Expendable’ producers present several concise ‘insider’ interviews, which dramatically expose the shady world which operates under the banner of journalism.

Presenting such objectionable material is by no means limited to the ABC, with the press organs of Fairfax Media, for example, also being prominent.

It is within this climate that, since the Expendable Project began publishing government cables in September 2011, not a single column inch of coverage has been forthcoming in the Australian mainstream media.

Incredibly, authentic correspondence proving gross misconduct and a series of corrupt acts by an Australian government, has been blanked completely,whilst fabricated paid-for smears against a dead man have continued unabated.

News of the release of the film itself is likely to meet a similar fate, as is the involvement of the ICC, the UN, and other international agencies.


Schapelle Corby herself, enduring her eighth year in an Indonesian prison cell, is now mentally ill. At the end of last year, she attempted suicide, via a huge overdose of the drugs she is prescribed for her psychosis.

Even this, however, has proved to be insufficient for her government to negotiate her release, or for the Indonesians to demonstrate even a hint of mercy or compassion. It appears that, as the film states, “she is dying a slow torturous death, in squalor, devoid of human rights, and abandoned by her government.


This film is a wake up call for any traveler, any individual who places trust in political leaders or governments, and any humanitarian who believes that human decency will always prevail.

It creates a new perspective of the nation state of Australia, and presents a stark warning of the dangers of an overly cozy press caucus.

It is a film you will not forget.

Visit http://www.Expendable.tv for the film’s sources and how you can help.

First published on Activist Post
  • Ben

    Hope the EP paid their taxes…

  • Anabel

    Alone, Schapelle Corby will suffer, even more.
    To help Schapelle Corby stay alive she needs to have repeated worldwide coverage.
    Support can help a person survive and help them stay positive, bold, brave and strong.
    Get Kylie Minogue and other famous pop stars to help.
    Take the case to the International Court of Human Rights etc….
    It has made me think twice before I take a holiday to Australia, Indonesia or Bali.
    Nelson Mandela suffered, but he stayed mentally strong and got support.

    If it innocently happened to any of us or a somebody you knew, I know I would greatly appreciate all the help I could get.

  • bev hamilton

    I always knew Schapelle was innocent. There were way too many holes in the case. My heart goes out to her and her family she has done her time. John Howard and Keelty need to be held accountable. I hope when Schapelle eventually is freed sues the government and gets recompensed. She has suffered enormously. She had no human rights and the Australian Government should be held accountable for this huge injustice. She will never be the same when she is released. You can clearly see the stress and trauma and mental anguish in her face today as opposed to back in 2004. She has maintained her innocence all along. The Australian Government is a disgrace and the AFP my god who can we trust to protect us when there is corruption right across the board!!! Its disgraceful.

  • james

    Australia just sucked up to Indonesia rather than protect Ms Corby’s rights. I believe that she will die there unless your PM tells SBY that no more aid will be sent until she is free

    • Andrew Puhanic

      Well said James. Unfortunately, Australia’s puppet globalist PM has been brainwashed to serve only the globalists and green party. She is weak, a disgrace and the reason why Australia is starting to decline.

  • Emmanuel G

    Do the Bali 9 next. The father of one boy goes to his friend, a Fed, says my boy is doing a drug run can you scare him to stop him, he says yeah, and then he runs to his mates and the Feds tell the Indo’s “Hey guys here comes 9 boys for you to bust.” KNOWING they would end up in front of a Firing Squad or on the end of a noose. And these Feds sleep easy at night too. How can a person let someone walk to their death like that AND line them up for it? Nice people…not. They were dirty with the whole Iraq thing too.

    • Sam Decker

      I can confirm the truth of Emmanuel G’s statement regarding how AU Fed police delivered the Bali 9 to the mercy of Indonesian corrupt justice and converted them into what are called “money trees” in Indonesia.
      How they cheated a father who wooried about his son doing wrong and quietly watched and then delivered the son to death row instead of stopping him from leaving AU or stopping the drug mules on re-entry to AU.

  • Bradley C

    Ditto to all of that. I had no idea this had gone on.

    I’ve just spent hours watching the film and reading the reports. The Ellison and Keelty letters are dynamite. Wrong word. They are sick.

    Top marks to Expendable, and to this news source for publishing the article. People do need to wake up.

    My heart goes out to Schapelle Corby, but also, I could not be more angry. It is actually state sanctioned murder.

  • Nicola Weaver

    Top job for posting this.

    How the media in Australia have hidden the truth, and replaced it with debunked smear, constitutes a crime in itself. Appalling, yet so many buy the lies.

    The government cables they have published on the Expendable website should be on the front page of every newspaper for weeks. The corruption they reveal, in selling Schapelle when the KNEW she was innocent, should land ministers in jail. But SILENCE. Not a single mention anywhere in the media.

    Cast iron proof of wht alternative media, like Globalist Report and a free internet, is so critical.

    • http://www.theglobalistreport.com/ Andrew @ The Globalist Report

      Hi Nicola,

      Firstly, thanks for visiting… It ceases to amaze me how much BS us Aussies are given on a daily basis. I refuse to listen and read news from the main stream media because the fact is that all of our news comes from either PBL, The Murdochs and Big Brother.

      For people like you and I who are aware that there are other alternative news sources around, we can form valid opinions about issues based on the variety of news we receive. The sad truth is that most Australian’s receive and accept as gospel what PBL, The Murdochs and Big Brother give them because of two reasons. 1) They are unaware of other alternative news sources. 2) Many are faced with accessibility issues and can’t access alternative news sources.

      Us Aussies are a smart lot, we just need to wake-up a little.