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The Black-Golden Triangle

Written by The Informed Aussie
Published on Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012
Globalist Report

Anglo-American oil imperialism has always been intimately related to narco-terrorism which is now also evident in the escalating engineered chaos in Mexico and south America. This methodology comprises a couple of successive phases: the first phase is to create pan-continental terrorist conglomerates which destabilize entire regions on behalf of the globalists while using the illicit drug trade to finance their activities. In order to maximize their profits, traditional medicinal plants like Cannabis and Coca must be outlawed – by the puppets in the senate and the congress who serve the terrorists’ legacy partners – the globalists, who also launder the terrorist’s profits. 

The second phase is to use the presence and activity of the terrorist cartels as a pretext for military intervention in the destabilized regions (detailed below).

bush obama control the world

The global partnership of the US with radical Islamic terrorism

This has worked well with Al-Qaeda in south central Asia (and now also in Africa) . The Mexican and Colombian Cartels are the “Latino Al-Qaeda” counterpart, which now enables the second phase of US interventionism in its southern neighbors – hence the “Fast and Furious” scandal.

We therefore assume that the ‘Fast and Furious’ false flag (meant to create a pretext for a federal assault on the gun rights of US citizens) was  just the tip of the iceberg of the aforementioned mechanism.

The Black-Golden triangle

Iran is a senior partner of the Afghan drug trade with the U.S. at the most senior level, and is known to have established its presence in the northern hub of the south American oil triangle of Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador- precisely the region which together with Mexico is currently being targeted by US interventionism. This now enables Washington to make the claim that Iran would use its south-American presence to “attack the US”, an absurd claim that once again demonstrates the usefulness to the globalists of the aforementioned methodology of ‘creative chaos’.

US half-hearted moves and intentions around the Middle-east

Recent statements by Khamenei about an Iranian counter-strike that will be “equivalent” in magnitude to any possible attack on Iran by a foreign enemy, and “leaks” regarding internal dissent in the Mullah regime between Khamenei himself who supposedly favors a diplomatic deal with the Obama regime and between the hard-line Mullah faction which supposedly favors a preemptive strike against Israel, may suggest a possibility of a behind-the-scenes coordinated understanding between the American-Israeli-Iranian tripod, similarly to the covert agreement between the belligerents of the 1973 Arab-Israeli war and the globalists . This possibility has been first proposed in our landmark report : From 1973 to 2011: On the next engineered global crisis , which has recently been further augmented by the declassification of the Vinogradov documents

The explosion in the Iranian missile base in mid November was explained by the Iranians themselves as a failed putsch attempt, and even Khamenei’s son was arrested in its aftermath.

Perhaps the aforementioned putsch faction is on Langley’s payroll, working to create a pretext for an American attack in this manner (the U.S. ambassador to Israel has already announced the American military option is “ready” and The Pentagon has recently refined its ASB(air-sea battle) doctrine designed to counter the Iranian “swarm strategy” and anti-ship guided missiles).

F-22 Raptors Deployed near Iran

F-22 Raptors Deployed near Iran

It looks like the deployment of a second F-22 Raptor Squadron  on the two islands, Masirah in the Gulf of Oman at the southern exit of the Strait of Hormuz and Yemeni Socotra in the Gulf of Aden, near where it connects to the Indian Ocean, covers also the “Somali Pirates \ Al Qaeda in Yemen” choke points. (Probably no Al-CIA-da “pirates” will try to attack these island bases…) so this seems to be another case where the standoff with Iran has served the  strategic deployment interests of the Pentagon, from the horn of Africa to the Indian ocean.

Had U.S. promised the Mullahs a “limited offensive” given Russian consent, to spike oil prices, they might have agreed (calculating they can use the opportunity to cement popular support for the regime and deflect public pressure from their unpopular domestic policy) - just like the Egyptian president Sadat and the Israeli Prime minister Golda Meir agreed on the Kissinger plan in 1973.  A likely operational scenario in this case will start with the Iranian proxy in Gaza, the Islamic Jihad, launching its unilateral missile barrage on southern Israel (given Israel’s recent detente with the Hamas regime), triggering an Israeli  limited response (in an attempt to avoid a multi-front war). The next phase could seeIran’s foreign-legion to the Arab republic of Lebanon, named Hezbollah jumping the bandwagon and attacking northern and central Israel – hence the recently deployed Patriot pack 3 battery in Haifa . Once Israel comes under an attack, the U.S. would inform Russia it intends to launch a ‘limited’ attack on Iran to endure until Iran orders Hezbollah to cease its fire. In this case Russia would sit on the fence and suffice with containing the crisis from spilling over to the Caucasus region.

Patriot Pack-3 Battery deployed in Northern Israel

Patriot Pack-3 Battery deployed in Northern Israel

It seems like the moment of truth regarding the war with Iran is rapidly approaching under the guise of the multilateral talks between the P5+1 powers and between the mullah regime.

At this point it is difficult to determine if the allegedly brewing interim agreement is for real or simply part of the pre-war facade designed to push the Israelis to the corner and force them to launch a unilateral strike against Iran, which will be used to conveniently ‘blame’ them for the onset of the pre-planned war script.

Half-baked Israeli position

From the operational tactical perspective, it seems doubtful that Israel could attack the underground nuclear facilities with its known military hardware, perhaps except for using tactical nukes - yet this would result with a catastrophic crisis with the international community.

Thus unless the Israelis have covertly developed sufficiently effective conventional munitions for this purpose any such ‘solo’ strike can achieve only limited results. 

Written by essential intelligence