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Proof Smart Meters Are Being Used to Spy On Us

Written by The Informed Aussie
Published on Sunday, September 23rd, 2012
Globalist Report

evil smart meters that are used to spy on usIF you have ever wondered if your smart meter is being used to spy on you, well now there is proof that governments and private organisations are using data collected from smart meters to spy on you.

Information about power usage, which can be used to identify when a home is being occupied, is being shared with third parties of which includes government agencies, private organisations and off-shore data processing centres.

This unethical breach of privacy was discovered on the website of one of Australia’s largest electricity retailer, Origin Energy.

Electricity customers, who sign up for an online service that provides the account holder with detailed information about their electricity usage, are unwillingly agreeing to share their private information with third parties.

A 496 word Privacy/Consent policy form explicitly states that customers who wish to sign up for the service that provides them with information about their electricity usage, must agree that the following organisations have access to their private data:

  • Government authorities
  • Electricity installers
  • Mail houses
  • Data processing analysts
  • IT service providers
  • Smart energy technology providers
  • Debt collection agencies
  • Credit reporting agencies

A spokesperson for the electricity company (Origin Energy) responsible for this revelation was recently quoted as saying “the additional information requested about each household adds to the richness of the Origin Smart experience” (Source: The Age).

One private organisation that is being given personal information of Origin Energy customers is Tendril, a self-described consumer engagement application and services provider and an organisation that believes smart grids can help fight climate change.

Alarmingly, Tendril’s own website doesn’t explicitly state how it uses data gathered by its clients and for what purposes the data can and cannot be used for.

What implication this has for Australian residents is unknown.

There has been an overwhelming opposition to the roll-out and installation of smart meters around the world.

Smart Meter opt-out coalitions are present in almost all major municipalities that have smart meters present. Unfortunately, in many municipalities an opt-put option is not available.

The author (Andrew Puhanic) was forced to have a smart meter installed on his property, with the only notice given about the installation being a letter informing the ‘month’ that the smart meter would be installed.

The greatest concern with smart meter data being shared with third parties is the fact that the third-party organisation could easily identify (over time) a pattern of when you do and do not use electricity.

This information could fall into the wrong hands and could be used to determine when your home is un-occupied.

In Australia, the erosion of privacy was escalated further by a new proposal to force internet and telephone companies to retain customer records for more than two years. For more information about this proposal, click here.

Households that are forced to have smart meters installed must be assured that the information their electricity company collects is not shared with third parties.

Ultimately, smart meters are designed to collect information about household electricity usage and now there is proof that electricity companies are openly sharing information collected by smart meters.

So what happens when a tyrannical government or criminal has access to your electricity usage records?


We ran a poll and asked “Should governments give home owners an option to opt-out from having a smart meter installed?”

We received over 125 votes and the result was 100% in favour of governments giving home owners an option to opt-out from having a smart meter installed.

In Melbourne Australia, we’ve just discovered that all smart meters will be turned on soon and home owners will be given a choice to either be charged on a 2-tier tariff or a higher priced 1-tier tariff system. So what does this mean? Well, what it is mean is that If you want to save money on your electricity bill, then you will be forced to do all your washing and power intensive activities between the hours of 2am and 8am. I wonder how many parents (like myself), elderly and shift workers will take to this announcement.

  • Peter Griffin

    destroy the damn thing, simple as that, We The People fear our government, when its our government that should fear us.

  • Warren

    “This information could fall into the wrong hands….”

    Any hands other than your own are the “wrong hands”.

    • Mia Nony

      Data mining is a trillion dollar industry. They don’t pay you for ours but they are paid big time for data about you, as a commodity. Anyone who thinks a utility is there to secure your data does not get what the purpose of the smart grid is. It is the Enronization of all energy, water, etc.
      The smart meter is not a meter at all. It is a computer estimation device, that profiles your usage & then estimates it. It is not a real time usage device. It is a frequency delivery device. The software is remotely reprogrammable & able to round up partial kilowatt hours, read its own static field & then count this as if it were usage, overwrite its own “estimations” of usage to cover its own tracks, & continue to do so even if you take all appliances off grid. Think Diebold electronic voting. All transparency evaporates. You forfeit all control, Even the wireless in home display has software controlled by the utility. You have to take the utility’s word for it what your usage is. You have no proof except to remove all essentials to a back up system & then watch the smart device continue to “read” “usage”even with no power draw.

  • http://bcfreedom.wordpress.com bcfreedom

    While the above post is good, they have left out the trading of the information and who owns it and how…. here is an example written in law:


  • walt

    Place timers on several appliances or lights and have them turn on and off at many different times. Then change your habits every 3 days. Leave the house darker one night, wash clothes at different times, leave a light on you may turn off and a light off you may turn on, do small dishes by hand one day instead of the dishwasher. Have the timers cycle lights and water heaters and other things erratically during the work week.

    • mohsen

      why do you have to do that ? refuse the stupid meter, lock your meter box as as i did. they will never install the meter in our home NEVER.

  • Matt Greco

    I am very surprised at how far down Australia has gone. I live in America and we expect the direction we are going, just look at the idiots in charge of our country. BUT, Australia was always the one place on the planet that I was always told that was free and not as affected by this stuff as the US. Well, it looks like that’s not even true anymore. It’s sad that you Aussie’s allowed this. I expect it from my stupid, GaGa and America Idol watching fellow citizens in the states, but not you guys…

    • dph

      Australia also is to have mandatory TSA-type scans at airports. No scan, no fly. No opt outs allowed. It seems as though Great Britain, the USA and Australia are the new axis of evil…And Canada is on it’s way. But the govt. can’t control us without the willing help of those who serve the govt. All of the installers, analysts, providers and agencies, etc. behind these meters are working against their friends and neighbors.- selling them out for a paycheck.

    • mohsen


  • John

    What if you wrap your meter in aluminum foil?
    Then it can’t send or receive, and the power company has to send a man out to read the meter.
    Will the meter save that much information between readings?
    The power company can’t remotely turn off the power, either.

  • http://gravatar.com/alvinsan SuperLuminalElf

    An EXCELLENT view on just how DANGEROUS so-called Smart Meters (and the ever-expanding Smart Grid) ARE: http://youtu.be/9WeDtQ7sXHU

  • http://www.booksbyoliver.com Shawnee470@yahoo.com

    “…unethical breach of privacy…” It just never ends what our government will do to control each and everyone of us! Where is the outrage any more. At least the Internet does keep us informed contrary to CNN/FOX news & other mainstream media. Thanks theglobalistreport for letting us know.

    With that said, you need to also read this thriller cause it’s Americans who do take a stand against federal tyranny. It’s so real & about each of us so I recommend it. http://www.booksbyoliver.com

  • http://gravatar.com/ozspeaksup ozspeaksup

    Victoria Aus had them made Mandatory! NO OPT OUT allowed.
    and? the go ahead on them was against the Attorney generals summation the system wasnt well set up the costs TO the consumer would rise and keep rising ie fake fees n charge increases.
    the ONLY benefit was to the power retailers.
    the mesh radio means to transmit the info every 15 minutes realtime is hackable.
    and all the power retailers onsellers have had huge increases IN power use to run massive pc storages to intake n process so much data.
    I locked my gate, and will continue to do so. the reader can come onto the property only when I am here.. No other state is consierin em, an Vic liberals for some insane reason contined the Liar gillards decision.
    with the track record of EPIC FAILS on every initiative so far???
    premier Bailieu needs to be checked for insanity and fitness to be in his position..
    theres a huge market for jammers if anyone can work out how:-)
    I would buy one.
    we pay near 60 a month fees n charges that sure cover for humans to be employed to read meters and then some!

    • Mia Nony

      Consider this.
      The frequencies are illegal.
      So is involuntary exposure to radiation.
      Anyone “believe” that microwaves mesh blanketing every inch of the ecosystem in a frequency drift net don’t slow cook flesh?
      Mandatory, you say? Wrong.
      Not when it’s illegal to stimulate human tissue & use electromagnetism to electrically induce people for profit, & to rapidly corrode all metal structural components of a building via electrolysis & illegal harmonics, & to ignore safety codes, & to loosen firewall separations via molecular vibrations billions of times a second.
      Don’t fall into the trap of helping them to spread lies, don’t give in to defeatism, don’t enable the spread of utility propaganda.
      Research documents on military electronic warfare info.
      Microwave ultra low frequencies are weaponized & illegal.This is medical fact & is indisputable.
      If the utility does not reveal on demand every single spec, & all abilities, transmission capability & coverage & all data mining aspects, that alone is ‘just cause’ to revoke utility easement rights.
      Demand that they tell you the exact attenuation coefficient of the whole grid, the cumulative combined impact of all components of the grid on all biology, since frequencies do not come to a halt at your walls & depolarize every bee, bat, butterfly, bird in their path. Wireless co-opts all metal (houses) & all water (you), all wiring, never mind the fire hazard & no insurance pay out, after being installed under live load, which causes arcing & is a postponed fire just waiting to happen.
      Ask them to justify the smoking gun of cell relay Medusa meters installed by stealth on one in approximately every 2 dozen homes. Medusas share private info w/ other “meters” & use your residence as their place of business. All smart grid components data mine business data & usurp private homes as they transmit data in & out of your private residence & to & from 5000 other “meters” + collector hubs. The smart grid co-opts your own bio-electrical circuitry, forcing it to be coupled into one continuous 360 omnidirectional microwave smart grid circuit comprised of thousands of nodes.
      And this hard fact is IGNORED in so called “safety” code frequency equations. They have you glued to your meter instead of seeing the big picture of routers, towers, cell relay “meters”, smart computers, satellites. You are blanketed with no lead apron, trapped inside a frequency radiation blast zone that overrides all natural ability to navigate & which rapidly cognitively impairs brain function while inducing countless nerve & muscles conditions. It’s call microwave sickness & it is about 80 yrs. old. . Functionally, not only are meters not meters, but any cell relay mini cell tower deceptively described as a “meter” is literally locked on to your meter base on the side of your house. Meanwhile 24/7 the frequencies depolarize your family’s nerves & muscles at strobe light speed, flipping them on & off billions of times a second with frequencies from one single bi-directional cell relay grid node which blankets 125 sq. miles w/ radiation.
      Challenge the authority they do not have to commit ecocide.
      Military medical documents prove it’s true, since that is why these ultra low frequencies were created in the first place, as Barry Trower explains on Utube. This is about mass “deployment” of lethal weapons of mass destruction.
      Ask yourself this: When did you sign any contract agreeing to accept a radiation surveillance frequency delivery estimation device forcibly coupled to your house wiring or agree to permit electrical induction via electromagnetic frequencies which experimentation the forces your body to become an involuntary conductor inside the smart grid circuit? Never. Instead of throwing in the towel, why not send them a Notice of Contractual Default & Misrepresentation?

    • mohsen


  • Tail-Gunner

    Mark Martin. You outright LIE.

    With analog meters one can measure TOTAL USAGE.
    Not every piddly little change in current draw compiled on a chart with exact time stamp.

    I could watch your house for inactivity, so I know at which TIME I could ROB it. I could watch your house for sleep patterns (e.g. no new current draws) and come in while your sleeping with a swat team.

    I could watch your home for a specific emission. like those 3000 watt grow lights, it’s too bad you have chronic pain, and a medical recommendation, DEA just wants to raid you.

  • Tail-Gunner

    Some have asked how government could exploit smart meter data sets. Pretty simple, they can tell by the watts you use, get up at 2 AM for a glass of water from the fridge, that little pump that pumps the water out is a slight draw that can be detected in real time. Turned on your light on the way? We know your awake, open and close your garage door and then no new devices being turned on/off for 15 minutes, we know your not home and can do sneak and peek, Or with the midnight water drinking pattern, we know when you are asleep, and can raid you. Oh yeah, I forgot to pay the bill, BOOM instant power cutoff. I found this out first hand. Pay your bill and press the black button. One more government exploit, cannabis growing. Plug in those lights and the DEA will raid you.

  • SM

    The “smart meter” has never been about efficiency, its about data collection.
    Remember the old saying “knowledge is power” ? The government wants fine
    grain monitoring of the “human resources” this does it very well.

  • patriot9878

    I don’t think this is very serious. I mean to use it to know if you are home or not. I doubt this. I don’t know how they could use this data. Maybe if all of a sudden you started using lots of electricity and might be growing pot plants. Learn tp make your own electrcity at rense.com Eliminate the electric company. You don’t have to buy it.

    • James

      There are health implications to this technology. And the invasion of privacy is despicable…but you don’t think this is very serious…???

      Frankly, you sound like a moron.

  • CJ

    None of the Smartmeters are UL or CSA approved. If your house burns down because of them, good luck with a recovery. That’s just one of the other issues that aren’t being reported.

  • InfoWarrior

    Dr.Bill Deagle explains the dangers of Smart Meters:

  • Anthony Neilsen

    Now I’m afraid to switch on the kettle…

  • Mark Martin

    This is all baloney. Utilities don’t share your data and they could find out your usage patterns if they wanted to before smart meters.

    • http://www.theglobalistreport.com/ Andrew Puhanic

      Hi Mark, the issue is not about if they want to, the issue is about them providing others with access to your personal data. As you can see from the article, customers from this major electricity supplier are having their personal data sent to the United States for processing.

      As for your comments about tracking electricity usage with the old meters (analogue meters). This was virtually impossible. The only way it could have been done would be if someone was physically present at the meter box. Now, there is no need for meter readers and your electricity usage is reported back to the electricity company in real-time.

    • Andrew Arnesen

      Explain how could they determine your usage patterns previously? I am very curious…

      • Mia Nony

        Frequency graphing. Every appliance has a frequency signature.

    • James

      Looks like someone took the Blue Pill…

  • Concerned

    OMG. I had no idea!
    I’m glad you mentioned it. I have been worried about unusual movements from my Vacuum cleaner.
    What can we do to fight off these terrorists?

    • The One

      If you really don’t mind invasions of your privacy then let me install a camera in your bedroom mate… I Need me a good laugh now and the aye?

  • Chris Hunt

    Thanks for this! I’ll be checking the local power co (and apparently, the new data collection co), here in canada.