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To all American Republicans who want to move to Australia. This is why Australia is the Land of the Free

Written by The Informed Aussie
Published on Sunday, October 20th, 2013
Globalist Report

Why Australia is the Best Place to Live

Credit: Felicity Ryan

I usually don’t post MEMES or Images as posts, but in this instance, I couldn’t find a better depiction of why Australia is truly the land of the free and home of the brave.

 This was the best comment I found on Reddit… (Where I found the image. Credit: Felicity Ryan for the image)

Another huge difference between our countries which no one is discussing is the role of the Australian Electoral Commission. This institution is responsible for the regulation of donations by individuals and business’ to political parties. Under the AEC, donations of more than $12 100 MUST be transparent and disclosed for public consideration. The distribution of campaign funds to the political parties from tax payer revenue under the AEC, also helps to prevent our politicians and parties from becoming reliant on lobbyists and private donors to fund their political campaigns. Whilst this means an increased cost for the taxpayer, there are obvious benefits to this system, which are far greater than a system like the American one.

The US has long had lobbying. It is an inescapable part of their “democratic” process. And not long ago, Citizens United, a bill providing for unlimited, undisclosed private donations to political parties and candidiates was passed by the US Supreme Court. This is precisely how you get your Mitt Romney’s running for PRESIDENT.

  • Michael Burke

    It ain’t the lucky country anymore.

  • Michael Burke

    If you don’t vote in NSW, its a $1000 fine and a six months behind bars. So much for being the free country!

  • aussieguy64

    You can tell the meme wasn’t written by an Australian who was politically aware of their country as a whole.

    “Australia has universal health care”

    …Which has become a financial burden such that the original architect of the Medicare system admitted it isn’t financially sustainable in the long run. The wait times can be as long as one year for something as simple as an ingrown toenail. If you’re unlucky, you can potentially die waiting for a critical operation. Some hospitals are poorly maintained or run.

    Everyone is charged a 1.5% levy (tax) to pay for it…Whether you like it or not. And politicians (like the female PM), have repeatedly jacked it up temporarily to cover for other policies as they pissed away our money on reckless spending and stupid policies.

    There are proposals to have a $5 fee for GP visits to lighten the financial burden on the country.

    We also have private health insurance available…Which offer a far superior and faster job.

    “Compulsory voting”

    …Where the Australian Electoral Commission lost a number of votes (approx 1000 or so) in one of the seats in Western Australia. This led to multiple recountings and possibly a re-election required for that seat in WA. See the Sept 2013 Federal Election.

    “No guns”

    …The Police and criminals have guns. Everyone else watches their homes and cars become bullet magnets from drug-related gangs fighting for territory and among themselves. Don’t worry, they just kill each other. And if you just happen to get hit by a stray bullet, well that’s just unlucky. (Like a truck driver who was minding his own business when a stray bullet between rival gangs blew his brains out.)

    “No death penalty”

    …We have incompetent State Parole Boards instead. Who release re-offenders out on parole without a thought. Search for “Jill Meagher”. She was raped and murdered by a criminal who had a history of rape and violence against women. You might as well search for “Sydney gang rapes”. (About a decade and a half ago, Middle Eastern men expressly targeted white Australian girls for gang raping. The police arrested and jailed them. They’re being released in 2013.)

    “Pro-choice when it comes to contraception”

    …Actually, we march for the rights of the unborn annually. Feminists and their Socialist Alliance backers mock and intimidate us. Trying to scare us into silence, so we don’t come back to march the following year. We keep coming back in defiance to their bullying and intimidation.

    “Openly gay politicians and judges”

    …Which some are actually put there by Left wing policies as tokens to demonstrate political correctness. The ones with Libertarian/Conservative values are there because of their own competence and skill. Penny Wong is an openly gay politician who was the Financial Minister. Every single one of her financial estimates for the country has been wrong. She made her contribution in putting us into deficit of AUD$128 billion for the next 4 years or so. (Sexuality has NOTHING to do with competence. This has been demonstrated in Australia.)

    “Evolution is taught in all schools”

    …Eh, no. Not all schools. But Al Gore’s Global Warming propaganda video is. As well as trialing Feminist horse manure on our little boys.

    Then again, despite spending close to AUD$13 billion (thanks to our former female PM) on school halls and libraries that schools didn’t need, as well as free underpowered laptops for kids; Our International standings in reading, writing, science, and mathematics have NOT improved. In fact, we’re in trouble because the trend is falling downwards!

    Can someone explain to us why all that money spent and an additional 15,000 or so more public servants were needed in the Dept of Education with little to show for it?

    “And our female PM is an unmarried atheist.”

    …Who was thrown out by her own party because she was a nut-job Socialist-Feminist.

    Her incompetence, lying, and wasteful spending resulted in her falling popularity. She became desperate and unleashed a crazed feminist cult-like campaign called “Women for Gillard”. (Which you can search on Youtube). It turned Australian men off (half the voting population). Which resulted in her being thrown out. She was replaced by a MARRIED man with children and grand children. Who later lost the September Federal Election to a married Conservative man.

  • Richard Remarque

    Then why is Australia in collusion with the NSA, with US surveillance police state? Don’t insult your reader’s intelligence. I have friends in Austrailia and Tasmania who would call your assertion bullocks.

    • Michael Burke

      Australia is full of bullocks.

  • http://www.facebook.com/exohuman Exo Human

    Anyone who thinks Australia is the ‘Land of the Free’ simply hasn’t spent any time there. Australia is a virtual Police State!

    • FusedNail

      But… but it’s the only country that’s also a continent…

    • Michael Burke

      Australia is an Illuminati experiment. It has been from day one.