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Why Has Our Education System Failed Us and What Should We Do To Fix It?

Written by The Informed Aussie
Published on Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013
Globalist Report

Have we all forgotten the difference between education and schooling and has our modern way of life distracted us from the real meaning of education?

The following presentation, delivered by Professor Steven Davies, reveals that schools in the modern education system are not necessarily the only means of education our children should be exposed to.

Ideally, Schools should have been setup to enable children to be exposed to a broad knowledge-base that enables them to lean and make informed decisions later in life.

However, Professor Steven Davies argues that schools never really lived up to this expectation, but have rather been designed to produce loyal subjects, soldiers, and workers.

What are your thoughts? Based on your location, do you believe that schools have not delivered on the promises they make? Should we be seeking alternative methods of education for our children?

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  • Shane S

    The term “Education System” is not exactly Rigid. Nay, These are not Education Systems, these are Indoctrination Systems. They are designed to stop kids from asking questions which furthers the Religious agenda that most Governments still have. They keep youth demoralized, they bind their minds in chains. Youth are shoved aside in the institution if they dare speak out against the system or misinformation propagated by teachers, they are shunned by their teachers and their fellow peers.

    A Revolution must happen in all aspects of Human Civilization. Society must be reset.

  • ddearborn


    The “education system” has failed us because the ruling elite no longer require and in fact are afraid of a well educated population. In short the educational system in America today is doing exactly what it was designed to do; ensure critical thinking is stamped out of the minds of our children before the age of 10.

    • Andrew

      Well said :)