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The Problem With Conspiracy Theorists Like Alex Jones As Opposed To Sceptics

Written by The Informed Aussie
Published on Sunday, June 9th, 2013
Globalist Report

Alex Jones Conspiracy MemeEveryone loves to read about conspiracy theories, and ever since the first images of Aliens and UFO’s appeared, the world has taken a liking to the weird and wonderful fantasies that conspiracy theories explore.

Conspiracy theories capture our attention because they capitalise on our internal desires to discover something new and the unknown.

However, with the emergence of popular proponents of conspiracy theories, the line between fact and fiction has become increasingly blurred.

People who classify themselves as sceptics are increasingly becoming more and more ostracized because of pop-culture conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones who create illusions that many, especially in the United States, believe as real.

The problem with conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones (and others) as opposed to those who classify themselves as sceptics is that conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones preach conspiracy theories as truth, yet don’t bother to provide any evidence that prove their theories. Whereas a sceptic is someone who doubts the authenticity of an accepted belief, but does not dismiss that belief in its entirety or claim that belief to be true without evidence.

Conspiracy theorists try to connect the dots by using half-truths and lies to create an illusion of understanding that ultimately cannot be proven. Whereas sceptics form a view about a theory, yet do not conceptualise the theory as fact.

Ask any avid listener or reader of conspiracy theories to prove why what they claim is real. In most cases, you will only receive an emotive response that avoids an answer. For example, ask a conspiracy theorist like Alex Jones to prove that the New World Order is real or that one world government is coming?

I can assure you that he cannot and will not provide you, or anyone else for that matter, evidence that any moron would believe.

goebbels memeIt is how conspiracy theorists conceptualise their theories as fact that blurs the lines between conspiracy theorists and sceptics.

Popular conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones claim that the New World Order is coming, claim that the Bilderberg Group will bring upon us one world government and claim that most politicians and global corporate leaders are reptilians.

Yet, conspiracy theorists who promote the conspiracy theories outlined above and the many others that circulate the internet, claim them to be true and actively promote them via popular media outlets like radio and TV.

Unfortunately, it is the weak and gullible who we should all be most worried about. Those who actually believe the nonsense of conspiracy theorists can set themselves up for disappointment when they discover what they believed in was not real (like Angels, Daemons and God).

The leader of the propaganda unit of the Nazi Party, Joseph Goebbles, was once quoted as saying “The English follow the principle that when one lies, one should lie big, and stick to it. They keep up their lies, even at the risk of looking ridiculous”. This quote perfectly reflects how conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones push their personal agendas on to the weak and create an illusion of truth behind a vale of lies.

I have read every conspiracy theory and have even written about many via the Globalist Report. Heck, I was even stupid enough to believe some of them. Yet, sometimes the propaganda that popular conspiracy theorists preach can blur the lines between fact and fiction by using emotive and alarmist arguments to justify the truthfulness of their unproven conspiracy theories.

Being  a sceptic was once an important personal trait, now, because of pop-culture conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones, sceptics are increasingly being hurdled into the same basket as conspiracy theorists.

  • Delta Rain

    Alex always provides several sources and documentation and he does not believe in reptile people.This author wants fame without the hassle of working for it, choosing instead to jump on the fame and hard work of another. Shame on you for your laziness.
    Get a real job and stop trying to steal what you are unable to earn.

    • Andrew

      I want fame? WTF are you on about? I do work for my content, and make $20 per month in Ad-sense fees. I only wrote this article because i used to be an avid AJ listener and got sick of the lies, propaganda and hysterics of AJ. He is just has bad as a preacher or priest who preaches the propaganda manual that most Americans call the Bible.

  • doryinaz

    you can’t spell….and, even if Alex sensationalizes things…he still gets the stuff “behind the curtain” out into the open….from there…just use your brain…do some sifting…and make your own, informed judgements…..oh, and learn to spell

    • Andrew

      Here we go again with the “He knows all too much BS”. Please, I do make my own informed judgement and believe AJ has mislead many Americans.

  • Sean Douglas

    your a punk ass globalist that thinks there on the winning team.your just being used to promote there agenda wake up punk my kids future depends on the masses waking up.dont need no puppet talking stirring the veiw of the sheep .you will have your day soon enough.there’s no seat at the table for you on either side fool

    • Andrew

      What agenda are you speaking of? Please provide evidence?

  • QBcrusher

    Stopped reading as soon as you said Alex Jones says our politicians are reptilians, because it is an obvious lie…he NEVER said that (I am a daily listener). People in alternative media need to stop turning on eachother, or we are never going to make any progress

  • Michael

    Incredible. You make assertions, attack the messenger but provide absolutely no proof. This article scatters straw all over the floor. I’d be stupid to take this seriously. Like Hitch used to say, “Assertions without proof can be dismissed without proof.”
    “Alternative News that the Mainstream Media Ignores”? Shame on the Globalist Report for not bothering to research their subject.

    96 per cent of the readers of a poll here believe Bilderberg Group members have influence over our elected officials. Maybe that’s a starting point for your research Andrew.

    • Andrew

      You call AJ a messenger??? Firstly, this operation that i run is a one man operation, with no connections to anything American or even the Evangelical right-wing christian Lobbyists. If anyone else who had the same level of audience made repeatedly the same stupid unproven claims, they would be sacked and condemned immediately. Here’s a starting point to prove my concerns with AJ http://www.theglobalistreport.com/alex-jones-predictions/

      • Michael

        I won’t follow yet another of your links and I won’t fall for your diversionary tactic of who I call a “messenger”. I have listened to dozens of clips purportedly being Jones (many only do the audio and leave the video out –gee how clever). Of course, he’s not always right. As far as unproven claims: he’s been generally right about the NWO, police state, surveillance state, fraudulent banks, America’s non-functioning judicial system, the list is endless. I’ve also seen where’s he’s admitted being wrong. You’re also confusing Jones with David Icke. Jones NEVER claimed Icke’s reptilian stories as true. You can be friends with someone and not have to believe everything they believe in. Or haven’t you figured that out yet? Try and take a look at The Corbett Report as an example of decent reporting on the very same subjects, who at least backs up each piece with extensive citations from credible sources and leaves you to decide to research further. I have to agree with most comments here. You are afraid to dive into the wreck because you think it’s fear-mongering. I also wonder if you’re a Europhile. I’ve wasted enough of my time here.

  • Dixiea Grey

    This sounds like the fluff-n-stuff nonsense of mainstream news…So very trendy and so untrue. Alex Jones provides proof as well as other sources to check and re-verify his reports. On the other hand your article reads like a perfect piece of propaganda. Makes a person wonder who provides your paycheck.

    • doryinaz

      my thoughts exactly…and…he still can’t spell….

  • George T


    No offence, but i see the fear in your comment(s) that if this actually does come to fruition,
    then your own personal theory/belief will cause you some apparent discomfort. It appears that this is your own and personal defence mechanism-(not to believe these apparent consiracy theorists). Its also coming across as your own personal religious belief.Lets put Alex Jones totally aside and out of this topic.

    The inquisitive reader is urged to research and study the appropriate information. In addition there are articles and information which give evidence,especially Biblical evidence pertaining to this nature that will and have taken place. We could argue this till the cows come home but no one can discredit the information in the Bible. One things for certain,no stone will be left unturned according to the Bible, and everyone has to give an account at that interview before our Creator.

    • Andrew

      Thanks for your input George. But, I have to pull you up on one statement. You say that “no one can discredit the information in the Bible”. I think you’ll find ample evidence that does. I’m not questioning your beliefs, but we as a society need to question more, and rely on people / books as authoritative sources less.

      • George T

        Andrew, I’m intrigued!

        I think your confusing yourself. With all due respect, If we are to rely on people more and question things as your suggesting, rather than
        books as authoritative sources, which is not a bad thing in itself, then on what basis and information do you personally rely on from these peolpe? Where do they get their information and knowledge from? Could you also please show this ample evidence that your referring to that discredits the Bible!!! Honestly that is a figment of the imagination. Andrew,the Bible is not up for election-its not running in any ballot except in the imaginary constructs in mens minds.The Bible has been proven as a fact, including prophecy.Let not forget that it was written many thousands of years ago with great accuracy.And yes, the New World order is in the Bible.THESE PEOPLE WHO THINK THAT THEY CAN RUN RINGS AROUND PROPHECY AND GOD, AND ARE TRYING TO CONVINCE THE WORLD THAT WE ARE INDEPENDENT OF A GOD HAD BETTER DO SOME HARD WORK TO CONVINCE THE WORLD COMMUNITY

        Andrew, we do not have normal archaeological artifacts that relate to creation week. What we do have is discoveries that keep arising that confirm the truthfulness of the history given in the Bible.

        Coins mentioned in the Bible,confirming that such denominations were real.Numerous coins bearing the names and rulers in the Bible so we know that they really existed.Furthermore approx 80 percent of the settlements mentioned in the Book of Acts minted coins at some time, and which city names were on them can be read, verifying their previous existence.So it is obvious that the historical part of the Bible is trustworthy.Furthermore i really think you should read Revelation in the Bible.You can wipe out any sort of conspiracy about the end times referred to in the Bible.Its the hand print from God. Many prophecies have occured and theres more to come which unfortunately are not vey positive. However,there is a way out through Christ. Any apparent evidence which supposedly discredits the Bible,diagresses from the meaning of its passages and its direction.

        This is revelation;


        The revelation from Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show his servants what must soon take place. He made it known by sending his angel to his servant John, who testifies to everything he saw—that is, the word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ.

        The following are well respected scientist!

        Jeremy L Walter-Mechanical Engineering

        Jerry R Bergman-Biology

        John R Rankin-Mathematical Physics

        Dwain L Ford-Organic Chemistry

        John R Baumgardner-Geophysics

        **These people have proven that God exists through their profession.

        • Adrian

          The Bible is a book of great accuracy!? Really? Prove that! Those scientists never proved it. They believed in it, sometimes due to the fact that they could not answer their own questions about their profession as it seemed too fantastic, so it must mean there is a God! If you read some of these scientists’
          conclusions which I have, you will see that in the end they all say they believe it because they have yet to find an alternative scientific answer. Any decent scientist will never say that they have the 100% foolproof answer, hence the reason for calling it scientific theories and not scientific facts. Could you imagine the loss in breakthroughs and discoveries if we called them scientific facts and never questioned them further?

          Even if the Bible was really accurate, it and all those who go on about how we should bow to it over the centuries really have a lot to answer for, as I read more history on its abuse and its superstition and how it was used to justify horrible crimes
          against people (innocent children as well) including the ones who actually did believe in it. It seems to have been a great experiment on controlling the masses, with a lot of success, which unfortunately is still working on some today. Remove it from this world along with other religions and use a fair
          legal system to protecting each other, should find a world with a lot less hate!

          However I do understand that people who believe in it strongly will either ignore my comments as being from a total idiot or that I will be going to hell (for those who believe) for even questioning its authenticity or its divine power! Is it not possible that being someone who believes in conspiracies or is at least curious (Otherwise why listen to AJ) and is willing to question all you see and read (which I think is healthy) is closed off to questioning the possibility that Jesus, the Bible, etc. could also be a conspiracy? However a good friend of mine who is a believer has told me there is time for me yet! (He did not even realise the arrogance in saying that!)

          I am open to conspiracies, but at the same time I agree with the author of this column, that sometimes the conspiracy preachers can start to overstep the line between the truth and utter rubbish, which only ruins any credibility for conspiracy believers in the eyes of the non believers. I have family members who so believe in all of these conpiracies that they can get quite upset if you question them on it to the point of fanatical, sounds all to familiar to me.

          Have a nice day people, and be nice and openly honest with each other, then perhaps we will find peace and agreeance on how we should shape our world.

          • George T

            Adrian,You honestly think that the Bible has no accuracy at all!!?? Really???? Would you kindly prove that????People should not just waffle about theories they suspect are not true without any substance or credibility. With all due respect, you are engaging in your own belief and entering into circular reasoning.

            Many people have the belief that science has proven the earth to be billions of years old,and that every living thing descended via evolution from a single cell, which is the chance combination of chemicals.

            However science deals with repeatable observations in the present, while evolution/long-age ideas are based on assumption from outside science about the unobservable past. Facts do not speak for themselves,they must be interpreted according to a framework.It is not a case of religion/creation/subjectivity v science/evolution/objectivity-rather it is the biases of the relogions of christianity and of HUMANISM interpreting the same facts in diametrically opposite ways.

            Adrian,the Bible claims to be the written Word of God, completely authoritative on everything it teaches(2Tim. 3:15-17). There is excellent supporting evidence from archaeology,science,fulfilled prophecy and most importantly the claims of Jesus Christ.

            There is also evidence from nature. Rom. 1:20 say: For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities-his eternal power and divine nature-have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men and women are without excuse.

            Adrian, in relation to your belief that people should bow down to the Bible (as you put it) according to your comment above, is a little interesting to say the least. I think one needs to look at this closely and realize that it is the individual who commits the crime and not the Bible or Christ!!!!!! It is a figment of the imagination to include the intelligent Creator.Where the main concern is,is in the individual-there outlook on society and the legal system surrounding them. In many cases, the legal system is and should be pursued. Its framework can contribute to much evil around the world. The bias around the world is becoming more clear and evident. Many of course refuse to acknoledge.In the same way, man’s prejudice against design in creation can only really be answered by a radical change of heart and by personally meeting the Author of all-and that is of course(Christ).

            The only reason why this occurs is because people do not want to be accountable to a Creator-no doubt cleverly cooked up and indoctrinated by a world system that this is a fact and the absolute truth.

            Finally, in relation to your comment about the Bible not being factual, let me give you just one example. Of course there are many more.Coin types mentioned in the Bible, confirming that such denominations were real including numerous coins bearing the names of rulers mentioned in the Bible. So what does this indicate? It indicates that they actually existed because the Bible confirms it. Furthermore, settlements mentioned in the Book of Acts minted coins at some time, with proof of city names on the coins , verify their previous existance. The historical part of the Bible is therefore trustworthy. Not to mention fulfilled prophecy in relation to the EU and the NWO and of course its destruction! IT is your choice.


          • Gary

            Bravo Adrian, George T,

            Reality, Fact, Fiction or Illusion. this is the common denominator
            we are all exposed too. Deciphering the context is the element of human endeavor or if you will the dimensional ideal created within the mind of the believer. What paradigm we chose to believe, albeit; science, religion, character behavior in environmental experience, one thing remains the same. People will create a story that fits their liking or as sheep fallow the story teller until they realize there is something missing within their psyche that just does not feel right. Alex Jones tells his story in a believable manner to the masses like any other story teller. The information he deciphers and expounds is still
            his view. For instance David Icke has spent 20 some years investigating and compiling as well as verbalizing his view of the interworking of the Illuminati, the knowledge he has uncovered and his account of history. Thus I am seeing him as a nut that is hard to crack and I have my opinion of him…….I personally see his brand of conspiracy challenging on many levels.
            Yet from my gut I find his dogma develops distinct questions that my mind want’s answered. Yes my belief system is challenged, and I’m not threated by that. Moreover the illusionary plot thickens as the soup of information is stirred; uncovering the random insights of the unseen information. This develops a mental picture for my intuitive personal dialog. Repeating his Ideas as my own only feed into a distortion within my personality or anybody else’s for that matter . Like plagiarism, it resonates like a sheeple failing to admit we just are blown in the wind of rhetorical reality. Weather the bible,the Torah, Islam, Buda, or conspiracy theory. I believe it is the mythology of the human mind that in the end needs to be freed from the so called isms of complicity.
            Really to be a follower is no crime to humanity. The real crime is allowing these mythologies of suppression to regulate our lives. Everywhere you turn someone wants us to believe in some ism
            to further that created Illusion. In the end, as you said “perhaps we will find peace and agreeance on how we should shape our world”.
            Clevey77, Namaste

  • Vytautas Kerbelis

    Germany was a country ruined until economic agreement signed in London 1953 and year later was founded Bilderberg Group. Henry Kissinger was a professor of history when Nelson Rockefeller gave him the job that made an intellectual elite have the power they had and today we have internet with twitter with open data for an open world and I am proud to have contributed to that….watch this space

  • http://www.facebook.com/exohuman Exo Human

    “I have read every conspiracy theory and have even wrote about many via the Globalist Report.”

    It should be “..even *written* a book”, Andrew.

    I rest my case.

    • Andrew

      WTF??? You pick on my grammatical errors, but defend a man who lies on air everyday. When AJ fights genuine issues such as water fluoridation, then he’s bearable, But, to blatantly preach so much BS without consequence, how can the alt community remain credible.

      • Delta Rain

        Obviously, you never listen to his programs. I’m laughing and leaving because you are a fool and my time is valuable.

  • http://www.facebook.com/exohuman Exo Human

    “I have read every conspiracy theory..”?

    You haven’t even made a start, Andy. 90% of Jones’s material is declassified, in the public domain, easily accessible. You haven’t bothered to look. Many of your assertions about Jones are patently untrue, and show you haven’t even done basic research. You are simply a lazy journalist, whose observations are of no consequence.

    Have you considered waiting tables?

    • Andrew

      Welcome EH… So, do you actually believe that the New World Order is comming? Did you believe AJ we he argued that the “Global Elite” were going to never let the price of Gold fall?

      How can we allow someone with so much influence, push their personal agenda onto so many people, without any consequence.

      I used to listen to AJ religiously for 3 years, however, what I discovered over time was that I could not substantiate all the claims he made on a daily basis.

      Watch this array of predictions that never came true (http://www.theglobalistreport.com/alex-jones-predictions/)

      Anyone else that had any credibility would have been crucified for making so many mistakes and false allegations.