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Petition to End the Fluoridation of Drinking Water

Written by The Informed Aussie
Published on Wednesday, May 15th, 2013
Globalist Report

Sign our Petition to end mandatory fluoridation of drinking water

Sign our petition to end mandatory fluoridation of drinking water

Now, more than ever, is the time for the world to begin petitioning local authorities and politicians to end the mandatory fluoridation of drinking water supplies.

The dangers of drinking fluoridated water are well-known. To learn more about the dangers of drinking fluoridated water, click here, here and here.

However, the problem we face at both the local and global level is the lack of willingness by authorities and politicians to tackle the pro-fluoride lobby and end the mandatory fluoridation of drinking water supplies.

Therefore, the only way for us to be heard, is to contact our local authorities and politicians directly to show them personally what dangers are being imposed on the broader community.

The following is a letter you can download to send to your local representative, demanding the end of water fluoridation.

This letter highlights the dangers of drinking fluoridated water and brings to the attention of our local representatives the need to change current practices.

Download a petition

Click to download a letter you can send to your local authorities demanding they stop adding fluoride to our drinking water

However, contacting our local authorities to end the fluoridation of drinking should only form one part of our strategy.

Ultimately, we need to petition the United Nations to demand that countries stop fluoridating their drinking water.

If the United Nations reverses its policy of endorsing the fluoridation of drinking water, then local authorities around the world will be more receptive to change.

End the Mandatory Fluoridation of Drinking Water

Petition to End the Mandatory Fluoridation of Drinking Water

Now is the time to end the mandatory fluoridation of drinking water supplies.

We need to send a message to the United Nations that governments should not force its citizens to drink water that has been poisoned with fluoride and will be asking for the General Assembly to change its policy and begin recommending that governments stop adding fluoride to drinking water.

As soon as 1000+ signatures are recorded, I (Andrew Puhanic) will print them off and send them directly to the United Nations, demanding that they change their pro-fluoride policy and begin recommending governments stop adding fluoride to drinking water supplies.

Thank you for your support.

Andrew Puhanic
Globalist Report


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Remember, change always begins with one small step.

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  • Andrew

    Thank you everyone for all your support. As of 18/06/13, we have received 336 signatures. I’m going to preserver with our 1000 target for now… So please, share this post with everyone you know.

    Thank you :)

  • Andrew

    Some good news “Portland, Oregon, Says No To Fluoridation”… Read more: http://www.popsci.com.au/science/portland-oregon-says-no-to-fluoridation

  • Guest

    nice infoyou have share keep it man you can do it..

  • Andrew

    WOW! In four days we have signed up 286 people… Thanks everyone.

  • Andrew

    Big thank you to everyone… We are sitting at 201 signatures. Please share this page using the button’s above. We only need 1000 signatures to send a clear message to the United Nations.

  • disqus_044hABAQ9c

    so, who gets this petition?

    • Andrew

      Hey there… I am yet to confirm who the specific person at the UN will be, however a copy of the letter will be posted here for all to view before we send it out. If you know anyone personally at the UN, please email me directly at andrew@theglobalistreport.com

  • Andrew

    Hey everyone… We are getting closer to our target of 1000 signatures.

    However, only signatures that are confirmed will be accepted. Please don’t forget to check you email account to verify your signature.

    Thanks for all the support everyone… :)