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A Simple Parody That Explains Who Owns The Territories of Israel and Palestine

Written by The Informed Aussie
Published on Sunday, November 18th, 2012
Globalist Report

An image of an EgyptianTHE root-cause of the escalating conflict in the Gaza Strip and Israel can be attributed to the many groups who have claimed the territory as their own.

Some of the groups who have claimed the territories of Palestine and Israel as their own are the Egyptians, Macedonians/Greeks, Turks, British, Maccabee’sByzantine’s and Ottoman Turks.

In fact, since cavemen occupied the territories of Palestine and Israel, there have been more than 25 groups / clans that have claimed the territories of Palestine and Israel and their own.

The following parody demonstrates how divided the territories of Palestine and Israel really are and the violence that the territory has witnessed.

For an in-depth guide to who is killing who in this clip, please visit the creators website.

  • Ooden


    Anatomy of the Middle East…

    A very fitting Video, …one that says it all….!
    Noticed you left off three Empires with your list of regional-Conquerors…
    Babylon, Persia and the Assyrians…. participants of the destruction of the
    Jewish Temple, evicting and taking the remnant-Hebrews into slavery.
    Interesting how these “Empires” exercised “Conqueror’s
    Rights” over the vanquished. But since Israel’s establishment in 1948… it
    has not been allowed any Conqueror’s Rights in and against the numerous Arab
    inspired and provoked Wars. How strange. Giving up “conquered-land …for
    peace..?” It is sure… an oddity of Conqueror’s Rights in these post-modern
    era and rule of Globalists. But note please, ….despite Israel’s relinquishing
    its conquered lands… Israel has never experienced nor enjoyed peace due to
    plain and simple treachery imbued by third-parties-Ruling-Overlords (U.N.,
    E.U., U.S.ofA., Russia, etc.,) ..its allies the Arabs, not forgetting—the Conglomerates’
    propaganda franchises, -namely the “Mass Media.” Remember Serbia..?
    Non-compliance to the Overlords… resolved into the hapless nation’s
    destruction. Shall a Conqueror adhere to its Rights these days..? —Not …if it
    is counter-productive to the Elites’ Global plans.

    For the Elites to conclude their Global NWO plans…
    no Nations will enjoy its own Sovereignty, because; the Elites are the rank and
    file Conquerors and Rulers at this present World era. No one challenges or
    usurps them.

    But clearly; there is an …oxymoron here. The
    Elites don’t rule the Lands of Israel. The adage; “Land of Milk and
    Honey” …a powerful catch-cry and known literally like-as a favourite
    “house-hold brand” is a resounding idiom for “Israel’s
    Lands.” This attests to the truth that a Divine Living God of Israel gave
    this very Land as inheritance to the Hebrews — to possess, dwell and rule as a
    sovereign and covenant nation under God’s leading, in fact as an approved
    possessor of God’s Land. God is the Landlord; not the Elites. No amount of
    dictates by the elites will ever change that. Chiefly …that is why the said
    Lands represents a “hot potato” to any third-party Authorities, Arabs
    and Peace-pacifists conjuring—”Land for Peace” false utopias. And it
    remains so, until the hour of reckoning—and in that hour, it is clearly
    demonstrated the land belongs to the Hebrews as a final decree by their God.
    The “land of milk and honey” indeed belongs to His Beloved People the
    Hebrews and ….no man, authority, Government or Globalists will ever alter it—it
    simply isn’t possible,—Man has his will; God has His Way.

    Solving the Mid-East Conflict..?

    For an effective outcome of Israel’s merciful extension
    of the “Olive Branch of Peace,” toward its neighbours… the solution
    is simple. Arabs needs to accept the reality and fact, that Israel has a right
    to exist, and accommodate to live alongside Israel …peaceably and dutifully.
    The problem is, …one persistently contravenes the norms of “Peace.” —
    That is; one cannot negotiate with Enemies that simply wants you
    “Dead” as its Peace-terms. Tell me..? How then does the bitter Foes
    of Israel expect to negotiate “Peace” that has as its prerogative,
    …terms “Nothing less than the death of Israel..” for its

    The word “Palestinian” is a misnomer
    anyway. There are NO such race, creed, culture, language, heritage or
    group.—None…!! The fact is; “Palestinian” …supposedly a derived …but
    definitely, a contrived fictitious group from “Palestine.” But… there
    is no such group. Palestine was simply a Roman manufactured-word substituting
    the regional name Israel. For Rome too, disdainfully despised and cursed Jews.

    “Palestine,” … under Roman domination,
    …was a Roman name applied to an aged-old tract of land. — nothing more nothing
    less. Palestine to emphasize;. …is a Regional name asserted by the Government
    of Rome to contemptuously diminish the name: “Israel.” So how does
    the word; “Palestinian” come to be spawned as a “group” of
    NON-EXISTENT people in our post-modern era..?


    “Journalists say a thing they know isn’t true
    in the hope that, if they keep saying it long enough, it will become
    true.” ~Arnold Bennett

    That quote is self-explanatory. When the British
    forces captured the region during World War 2, they endorsed the Roman’s cue
    and called it Palestine, …still the people of “Palestine” did not
    exist. That now common word; “Palestinian” perpetually drummed for many
    decades by the conglomerates’ mass-media, has in fact successfully switched
    “price-tags” and inverted the “non-existent” into a
    so-called thriving living group called “Palestinians.” Essentially
    the pertinent bashing of the word “Palestinians” by the global media
    has successfully infused the concept that there are a populace called
    “Palestinians.” But it is a false notion inherently now …believed,
    and adopted by the World’s viewers and readership. Proficient and incessant
    propaganda machines easily converts “Lies into Truth, and Truth into Lies,”
    and “Palestinian” is no exception to that obverted reality.

    Who are the false-Palestinians declared daily by
    the media—then…?

    Be aware, that during the early 1960′s, Israel
    conducted an authoritive Census. Listed on that Census-paper was just about
    every nation in the Middle East, i.e., Egyptians, Syrians, Jordanians,
    Lebanese, etc.. …But, the one name missing from that list was;
    “Palestinians.” Remember..? There were no such race, group, or creed,
    hence the rightful omission.

    ….So the Arabs present in those days of Israel’s
    census, were in fact from all parts of the Middle East. They affiliated
    themselves according to their place of birth-origin. Multitudes of these folks
    were from their own homelands after the post Israel’s 1948 National-birth.
    Understandably, due to the mixed races… many languages are spoken …even to this
    day, except Palestinian—for this language doesn’t exist.

    How did vast Arabs multitudes of many nations, come
    to be in Israel during that census..?

    Since Israel was being Nationally established, its
    prosperity grew, work opportunities was prolific, education was paramount, it
    was the grandeur of a New Country being built from its very foundations.
    Markets, business, developments, infrastructures, transportation, health
    Services, farms, …you name it… it all had to be built. Even the Hebrew language
    rekindled too..! …Israel quickly arose towards second and first world standard
    of Living. Attracted by this prosperity, work opportunities and good living
    standards, Arabs of all neighbouring nations eagerly flocked to Israel. For
    many of them, it was a “nectar of a new life” and optimism, …as
    opposed to their homeland’s lacklustre political and religious livelihood.

    Essentially… there is a Universal belief, that
    “Palestinians” are a group ….denied their land. But the
    Universal-deception is the product of Globalist controlled media’s bombardment
    of the so-called non existing race that supposedly lives in Israel and is
    begrudged their land. Nothing is further from the Truth. For 2,000 years, …after
    the waning Roman’s departure, ….Israel’s “re-Wilding” became an epitome
    for the modern-Environmentalists’ dream. Inhospitable wastelands, mosquito
    laden-malaria infested marshlands and swamps, rising salinity and saltpans, Israel’s
    national flora and fauna decimated by encroaching “re-wilding” effects
    of the supposed environmental diversity. Man’s long absence from these areas certainly
    did not promote the environmental blitzkrieg of re-Wilding devastation. Apologize
    for the cynicisms, but they are the facts of record. Population during those
    two millenniums were primarily, but sparsely; Jewish.

    Transformation of Israel—A Miracle..!

    Israel as a Nation was re-born. Today its
    environment and societies are living testaments of transformation, all pursuits
    and activities of the Jewish communities. Israel is a living-miracle; the Land
    of “Milk and Honey…” and really, Israel is not afraid to share its
    abundance. It has granted many willing Arabs into Israeli Citizenships. Israeli
    Arabs participate in Israeli elections, as members of Israeli Parliament, its
    Health-care and welfare programs, a fine Education, and they are not required
    to serve in the IDF national service. But despite the “Olive Branch of
    Peace,” …Israel has overt and unrelenting Arab hostilities.

    In summary…

    * No such race called Palestinians.

    * Palestine = a nomenclature only, a regional name
    by the Romans, adopted by the British in post-modern history.

    * Israelis were originally called
    “Palestinians after the British 1948 withdrawal. i.e., News media;
    Jerusalem Post was originally Palestinian Post. The Palestinian Choir/Orchestra
    that toured abroad, were in fact, …wholly Israeli choir/Orchestra citizens.

    * Yasser Arafat was inferred
    “Palestinian” by Global media, but he was born in Cairo, Egypt. He
    established the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization.)

    * The PLO and Global Media morphed the name
    Palestinians from the Israeli-Palestinians into the Arab-Palestinians.

    * Multitudes called Palestinians today, are in fact
    a Multitude of Arab foreigners from many Mid-East nations, many of whom joined
    the new Israeli nation for employment and enhanced prospects.

    * In 2005 Israel unilaterally withdrew from Gaza,
    uprooting its Jewish residents and leaving behind prime infrastructures and
    business ventures. But the “Palestinians” razed everything to the
    terra-firma, including established farming-set-up of a multi-million dollar
    Agricultural Export business to Europe.

    * As well, Palestinians were given vast financial
    assistance. Over a billion dollars and Euros combined —given to develop Gaza
    Palestinians towards and into a prosperous “Singapore” or “Hong
    Kong” of the Middle East has never been realized due to corruption. Gaza
    Arabs suffer to this day, due to political and politicians’ embezzlements.

    * Gaza land tract… surrendered unconditionally by
    Israel, is now the Palestinian’s Rocket launch site, …to attack Southern Israel

    * U.N. and Global Media wilfully and resolutely
    ignores the incessant Rocket attacks by Palestinians and Terrorists (Hamas),
    but are vocally infuriated when Israel “Defends” itself.

    * Israel often defends itself with her hands
    behind her back, a restraint called “Proportional defence/attack” — a
    ridiculous expectation by the U.N. and the International Community (I.C.),
    considering the “Rules of Engagement” for War.

    * Israel goes to great care, to target and kill
    terrorists and combatants (wilfully dressed as Arab-civilians—contravening the
    Geneva Convention), whilst Palestinians openly stresses and wilfully kills
    Israeli children, women and men civilians, hence Arabs rejoicing in streets at the
    news of Israeli population casualties and carnage.

    * Etc., etc., etc….

    The truth is; and as earlier noted…. Palestinians
    (the multi-Arab mix) in and around Israel are only able to settle for peace, —that
    is, when Israel’s Life-blood as a nation …ceases to exist. Their persistence to
    destroy Israel is backed by the “Death cult worship” of its Political
    and religious god, that seems to accept nothing less than a world-cull of all
    that refuses their terms of “Religion of Peace.” The U.N., Globalists,
    Elites and Mass Media seems to endorse and appease Israel’s enemies as they
    seemingly fund, equip and protect them despite obvious evidence of corruption.
    By the same token, Israel is vilified, restrained and ostracized when it
    engages those who openly harass her.

    But in the sight and plans of the Divine Lord … Israel
    destruction, is never going to transpire. The Jews have survived millenniums of
    unprovoked hatred and cursings… and it will most assuredly, see out the human
    race with God on their side

    ….lest God is made a fool by the World and
    Principalities, …should His Covenanted People; Israel, be Obliterated from the pages
    of History… At this point, God would become “imperfect,” since, He failed
    to keep His Promise to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to give them their land of
    “Milk and Honey..!” But God
    never makes a mistake. Israel’s enemies are on a lost cause.


    Qld. Aust.




    “At a time of universal deceit – telling the
    truth is a revolutionary act.”

    ~George Orwell


  • http://twitter.com/Essential_Intel Essential Intel

    Actually there is no such thing as “the territory of Israel and Palestine”.
    There is no “Palestine” and there never has been. This term was invented by the Romans in year 76 AD as a colonial nomenclature for the land of Israel Judea.