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US Presidential Candidate Advocates Formation of World Government

Written by The Informed Aussie
Published on Monday, July 16th, 2012
Globalist Report

One World Government in 2012Richard Sills, the United States presidential candidate for the Children’s Party, has formally announced his intention to run for president at the 2012 presidential election. Richard Sills also ran in 1980 and 1984 as the party’s write-in choice.

The platform by which Richard Sills and the Children’s Party will be contending the presidential election in 2012 is titled ‘A Six Point Program for a More Evolved Planet’.

The agenda of the six point program for a more evolved planet is being used as a catalyst to spur ideas on how to reorganize the planet to create a one world government movement.

The six principles include:

  1. A united one world government movement: Establish world government that allows the global community to meet and set the global agenda.
  2. Total disarmament under the auspices of a united one world government movement: Leaders and military would develop ideas to disarm the planet of lethal destructive weaponry, and provide security to their nations through other means than violent confrontation.
  3. A moratorium on violence in the media: A moratorium on violence in the media in which acts and depictions of violent behaviour are eliminated or played down
  4. Teaching of adult information to children: Systems would be developed by which adult information would be transferred to language and presented in a form by which young children could understand it and enjoy learning it
  5. The widespread use of children as teachers: Using children as teachers to give more individualized attention to younger children.
  6. Anti-drug and crime programs: Development of anti-addictive substitute drugs, for instance, would have to be coordinated with programs to take people off drugs

In the unlikely event that Richard Sills and his ‘Children’s Party’ were to be successful in their bid for president of the United States, the formation of world government would consist of:

  • It would have a formal place of assembly where leaders could assemble.
  • It would have an elected President, elected by the populace.
  • It would have a Senate composed of the leaders of the global community which could meet via telecommunications and/or in person.
  • It would have an elected Congress that would represent everyone.
  • The decisions and laws it would make would be made only with the support all elected officials.
Structure of what a one world government would look like

Official documentation from the Children’s Party explaining the structure of the one world government movement if Richard Sills was elected President of the United States of America

Richard Sills and the Children’s Party are of the view that the fundamental purpose the one world government movement would be to provide another forum between the leaders and peoples of the world to solve the problems and create peaceful solutions.

In order to achieve peace, Sills’ is advocating that all countries work together to develop defense systems to eliminate all nuclear, biological, and chemical warfare systems. They claim that these systems could be effective in the event of an accident or terrorist intent.

Advocates for world government are in abundance. Both major political parties in the United States of America, Europe and Australia have all been outspoken campaigners for the establishment of world government.

Due to the size and scope of the Children’s Party, their dreams for the establishment of world government doesn’t warrant any concern. However, what is alarming is that support for world government at the lower spectrum of political parties is becoming a popular concept.

The proposals announced by Richard Sills and the Children’s Party are not new. To view an alternative plan for the establishment of one world government, click here and to read about how a former Australian Senator advocated the establishment of one world government, click here.

The one world government movement is stronger than it’s ever been and only a well-informed populous can prevent the Globalists in power establishing world government and their coveted new world order.