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Six Essential Life Skills the Next Generation Must Learn to Survive the Next Crisis

Written by The Informed Aussie
Published on Tuesday, October 30th, 2012
Globalist Report

Life skills that the next generation must learn to survive the next GFC, economic or natural disaster and new world orderTHE next generation should be given an opportunity, like other generations have, to learn and develop the life skills that will enable them to live full and enriched lives.

No longer can we rely on the goodwill of society to help educate the next generation about the rights and wrongs of modern-day society.

Globalization, advancing technologies and the uncontrollable pace of change are challenges earlier generations never faced.

The following six essential life skills will enable the next generation to not only survive the next global financial crisis, economic or natural disaster, but will also help them survive the coming new world order:

  1. Teaching the Next Generation How to Respect Money.
  2. Never Trusting Government.
  3. Educating the Next Generation How to Live Self Sufficiently.
  4. Encouraging the Next Generation to Appreciate History and to Learn the Lessons of the Past.
  5. Encouraging the Next Generation to Volunteer and Participate in the Community.
  6. Avoiding the Mainstream Media.

An image of a pile of US DollarsTeaching the Next Generation How to Respect Money

Money doesn’t grow on trees and living off government benefits only perpetuates poverty. One of the key life skills anyone can have is the ability to respect money.

The current generation has been led to believe that living with excessive debt is normal.

Respecting money doesn’t simply mean to hoard as much as one possibly can, respecting money means to attribute its value by recognising where it came from and how one earned it.

If the Next Generation truly valued where their money came from and how they earned it, then irresponsible spending habits that many are accustomed to would never occur.

Therefore, when educating the Next Generation about money, we should make sure they understand:

  1. Where money comes from.
  2. Who controls the money supply.
  3. Why it’s important to invest money.
  4. Why it’s important to save money.

An image of Julia Gillard lying about the Carbon TaxNever Trust Government

The Next Generation should never be taught to trust government. Government, especially politicians, lie frequently and are influenced by the Globalists and multi-national corporations that spend billions of dollars on influencing political decisions.

I understand that we can’t paint all politicians with the same brush; however the reality is that all political parties, at their core, are corrupt and obedient to their donors and not the public.

It is our duty to educate the Next Generation to always view government with a skeptical eye. The only way a tyrant can come to power is through a population that is obedient.

An image of fresh vine ripened Tomatoes Educating the Next Generation How to Live Self Sufficiently

Having the ability, knowledge and understanding to be able to live self-sufficiently is probably one of the most important skills the Next Generation can ever be taught.

The age of the internet, video games and social media has led the current generation down a path that discourages them to take the initiative to learn simple skills that could help feed themselves and their family if the need ever came about.

How many children (and teenagers) do you know that could plant and grow tomatoes? Probably none…

Tips to help encourage the Next Generation to learn how to live self-sufficiently:

  1. As always, we should lead by example
  2. Start to grown your own vegetable garden (Get them involved)
  3. Encourage them to participate in household chores (building, cleaning and maintenance duties)

An image of Adolf Hitler delivering a closing ceremony speechEncouraging the Next Generation to Appreciate History and to Learn the Lessons of the Past

Would you believe that more than 73% of Americans are unsure why America fought the cold war (Source: RT)

A simple fact like the one I used above highlights that the majority of people either have no interest in learning about events of the past or are ignorant to the facts.

We must encourage the Next Generation to appreciate, value and learn the lessons of the past so that they may never be repeated.

The following are five tips to help encourage the current generation and the Next Generation to become more interested in learning about history:

  1. Lead by example (Golden rule).
  2. Take them to a museum.
  3. Encourage them to read books about history.
  4. Encourage them to research the history of your local town or City.
  5. Encourage them to speak to senior citizens who may have participated in a significant event (the Vietnam War)

An image of the yarra river in MelbourneEncouraging the Next Generation to Volunteer and Participate in the Community

Encouraging the current generation to volunteer and participate in community activities is a great way for them to learn and develop essential social skills.

Many community based organisations (charities) are heavily dependent on the goodwill of people to volunteer their time.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, leading by example is the best way to encourage the Next Generation to want to volunteer.

Lies of the mainstream mediaAvoiding the Mainstream Media

In most cases, the mainstream media are the primary source of lies and misinformation the current generation is exposed to.

We need to encourage the current generation to open their mind to different sources of information so that future generations don’t succumb to the same lies.

The following alternatives to the lies of the mainstream media are:

  • Books
  • Blogs
  • Local newspapers
  • Alternative news sources

Most of the above suggestions are obvious; however what you will find is that in 2012, Facebook and Google for many is the only source of information they are exposed to.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Funcotech John F Cook

    Learning how to light and manage a fire would be a Very good start for most kids these days…