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Kim Jong-Il and the Globalists: A brief analysis

Written by The Informed Aussie
Published on Monday, December 19th, 2011
Globalist Report

As you may have already heard the communist leader of North Korea Kim Jong-Il died today. The “official” medical reports indicate that Kim Jong-Il died of heart attack.

At this point, there is no further reason to analyse Kim Jong-Il’s death. Why? Because any report distributed via the main stream media and North Korea’s official media sources would be completely unreliable. In fact, it was reported weeks ago by independent reporters that Kim Jong-Il died over 3 weeks ago. For some reason this was never reported? Although the death of Kim Jong-Il most likely has some significance to his son and closest relatives, to the rest of the word, his death means an opportunity for change.

The North Korean people have suffered and millions upon millions of people have died due to starvation and malnutrition that was a direct result of the failed policies of the North Korean regime.

Below is a photo of North Korea at night taken by Google Maps. Notice how dark North Korea is a night?

So who is going to replace this evil dictator? The media are reporting that Kim Jong-un has already been appointed. Apparently, an official notice urged the nation, people and military to faithfully revere Kim Jong-un, who is thought to be just 28. He was already being groomed for succession following his father’s reported stroke in 2008.

What will the Globalists do?

What everyone has neglected to discuss is that the death of Kim Jong-Il is the perfect opportunity for the Globalists to expand their operation.

The instability caused by the death of Kim Jong-Il is a perfect catalyst for the implementation of the New World Order. Immediately after Kim Jong-Il’s death, European markets crashed and speculation of war in Korea is increasing by the hour.

The Globalists plan for North Korea is unknown, however the current local and global political environment is perfect to orchestrate an invasion. Are we going to witness another Iraq War? What does this mean for Iran? Will there be a repeat of Afghanistan? How will the U.S. and South Korea react to this news?

Stay tuned to the Globalist Report for a more in-depth analysis of the death of Kim Jong-Il and what the Globalists are planning for North Korea.

Andrew @ The Globalist Report
The Globalist Report
Monday 19 December 2011
  • Annon

    That means the death of Kim Jong-Il became an unsolved mystery! Hope Kim Jong un will lead North Korea better! Looking forward for USA and South Korea’s reaction!
    Thanks for sharing the information!

    • http://www.theglobalistreport.com/ Andrew @ The Globalist Report

      I agree… All that everyone is hoping for is that neither side uses military force in anyway. All war does is kill innocent civilians.