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Who is Really Behind Julian Assange’s Syria Leaks?

Written by The Informed Aussie
Published on Saturday, July 7th, 2012
Globalist Report

wikileaks syriaThe recent hype created by the limited hangout operation known as ‘Wikileaks’ regarding the exposures of Syrian government documents shows no real Scoops, but simply rehashes old news in a manner designed to condemn ‘Western Hypocrisy’ with regards to Syria. It doesn’t take a genius to understand it has something to do with Assange’s new Bosses at the Kremlin.

As we noticed a few months ago, the purchase of former CIA asset MK-Ultra zombie Julian Assange by the Kremlin’s state sponsored propaganda channel ‘Russia Today RT’ (believed to be an “alternative news” outfit by all too many gullible American bloggers) where he was given a prime time show (the first of which hosted Hezbollah’s terror kingpin Hassan Nasrallah), had nothing to do with any kind of ‘investigative journalism’. Assange simply switched sides to the Russian FSB once he became a liability to the CIA limited hangout apparatus.

All the documents published so far by Wikileaks are related to western companies selling communications gear to the Syrian government, supposedly in violations of the sanctions regime imposed on Syria on behalf of western oligarchies. This is in a time when Russian trade with Syria is heavily condemned by the western MSM, thus the whole thing can be understood as a Russian counter measure to western propaganda. Assange’s personal assistant Sara Harrison explicitly said in the press conference announcing the release of the documents that “it will embarrass the west and expose its hypocrisy and double standards with regards to Syria”

A real investigative exposure would have focused on NATO’s complicity with funding and arming Al-Qaeda and similar terrorist groups in an effort to destabilize the Syrian government, but Wikileaks has no interest in any of this. Instead they simply focus on whatever serves the present short term interest of their current bosses in Moscow. There’s nothing dramatic with western companies trading with Assad, unless it is understood in the context of current Russian diplomacy.

Obviously the FSB did not get these documents directly from Syria itself, so we can assume they were obtained by Russian hacking experts attempting to counter the anti-Assad “hack and leak” limited hangout carried out a few months ago by the CIA’s ‘Anonymous’ front group

Wikileaks itself was apparently forced to offer its services to the Kremlin once its economic situation became desperate as a result of credit companies boycotting transaction services from potential donors. Assange himself is currently ‘hiding’ in Ecuador’s London embassy in an effort to avoid extradition to Sweden where he is wanted for alleged sex crimes. (The Ecuadorian president is still reluctant to accept Assange despite being an anti-American leftist, which indicates he suspects something smells bad about the whole affair).

It is best for everyone in ‘alternative’ media to realize that state sponsored propaganda channels (like RT or PressTV) as well as their patsy facades (like Wikileaks Anonymous) must be discarded (and treated like BBC (MI6) ), even when they attempt to create the superficial impression of supporting the anti-establishment agenda. This impression is always fake and meant to lure western patsies (and otherwise well intentioned activists) to serve a rival establishment which is just as bad as the western one.

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