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The Coming of an Islamic New World Order

Written by The Informed Aussie
Published on Monday, July 9th, 2012
Globalist Report

iran new world orderAwakening is the start of any movement, and an Islamic awakening will be the start of changes in the Islamic world, from North Africa to the shores of the Persian Gulf.

The movement of the Islamic umma (Islamic community) will not be limited to replacing a few rotten regimes. Rather, as Islamists come to power, global arrogance should expect new equations and new relations, which are going to be very different from the old world order during the past few decades.

The outcome of all these changes may be a New World Order that unlike the old world order will not be built at the cost of millions of dead people as we saw from the last two world wars. The cost of the New World Order will be mainly soft [presumably light], and the West should get itself ready for a soft confrontation with the Islamic world.

Recently, Ibrahim Fayyaz (Tehran University professor who has written a number of books on relations between Islam and the West) in an interview with one of the news agencies explained some features of the collapse of the capitalist system and the existing old world order.  He said:

Capitalism will continue its growth, but its form and shape will change. However, the main question is whether people are prepared to continue to accept the legitimacy of the capitalist system. At the moment, people who live under the Western system ask themselves why they should continuously work in order to consume. Is life the madness of a vicious circle? As far as its value system is concerned, the capitalist system has already collapsed.

While explaining some of the harms of the capitalist system of the new world order, which is going through its death pangs, Fayyaz added:

The capitalist system is facing many problems as far as families, religion, human relations and … [ellipses as published] are concerned. Capitalism destroys family life in order to (enable people to) amass capital, because family life is based on certain moral principles and will not tolerate every form of action. Family life and human and emotional relations are some of the issues that are constantly repeated in the artistic works of leading Western figures. Human feelings, spirituality, and certain questions, such as where we have come from and where we are going, have shaken the foundations of capitalism. Capitalism has been suffocated as the result of nihilism and meaninglessness. A person who lives under the value system of capitalism asks himself what the ultimate benefits of working, then consuming, buying expensive cars and houses are for human life.

Continuing his remarks, Fayyaz said that, under the present circumstances, presenting Islam’s ideological system to the world is the most important necessity.”

He continued:

The West has realized that Islam is its greatest enemy. The Islamic and Shi’i ideological system has made capitalism feel desperate. Up until yesterday (in the past) the West used to direct its strongest criticisms at Islam’s ideological system, but today the West has risen up to confront the Shi’i ideological system. This is why we should introduce the Shi’i ideological system to the world.

One of the important issues in political and social domains that can have a great effect upon providing a coherent picture of the national and international strategies of a country is the issue of “national goals”. Different countries have different goals in their political and social domains, and the implementation of those goals requires making use of different methods. The most important factors in achieving those goals are the material and spiritual resources (of different countries).

old world order and new world orderAt times, the goals of one country will be clashing and at variance with the goals and ambitions of other countries, and at times they are even at complete opposite poles.

Iran is one of those countries that has classified its active national goals in accordance with the ideals and slogans of the Islamic revolution and in keeping with its material and spiritual resources. During the past 32 years, by making use of appropriate means, Iran has been moving forward in national and international fields.

It is clear that, in view of their compatibility with the ideals and slogans of the Islamic revolution, the national goals of the Islamic Republic of Iran will have some structural and practical contradictions with the goals and ambitions of the system of hegemony and of global arrogance, and this is why the two systems are confronting each other.

Today, many analysts refer to the Islamic Republic of Iran as a “regional superpower” and others as a “Terrorist State”, which without relying upon hard power has been able to put its main enemy — namely, America — on trial in the court of world public opinion and has been able to extend its zone of influence from the gates of China to the shores of the Mediterranean.

The spreading of Islamic thinking in the world, and the victory of the ideology of resistance against the system of hegemony in Lebanon and Palestine, are clear examples of the influence of the Islamic system on public opinion and the signs of the growing strength of Iran.

The two fateful wars, the 33-day war in Lebanon and the 22-day war in Palestine [Gaza], as well as the wave of Islamic awakening in the Middle East and North Africa have demonstrated the strategic depth and the power of Iran in the region.

Fred Halliday, the [late] professor of the University of Economics in London [London School of Economics and Political Theory], in an article in Open Democracy had written:

Today, for the first time since the Achaemenian civilization [sixth to third century BC], Iran has succeeded to extend her sphere of influence to the Mediterranean shores.

At the present time, according to the admission of many political analysts, the extent of the political and spiritual influence of the Islamic Republic of Iran reminds one of the Iranian empires in the distant past. However, rather than being a geographical empire, this empire is the result of Islamic awakening in the region and the expansion of the scope of the discourse of the Islamic revolution and Islamic new world order.

  • Defend

    What does it matter about the ideology…the New World Order, or Old World Order, has every intention of remaining in power.

    If only it weren’t for that pesky beheading thingy.

  • Paul Tremble

    An excellent article that asks many questions, but chief among them is: Who’s side Should we be on?

    • Andrew Puhanic

      You’re 100% right Paul, who’s side should we be on? Both sides have obvious flaws and both are under pressure from the same interest groups who want to high-jack their agenda.

    • Phil

      believe me this is a joke..The truth is it is a judaic new world order. It is the only “nation” that is allowed in the zionists created U.N. There is a triumvirate control mechanism between the US, Russia and Tel Aviv. The E.U. and the Rothschilds also control the situation from Frankfurt germany as they send arms and supplies to israel. Anything that the middle east gets is much less in its effectiveness. The freemasons are founded based on Judaism and kabalism which is satanic. They will strive to rebuild Solomons Temple as they worship the death cults of egypt and sodom. America is under its spell and will plumet to the abyss