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Is World Government Coming? Former UK Independence Party Member John Browne Says it is

Written by The Informed Aussie
Published on Friday, October 5th, 2012
Globalist Report

United Nations World Government Stamp of ApprovalJohn Browne, former member of the UK Independence Party, has revealed that he believes world government is fast approaching.

In an interview on the Globalist backed Fox News Network with Neil Cavuto, John Browne implied that the United Nations was solely created to establish world government.

This interview provides an interesting insight into how the United Nations will be the catalyst for the formation of word government.

What I find most interesting about this interview is the fact that the concept of World Government has now begun to be openly discussed in the main-stream media.

Full credit to Neil Cavuto, in this instance, for allowing John Browne a fair opportunity to discuss the concept of world government and how the United Nations was formed to help establish world government.

Transcript of an Interview with John Brown, former UK Independence Party Member, on the Fox News Network with Neil Cavuto, September 28, 2012

Neil Cavuto, Host: Forget Bibi. Have you heard about this doozy? Because, before Iran apparently blows up the world, the United Nations wanted to hit up the world with a tax, actually lots of taxes, to cover everything from fighting climate change to fighting poverty. There’s talk of a billionaire’s tax, a global carbon emissions tax, even plans for a World Bank transaction tax. I have no idea what that one is for.

But the fact that White House apparently is not saying boo about it, any of it makes some wonder whether we in the United States should be worried about it.

Former U.K. Parliament member John Browne says we should. He is here with me now.

This is weird. But can the U.N. actually do this?

John Browne, Former British Parliament Member: Well, only if it is supported by the members and of course it a most open, surprisingly open and aggressive bid for world government. But, of course, it fits exactly with Obama’s strategy, which he openly declares is redistribution of wealth from the successful to the less successful within the United States. But this goes a whole long step further. This is redistribution of American and European wealth to the Third World.

I mean, it is nasty enough to pay taxes for a huge government you think interferes with your life, but to pay and throw it around the whole world, it is going to mean abject poverty.

Cavuto: But there is precedent for it, right, even among the European Union? When you go in and you fly into any one of the European Union member countries, you pay a tax I think that goes to the E.C. You pay a variety of things that go to that community and all the member countries, whether those member countries individually like it or not.

So, at least on that level, there is precedent. I’m just wondering…

Browne: Oh, absolutely.

united nations world government Cavuto: Could the United Nations push this to the point where we are paying all of these extra global taxes on top of what are excessive country taxes?

Browne: Oh, I think so, Neil. You rightly cite the European Union.

The European Union was set up by stealth and deceit. Take, for example, my own country, United Kingdom. We were taken in by the nose with being told complete lies about it involved. And now, of course, we see not only a massive taxation going to the European Union, which is undemocratic, has an unelected parliament, but the parliament has no power, so very like communist Russia.

They had a parliament, but it had no power. So we have this unelected body running the European Union, massive taxation, massive regulations.

Cavuto: But in the European Union, you guys, technically, you are not part of that currency. You are part of that union.

Browne: We’re not part of the Eurozone, but part of the European Union.

Cavuto: So, you can’t say no? In other words, if our country — I always thought in our country you have to go through Congress for any taxes. We have not given that right up yet, have we?

Browne: No, but you see, Britain has — 80 percent of British legislation comes from Brussels already. And so…

Cavuto: You guys already sold your soul?

Browne: Yes. And times past…

globalists of the united nations who are membersCavuto: Which is why you moved here.

Browne: Yes, for freedom. And now it is being threatened here. I am an American citizen. And freedom is being threatened.

Cavuto: But you mentioned something interesting during the break. I don’t want to give conversations away, but we mentioned about top rate going up in France to 75 percent, that that is the trend globally, right? Not to that degree, but then there will be no place to escape.

Browne: Absolutely. And that is what they want, world government, no place to escape.

But in Britain, in the 17th century, we executed our king for high treason for selling Britain down the road. If they dared to say it, these leaders that took us in and keep paying all these taxes and keep supporting the European Union, which is merely a pilot scheme for the United Nations and world government.

Cavuto: But they must know you can’t get much bang for the buck or the euro, whatever, just constantly hiking it, right? I mean, the studies have been proven here, there and everywhere that you never get the money you think you are going to get.

Browne: No, but of course they take from the successful, like Germany, and redistribute it to the less successful.

And now that is within Europe. But when the world government happens under the United Nations, it will be from Europe and the United States to the rest of the world. And that is going to be very uncomfortable. I — you already see the fraction — Europe fracturing. Already, Spain and Greece and Italy, this sort of thing is fracturing.

People in grassroots won’t stand it. I think the same thing will happen in the United States and others when they realize what is happening and you will see a vast increase in the demand for states’ right within the United States if they’re made — if Americans, who want badly enough having — financing their own big government, if they are made to pay for other countries as well, I think Americans will not stand for it, myself.

They want their freedom. America is more than a country. It is an ideal.

Cavuto: I hope so. All right, well, I don’t hear a lot of opposition officially to any of this.

Browne: Under world government, there is no opposition.

Source: Interview with former U.K. parliament member john browne. (2012). CEO Wire

  • Spartacus (@MediaExposedDay)

    If an ambulance gets you to the hospital , I wouldn’t ridiculously worry bout it needing a tune Up , Bruz , Spelling Nazi . Our Freedom as individuals is at stake , as well as our lives and you ludicrously criticize small grammatical errors .
    Better wake up and smell the coffee , sparky , Global Authoritarianism , unlike nobody has ever seen is around the corner and you can’t fight it with a @#@#@#@ dictionary .

  • simon

    I agree with Aussie Mick, well said , I’m more less in the same situation as for people who is close to you are dumb down servilely , yep like Mick says Diet cokes , GMO’s, Tv soaps addicts who watches Big brother and xFactor ect , and mind you the ones I know they are over grown Zombies in the ages of 40 to 45 and over.. The problem is there is far more people living in a false world then the awake and its sad to see that.

    What did old man Rockerfeller say ” the people will beg for the new world order…..”
    This world wide craziness is the chaos before the ORDER. (out of chaos comes order)
    Main problem is who gets to run this world government, guaranteed it will be the ones who caused all the problems.

  • bruz

    Love what you’re doing, but please be careful with your editing. It is difficult to come across as professional and legitimate with so many errors. The subject matter is fantastic and I commend you for standing up and making a different.

    • bruz

      Haha difference!

      • Andrew Puhanic

        Hi Bruz, thanks for the feedback…

  • Aussie Mick

    There won’t be a ‘grassroots’ protest against a global Govt….at least 95 % of the population have their heads buried so far in their rectum..they will never see daylight. Take my own family…they drink an average of 60 cans of diet coke and diet pepsi per week…they drink fluoridated water..instead of the tank water we have freely available…every spare minute is spent in front of the TV…they live in a ‘bubble’…a false world…where the shows on the idiot box are their ‘reality’…can’t wait to be vaccinated..no matter what evidence is placed before them. They are on a diet of junk food..with an occasional serve of veges…then I hear…we had veges last night…Look around at the malls..overweight slobs…tattoos…piercings..and we haven’t mentioned alcohol and drugs. Does this sound a bit negative? Got some bad news for ‘Ya…the sheeple can not be woken up..I have tried..and am still trying. We have a corrupt Prime Minister..running a corrupt Govt…and the main stream media play along to protect their jobs. Want the worst news…our Australian Govt. is after a seat on the UN security council…and will get it..as they are prime movers in pushing for a World Govt.

    • Ken McMurtrie

      You have covered the situation pretty much as I see it as well.
      Re Australia having a seat on the UNSC – what a joke!

      Can you imagine Gillard ever voting impartially, or ever not supporting the US?
      It would simply give the US another vote on the Council.

      The Carbon Tax proves what you are saying is correct.