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Conspiracy Theories Obama Doesn’t Want You to Think About

Written by The Informed Aussie
Published on Sunday, July 29th, 2012
Globalist Report

Which companies and people control the worldThe nature of conspiracy theories can at times interest all sorts of people and invoke them to question what others consider to be normal.

All conspiracy theories are derived from someone who believes that a fact that others considers true and take for granted as false.

Like all theories, some are true and some are yet to be proven. However, the following five conspiracy theories, as explored by Eric Lageson from the Guardian Express, highlights that even the most accepted institutions and events on the surface may seem legitimate, but if you dive a little deeper, a different story can be told.

Conspiracy Theories to Consider During the 2012 US Presidential Elections


FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) has come under careful scrutiny after Hurricane Katrina. Have FEMA camps been created to house dissenters of the forthcoming “New World Order” – a worldwide dictatorship? These camps (depending on the rumour) are either “indoctrination centres” or “death camps”, similar to the concentration camps built during Hitler’s “Third Reich”. (If you look inside the new “VeriChip”, there is a swastika-shaped design.)

  • Did you know the U.S. government has the right to force citizens to work for unnamed gov’t programs and may separate family members? [Recent U.S. Army website headline – Work as an “Internment/Resettlement Specialist”.] 2006:
  • Homeland Security’s detention camps are created for the purpose of unknown government programs and for housing immigrants. (Construction by KBR – a global engineering service company affiliated with Halliburton.) 2008.
  • Troops returning from the Iraq War were put on notice to crush any potential rebellion that would be the result following an “economic collapse.” 2011.
  • Pres. Obama signed into law the National Defense Authorization Act – U.S. citizens may be arrested and imprisoned “in military custody” without a list of charges or benefit of trial, if the government believes there are involved in civil disobedience or terrorism. Time of internment: Indefinitely.

RFID CHIP (Radio-frequency identification

Presently, the RFID chip is being used to identify animals, merchandise, driver’s licenses, cars and soldiers going overseas. Prince Harry and William are chipped. Will the “VeriChip” aka “SmartChip” be used in the future to identify “world citizens” within a One-World Government currently in the works?

Are RFID Chips directly linked to ObamaCare? In the not too distant future, the ObamaCare health-care program will eclipse all others.

Afterward, everyone will be chipped as a means for identification, to keep track of everything you’ve done and to replace the dollar. This chip will be connected to a gov’t database which can monitor you at all times.

Some have compared it to the “Mark of the Beast/Antichrist – 666” mentioned in the Bible.

Revelation 13:16-17. And he causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their forehead: And that no one might buy or sell, unless they had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Verse 18b. “…for it is a number of a man; and his number is 666.”


Of these five interesting conspiracy theories, this one beats them all. Rumors about Obama being the Antichrist surfaced during the 2008 campaign when fanatics began referring to him as “the chosen one” and the “new messiah”.

Talk show host Oprah Winfrey helped start the “Is he a God?” bandwagon, giving untold millions to the fledging candidate. Obama has only fuelled the rumour by saying “we are no longer a Christian nation” and ordered crosses to be covered with black shrouds at Notre Dame before he spoke. (BHO said he didn’t want to offend his Muslim friends).

Obama has made light of the “messiah” rumors by saying that he wasn’t born in a manger, he was born on the planet Krypton (Superman.) What would happen if Bush had said this?

Obama quote:

“My individual salvation is not gonna come about without a collective salvation for the country. Unfortunately, I think that recognition requires that we make sacrifices in this country and this country has not always been willing to make the sacrifices necessary to bring about a new day and a new age.”

What did he mean by that?

Christians are divided on the subject, some calling Obama “an antichrist” (i.e., against Jesus Christ) but not “the antichrist” in the book of Revelation. Some say he is paving the way for the antichrist.

  • By coincidence, the codename for Obama’s limousine is “The Beast”.
  • The day after Obama was elected President, the Chicago lottery numbers were 666.
  • Obama’s daughters are named Malia and Natasha. Spelled backward and removing some letters spells “I am Satan.” A (I) L (AM ah (SATAN).
  • In the Book of Revelation – The antichrist will miraculously recover from a fatal head wound, he will persecute Jews and Christians and, if you wise, you will be able to calculate his number as 666. (The Unholy Trinity.) He will set off the final great war known as “Armageddon”.


A number of movies made in the pre-9/11 day’s hint (or more than hint) at what would happen on September 11, 2001.

Most notably are: “The Medusa Touch” – (the main character causes a passenger plane to crash into a tower by the power of his mind), “The X-Files” TV series concocted a plot similar to 9/11, “Rugrats in Paris” – (a mouse burbles out the numbers “9-11”, while their plane goes by buildings shaped like the WTC), “Terminator 2 – Judgment Day” (a truck crashes into a bridge overpass reading “WARNING 9’ 11”.) Others clues are contained in “The Simpson’s” TV cartoon, the “Super Mario Bros.” film, “Godzilla” (1998) and “Gremlins 2”.


This conspiracy theory holds for those who are unhappy with the outcome of an election, that is, the “disenfranchised”.

In Election 2000, George W. Bush had the Florida recounts stopped by the Supreme Court when only 537 votes separated him and then Vice-President Al Gore. Thus, began the opinion that the presidency was stolen from Gore. It’s worth noting that every vote was counted – just some were not manually recounted by Democratic poll workers.

In 2004, it was theorized by Democrats that Bush would again steal the election by the use of a new computerized voting system. As it turned out, candidate Sen. John Kerry lost, probably due to the “Swift Boat” ads and there were few complaints.

In 2008, there were no complaints from Democrats when their hero, suspected foreigner Barack Obama won. Even Dems would admit fake votes came from ACORN, but since the election wasn’t close, it didn’t matter. Right?

  • Eric Lageson

    The truth about Obama is being blocked on some public access computers. The powers that be want it that way. Why is that? What is the Obama Administration afraid of? Eventually, the U.S. will go the way of China with a gov’t controlled Internet. That’s why, if you have something to say, do it now. Freedom is fading.

    • Geir Smith

      Write to my email eric.

      I’ve heard you.

      Have no fear.

  • Geir Smith

    If my address was blocked you can know it’s this: geir.smith (at) yahoo.fr

  • Eric Lageson

    Geir Smith, your websites did not appear on this public computer. Here in the U.S., the Obama Administation is going after sites which criticize him.

    • Geir Smith

      Hi Eric, you’re living in a police-state. It happened with Joe McCarthy and now with this Bush-Obama Era. It happened in Russia with Staline.

      I don’t know what Homeland Security blocks in the USA or not.

      But I just sent Allen West’s Facebook page.

      But beyond that, what I’m mostly promoting are all the videos you’ll find by punching in “Illinois Lottery 666″ to You Tube.

      Also, browsing “Illinois lottery 666″ on Google willl bring you to many pages of “Yahoo Answers” forums which answer questions about the Illinois 666 lottery the day after Obama’s win.

      People openly there declare “Obama must logically be the Antichrist”.

      You can contact me at private mail at geir.smith@yahoo.fr and I’ll provide my Facebook address and we can get organized to spread this most important news.

      I’ve made very many You Tube copies of videos such as this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1Q0Tq1PeAM

      Spread this news which is vital to the world and you’ll be saved by that.

      • http://www.theglobalistreport.com/ Andrew Puhanic

        Hi Geir,

        Your post should have been auto-approved. Working on a fix now.

        • Geir Smith

          Hi Andrew, I don’t know what problems are there technically. Hope you can clear them up if they’re present. I’m very happy Eric’s animating this thread which is vital from my pov.

  • Eric Lageson

    IMPORTANT article on Obama titled: “Obama Rumors: Death Machine & Gay Past” on http://guardianlv.com

    • Geir Smith

      Thanks Eric, I hope this means more will print the same. We’re close to Obama’s election time (he wishes!) and the opposition is sure to gang up on him. Would you like to come and post with me at Allen West’s Facebook page? He’s a US Congressman and intent on busting Obama’s sorry ass. Here’s the link: http://www.facebook.com/ElectAllenWest?ref=stream

      You’ll see many comments by me. The reason I post there isn’t any interest in that man, but because he’s got hundreds of thousands of Facebook friends and he allows and encourages anti-Obama comments. I place lots of videos about Obama and the Illinois lottery 666 draw there. He doesn’t take them down or even comments pro or con.

      See you over there maybe. N.B. The gay stories and videos about Obama are also something I place a lot about over there.

  • Eric Lageson

    It’s no conspiracy theory that Obama is a subversive element in the USA. His ties to the Weather Underground (a terrorist group) and the Muslim Brotherhood (he gave them 1.5 billion dollars) are well known. An aloof press ignores it, considering him one of their own.

    • wwlee4411

      A Muslim is a person whose father was a Muslim.

      It is totally permissible for a Muslim to lie to someone if it will advance the cause of the Muslim religion, or to protect oneself from a non-Muslim.

      A Muslim can even publicly deny his faith and be rewarded as a Muslim, if he remains true to his faith, in his heart!

      Now, you tell me; Is Barack H. Obama/Barry Soetoro a Muslim, or a Christian?

      (“Actions speak louder then words.”)

      • Geir Smith

        Islam is evil (burqa full headscarf crapola) and Obama is as Islamic as they come. Let’s close down this guy on the hidden transcripts and the Illinois Lottery draw of 666 on his election-day. Are you ready friend? We need your total force and nothing less. Choose how much you put into this.

  • Geir Smith

    Check out the video below.

    Have you seen the number 666 marking Obama?

    Look at this video:


    I have much more to mention about the meaning of 666 and how Obama forces that upon each and every one in the world…even out to the Far East.

    We must talk about the End now, fast.

    • http://www.theglobalistreport.com/ Andrew Puhanic

      Excellent YouTube clip. What were the chances of the numbers 666 appearing on that night? I bet it would have been at least 100+ million to one.

      Very creepy.

      • Geir Smith

        If we spread this news everywhere … imagine Obama. The religious groups will go bezerk with this news. I imagine a picket at the White House with “Obama Antichrist” placards. Obama’ll melt down. Could he stand up and explain how he’s not the Antichrist? The lottery draws 666 three times a year in Illinois, but only once the day of the Chicago Senator Obama’s win. It’s hestorical and unique in world history.

        …And Obama is furthermore every bit the Deceiver and Liar, which the Antichrist is announced to be.

        There are three other videos I know of, about the Illinois lottery 666 draw. Here’s another one:


        My explanation of the 666 Mark of the Beast’s meaning is that it’s money (like the lottery indicates) and that Obama’s Antichrist-Mark he’s putting in our hands and forehead sis his out-of-control spending which is casting us and our families into eternal debt. Obama’s turning us into slaves of th debt and he holds us at his mercy even of jailing and of killing us.

        If the Bible is to be believed then we must spread this good news of revealing this evil because that will save us.

        I am a follower of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism and not a Chrisitan and my faith is the highest in the world by my book because it has Tantric Yoga etc… manifold meditation techniques.

        But in my faith, we have an apocalyptical creed called Kalachakra.
        I’ve studied Tibetan culture at Paris University for five years and then this Kalachakra faith for 28 post university years. I’m the authority on it and the Dalai Lama’s claims concerning Kalachakra are false. Among my trainings, I’ve also done an eight-month meditation retreat upon the deity called Naljorma (Sanskrit: “Vajra-Yogini”)

        I’m sure the Apocalypse of Buddhism coincides with the Christian one and they are the same event. it’s worldwide and not just Christian.

      • geirsmith

        Hi Andrew, it’s been a long time. Why don’t we organize something and get a group together to reveal Obama? What do you suggest? Making articles, blogs, forums? This is the only place I’ve found people who seem ready to march on Antichrist Obama. I should have come back earlier.

        Obama’s bombing now so I think the moment is right. It’s OUR moment to meet up with fate. Please get back soon. We’ve got to DO THIS NOW. Obama’s the Antichrist, no doubt about it. How can we get your followers to rally FAST?

        On my side, I have a lot of followers and we should merge to make an unstoppable force of believers in goodness and not evil like Obama the Antichrist.

        Your followers and mine will be strong. I’m on BeforeItsNews, Twitter etc…

  • Geir Smith

    Google the exact words: “Illinois Lottery 666″ your hair will stand on end.
    Obama’s really the Antichrist.
    Could we imagine?

  • Geir Smith


    Your article forgot one thing which is that the Mark of the Beast and Antichrist topics are one and the same.

    On Obama’s election-day, the Illinois lottery (Obama’s home is in Illinois, Chicago) drew 666.

    Google it with the exact words: “Illinois Lottery 666″ there are many links.

    • William Lee

      There is a book out by Joel Rosenberg, “The Muslim Antichrist.” I would like to STRONGLY suggest you read it. I have just finished it myself and found it most “informative.”

      Let me explain a little something. I’m 66. Since back in the 1960′s (The Dark Ages) I have seen REPEATED efforts to try and designate what the “666″ really is. No one has accurately succeeded yet. I think it is most important to be on the lookout for it. But it’s not here yet. Keep in mind, WITHOUT that mark you will not be able to buy or sell.

      • Andrew Puhanic

        Thanks William… I’ll check it out.

        • William Lee

          One thing. I was mistaken about the title, it’s; “The Islamic Antichrist,” not The Muslim antichrist.

          • Geir Smith

            I’ll reassure you Bill, being 666 doesn’t make you the Antichrist. That would be too easy. Every 66 year-old would be the Antichrist so you can relax.

            About everybody not being able to “buy and sell”, well Obama’s ruined the USA with DOUBLING the debt in just three and half (42 months of Antichrist’s Rule) years.

            So Obama’s spending is forcing his money on our foreheads and hands. We’re in debt so we can’t “buy and sell” anymore.

            If we don’t pay back our debt now, Obama can jail and kill us.

            • wwlee4411

              I agree with you 100%. The man is out to collapse our economy and our Government if he can. That’s why it’s costing so much.

              If he can succeed, then he can declare a National Emergency, declare Martial Law, and suspend the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. If he does that, Congress can do NOTHING for SIX (6) months.

              Now you figure out, with this man as “Dictator” for 6 months, what could he do in that length of time? He has already passed over 900 Executive Orders since being “President”. The end result is they give him absolute authority over every aspect of our country!

  • William Lee

    I have found it. It is the Bilderberg (sp?) Group!

  • William Lee

    I want to know where and how I can get a clearer image of the chart used for; “Who Runs the Country.”

  • Clarence Howard

    Scary Obituary—-deja-vu—an observation in 1887 by Prof. Alexander Tyler,Univ. of Edinburgh. RE: Fall of the Athenian Republic……
    Nation-trends/cycles ?—but perhaps not w/o some Powers-That-Be involvement—-follow the $$$