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Brainwashed Islamic Protesters Rally Against the Innocence of Muslims Movie – Have Your Say

Written by The Informed Aussie
Published on Saturday, September 15th, 2012
Globalist Report

An image of  the Prophet Mohammed from the Innocence of Muslims movieBRAINWASHED Islamic misfits have taken to the streets all over the world in protest against the short film Innocence of Muslims.

These pathetic fools who are responsible for the murder of 6 innocent people in the Middle East are protesting against a film because it mocks the Prophet Mohammed and Islam.

The main reasons why the protesters are protesting against the film Innocence of Muslims is because of the following:

  1. The film mocks the Prophet Mohammed and Islam (just like South Park and other programs that make fun of Christianity and Judaism).
  2. The film openly discusses matters of paedophilia and homosexuality.
  3. The film makes fun of the fundamental beliefs of the protesters in a cheap low-budget setting (Actors were wearing fake beards and the film is shot in front of fake desert backdrops).

In Australia, violent protests have erupted in all major capital cities, with many innocent civilians and police taking the brunt of the protesters misguided ideology.

One protester from Sydney was quoted as saying “Freedom of expression has limits and you cannot simply spread the message of hate without consequence”. Another protester from Sydney actually likened the movie to be the same as physically abusing people of the street.

The protesters and anyone else who has taken offence to the movie must wake up and realise the fact that we are all entitled to the right to express our views and opinions without threat or intimidation.

The contradictions of the Innocence of Muslims protesters are:

  • Mohammed  from the movie Innocence of Muslims and SlaveThe protesters forget that freedom of speech goes both ways. Sometimes people say things you accept and other times people say things you don’t accept. The protesters want the freedom to preach their faith, but don’t accept an alternative view.
  • All the protesters have been given the freedom to express their opposition to the film, yet they don’t accept when someone else expresses an alternative opinion.
  • The freedom to assimilate that they cherish could not exist without freedom of speech.
  • In most countries where Islam is the primary faith, the freedom to express opinions is restricted, yet they are upset at someone who is doing the exact same as they are?
  • They claim the film is offensive, yet accept that it’s ok for woman to walk the streets in burqa’s (some people find this type of dress offensive). The point I’m making here is that they expect others to accept their opinions and views, yet don’t accept when other people do the same.

The reality is that NOT ALL MUSLIMS share the same views as the protesters do. Islam is not the conservative religion that most ignorant people make it out to be.

It is a faith that is based on many fundamentals that Christianity and Judaism are founded on.

At the end of the day, the misguided rage that these protesters are expressing is a direct consequence of the Globalist Agenda that the Globalists have purposefully constructed to divide us all.  For more on the Globalist Agenda, click here.

Anyway, I’ll leave it up to you to form your own opinion about the movie. Please share your thoughts about what you have just watched by making a comment below.

  • Anonymous

    Freedom of expression is not to mock others.
    They must respect our religion as we respect their religion.
    This film distort the image of Islam and Muslims and Harnesses of our Prophet and we as Muslims do not accept this.

  • Anonymous

    We Hate American

    • http://www.theglobalistreport.com/ Andrew Puhanic

      Hi Anonymous, thanks for your opinion however I think your statement is incorrect.

      We should direct our anger against the Globalist American puppet government. It is they who are causing all the problems of the world. The American people are decent, hard working people.

      We must identify the Globalist puppet masters and limit their influence.

  • زن مسلمان

    Hell this movie is directed and supportive .

  • onlymyview

    Unfortunately multiculturism is not working in Australia or anywhere else in the world. We tell people to keep their identity but in return it is expected they will respect western values. After all they enjoy the freedoms and financial benefits the west has to offer. However many people find they are still conflicted. These angry protests in the streets seem to be an excuse to vent anger for western values and freedoms due to the fact they can’t change them to suit their own beliefs.

    • http://www.theglobalistreport.com/ Andrew Puhanic

      I agree… For multiculturism to work in Australia, everyone must accept the basic principles that bind everyone. Freedom of speech, in my opinion, is the heart of Australian life.

  • http://www.theglobalistreport.com/ Andrew Puhanic
    • http://www.theglobalistreport.com/ Andrew Puhanic

      Islamic leader in Melbourne Victoria just denounced the violence on radio and declared that the majority of Muslims are embarrassed by how the protesters have behaved and that if they had a problem with the movie Innocence of Muslims they should have protested peacefully.

  • http://twitter.com/Essential_Intel Essential Intel (@Essential_Intel)

    The “film” psyop was created on purpose for generating ludicrous hysteria in the corporate media about a low budget B-Movie produced by an obscure filmmaker (controlled patsy) who claims to be a “Jewish American with Israeli citizenship” (meanwhile he turned out to be a Coptic Christian , but don’t expect racist shills posing as “alternative bloggers” to let that fact bother them. They will continue to play their part in the false paradigm and claim that “The Jews brought it upon us”) . This all too obvious Psyop serves the double purpose of generating both right wing Islamophobia and left wing Israelophobia (which applies also to the allegedly non-partisan “alternative media”), while maintaining the strategy of tension in North Africa and in the U.S. home front where Neocon puppet Romney is currently running against Trilateral puppet Obama. Read all about this Psuop here:

    • http://www.theglobalistreport.com/ Andrew Puhanic

      Thanks for the share

  • wargasm jawspasm

    I forget the saying, something like; – Islam the cult hellbent on the abyss, Islam the cult of caprice, Islam the cult doesn’t know when to cease, Islam the cult with brains of goat-cheese, Islam the cult for decease, Islam the cult of decrease, Islam the cult of kebab-grease, Islam the cult of the parasitic-obese, Islam the cult of disease, Islam the cult of false priest, Islam the cult of not men but meece, Islam the cult of scheisse – or something – anyway you know who I mean – those kiddie-fiddlin cousin-fuckin spawn of Satan – One could easily get the impression that whatever happens, narcissist muslims following narcissist Islam will inevitably achieve a super-critical closed-loop stupidity “angry and disappointed” reaction – And to them; for us to treat them with reason and fairness will only ever be seen as our exploitable great weakness

    Multi Culture is Ethnic Cleansing of Whites
    Multi Culture is Pol Pot Political ‘Liberation by Bigots’
    Year Zero is Now

  • Philip Dennany

    Is there any doubt what the Israel does in the name of the god they created to name themselves masters of all peoples? How many billions of innocent people have been wrongly put to death,(read up on the Christian Reformation as well) how many evil wars have been fought for the gain of the greed of Zion and the greed of Rome? All gods should be private faiths and should not be allowed to rule any people. All gods are created to wrongly manipulate the masses.

    • http://www.theglobalistreport.com/ Andrew Puhanic

      Hi Philip, thanks for your contribution…I’ve never heard of the Christian Reformation, will check it out.