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How To Eliminate Fluoride From Your Diet

Written by The Informed Aussie
Published on Thursday, January 19th, 2012
Globalist Report

Poisoning water with fluoride

Poisoning Water With Fluoride

Every day we are faced with the prospect of being poisoned by the water we drink and the food we eat. The addition of fluoride to our water supplies is the biggest threat to our health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, almost everyone who lives in an area that has its water catchments poisoned by fluoride has very limited options available to avoid drinking this contaminated water.

Many will argue that this medication of our water supplies is necessary to improve everyone’s overall oral health and to prevent tooth decay. This is one of the biggest fallacies we have all been told. The evidence from peer reviewed journals that proves there are considerable risks to your health from ingesting fluoride is mounting. Recently, Valdez-Jimenez, et al. published an article in the Neurologia Journal (June 2011) and found that ‘The prolonged ingestion of fluoride may cause significant damage to health and particularly to the nervous system’. Valdez-Jimenez, et al. also concluded that ‘fluoride can be toxic by ingesting only one part per million (ppm), and the effects are not immediate, as they can take 20 years or more to become evident’. (1)

In most countries, the amount of fluoride added to drinking water is around 4 parts per million. That’s 4x the recommended daily intake.

The addition of fluoride to our water supplies is totally unnecessary and undemocratic. It is undemocratic because if your towns’ water supply has been tainted with fluoride, then it can be very difficult to avoid the ingestion of fluoride altogether.

I have now made a conscious decision to totally eliminate the ingestion of fluoride from my diet.

My decision was based on two thoughts:

  1. Firstly, the risks of ingesting fluoride everyday are high and that this risk isn’t something I am prepared to take.
  2. Secondly, all I want to be able to do is drink real natural water. Not water that has been medicated, but water that is natural and free from human intervention. Most people don’t like having their fruit and vegetables sprayed with dangerous pesticides, and I don’t like drinking unnatural water.

Now, before I go onto explain what you need to do to totally eliminate the ingestion of fluoride from your diet, I need to clarify something. This article is discussing how to eliminate the ingestion of artificially added fluoride, not its use. As you will find below, many natural products contain very small amounts of fluoride naturally. These products are ok to consume, and I would be misleading you if I recommended you to eliminate them from your diet. It is the combination of artificially added fluoride and naturally occurring fluoride that is cause for concern.


Below you will find a few helpful hints to help you eliminate fluoride from your diet. Some of the recommendations may be difficult to achieve due to your location and personal circumstances. Therefore, I have endeavoured to provide you with as many alternatives as possible.

Water poisoned with fluoride

Warning! Fluoridated Water

Eliminate Fluoride From Your Drinking Water

The first and foremost important step of this life changing process is to eliminate fluoride from your drinking water. This I concede is going to be your hardest step.

At home, this is easy to control. When you are away from home, your level of control diminishes. At home, most of your fluoride will come from your mains tap water. Away from home, you will find fluoride in coffee, soups, beer, soft drink, bottled water (yes, some bottled water contains fluoride), processed cereals, processed juice, tea, wine, cigarettes and pretty much everything that uses tap water.

Some of the items I mentioned above do contain fluoride naturally. Consuming these items is ok if you are not additionally ingesting fluoride artificially. It’s this combination of ingesting fluoride artificially and naturally that gives you excessive fluoride ingestion and potentially dental fluorosis and other illnesses.

The following are some recommendations you can use to eliminate fluoride from your mains tap water.

  • Activated Alumina Defluoridation Filter: This is the most common type of water filtration. Depending on where you live, the filters are affordable and don’t require frequent replacement.
  • Purchasing Bottled Water: Purchasing bottled water is an expensive option. Firstly, most bottled watch is 100x the price of tap water. Secondly, many brands don’t offer fluoride free water. Once you learn which brands are safe to drink, I recommend you always carry one with you just in case the restaurant, your friend or the location you are visiting doesn’t contain the brand you drink. I will advise which brand I use below.
  • Drinking More Home-Made Juice: By drinking more natural juice that you make at home, not only are you eliminating fluoride from your diet, you are consuming a more healthy and nutritiously dense liquid.
  • Reverse Osmosis Filtration: The Reverse Osmosis Filtration is primarily used by bottled water manufacturers. This type of system is expensive and hard to find.

Other more common filtration methods such as brita filters, boiling your water and freezing your water do not remove fluoride from your water.

In my experience, this is the most difficult part of the entire process. Some days you are not prepared and some days you are caught out by not being aware of what you are ingesting. Please don’t be disheartened if you make mistakes as you change your habits. Making mistakes is natural and eventually you will make mistakes at some point in time. There’s an old saying, and it goes like this… “It takes 30 days to change a habit, don’t stop and 29″

So, what do I do? I now drink a combination of home-made juice and bottled water. Making home-made juice is easy (I recommend you invest in a high quality machine) and the bottled water I use is Noble’s Pureau. It’s affordable and contains no chlorine, salt and fluoride. I’m based in Australia, so this brand is probably unavailable to you. Most bottled water brands have Facebook pages, so please visit them and ask them personally if their product is poisoned by fluoride.


Baby being poisoned with fluoride

Don’t add fluoridated water to infant formula

  • Eliminate Fluoride From Infant Formula: Infant formulas can contain up to 100 times more fluoride than breast milk or cow’s milk. When infants are formula-fed, parents should not use fluoridated water in order to reduce the amount of systemically ingested fluoride babies receive.
  • Don’t take fluoride supplements: What you receive naturally would suffice. If your doctor has recommended fluoride supplements, then please ignore this advice.
  • Consider using non-fluoridated toothpaste.
  • Avoid drinking black or red tea: There are many health benefits associated with chemical compounds found in tea, but this may be a beverage to avoid if you need to reduce your fluorine intake. Black and red tea come from two different types of plants, but both leaves naturally contain high amounts of fluorine.
  • Be wary of tinned fish and canned food items: Fluoride may be used as a preservative
  • Avoid black or red rock salt or items containing black or red rock salt.
  • Avoid using chewing tobacco.
  • Avoid long term use of medication that contains fluorine: Certain antidepressants and medications for osteoporosis contain fluorine.


Eliminating the non-naturally occurring fluoride that is artificially added to your water supply is your first task in eliminating fluoride from your diet and is probably the most difficult part of this process. The good news is, once you have made the necessary adjustments to ensure you are not ingesting fluoride from water, then the rest of the process is simple.

The dangers of ingesting high levels of fluoride are very serious and urgent action is needed. What we all need to do next is contact our local representative’s to make it clear to them that this undemocratic process of medicating our water supplies is hurting the community and is unnecessary.

The elimination of fluoride from your diet is a very large change. If you, or someone you know, has also been through this process, please contact me by either posting a comment below or emailing me at andrew@theglobalistreport.com

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(1)    Valdez-Jimenez, et al. published an article in the Neurologia Journal (June 2011)
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  • Anonymous

    Thanks for this articlel!

    I heard about the damage from the Flouride two years ago. A friend told me that I should stop using Toothpaste with Flouride. I went to the Pharmacy and I asked for Toothpaste without Flouride-Free. I said that it´s not good for the health, and they laugh so loud! Thanks to your article I see that I was right.
    The tooth paste I´m using it´s very good. It has a normal taste.. When I used Toothpaste with Flouride I always wanted to throw up. My body just had the feeling that it´s not something good for it.. It´s the same feeling that I´m having when I´m drinking tap water.

    I would really like the filter you where talking about.. The bottle water is a good option too, but I heard that it´s not a good alternative since the plastic leachs from the bottle.
    I guess the only solution is this filter..

  • S

    I agree Andrew, the smell is digusting! I am increasingly concerned about this and will look into the process of illimination (so long as I am not too floride adled to make the changes!) starting witht he water filter and would welcome any and all suggestions.

  • S

    I am going to assume that everything in this article (and others here on this subject)is reasonable and correct. If I illiminate floride will the neurological damage be undone?

    • http://www.theglobalistreport.com/ Andrew Puhanic

      Hi Sarah,

      My understanding is that once you eliminate fluoride from your diet, the process of detoxifying the substance can take some time. To answer your question, there is no evidence to suggest that if someone has experienced severe neurological damage that the damage can be reversed.

      If anyone has a difference view, please share.

      PS: In my experience, removing fluoride from my diet has not only been a challenging experience, but a rewarding experience as well. By actively avoiding the chemical, I have changed my diet and attitude towards food and water. I feel better, healthier and no longer have to put up with drinking tap water that smells like chlorine.

  • Matt

    where can one go now and NOT ingest something that is harmful or unwanted? there would be very few places left where our water is untainted or not contaminated in some way or another. Ice samples in Antarctica have contaminants. Enjoy life because things will not change….

    • jon

      Sticking your head in the sand only puts you in the best position for the PTB to rape you from behind.