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The History of Israel and the Middle East Explained in Five Minutes

Written by The Informed Aussie
Published on Wednesday, November 21st, 2012
Globalist Report

A funny images portraying the jews being kicked out of a ghettoTHE following is a funny, educational and slightly twisted parody that explains the turbulent history of Israel and the Middle East in less than five minutes.

This documentary provides a unique insight into how the state of Israel was formed and where the visible tensions of the middle-east are derived.

It begins from the time of Adam and Eve and works its way through the ages up until the time when the state of Israel was formed.


  • chris skipdweller

    total bollocks

  • heenan73

    I suspect there’s another perspective on this – but hey, let’s not let the truth stand in the way of a good story

  • http://www.facebook.com/chew.kok.165 Chew Kok

    LOL you really want people to watch this crap?

  • malthius

    The core dispute is who is the promise to and who inherits. Ishmael (Islam) still thinks it is him, and then there is the contention between Esau (Christendom) and Jacob (Israel). Paul is most hated by Jews because he said that the PROMISE was to ONE which is CHRIST. Therefore, the Jews, Islamists and Christians are all fundamentally wrong. The real underlying plan is for the devil to get his world back by combining all in one great Babylonian accord and killing off all who dissent. The hordes of Gog and Magog have already covered the Land along with Ethiopia, Put, Gomer etc. The True Torah Jews will not go home until Messiah calls them from among the nations AFTER He has set up His Government in Israel. So, who is that bunch there now? Israel was born the same year as the antichrist – Sukkot 2015 Israel will be 67 and the AC 66. His son will be 33. Work it out.

  • Ooden


    Wished the World’s Talking Heads learned their history as
    quickly as that video presents. It would have saved a lot of “pain &
    aches” and the yoke that drags the World into a perpetual bickering that
    equates to irrationality. Belief in the God of Israel by the World’s Talking
    Heads would remove from them, the first-stumbling stone of error. —But it’s not
    going to happen, despite the obvious historical, archeological, Cultural, and
    notably God’s obvious “Finger-prints” throughout the pages of
    history, creation and declarations (i.e., 10 Commandments, Jerusalem, Scriptures,
    Prophecies, His People. etc.). Time will evolve when The Haughty will Fall..!


    Qld. Aust.