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Ending the Zero-sum Game In Greece

Written by The Informed Aussie
Published on Wednesday, June 20th, 2012
Globalist Report

greece economic crisis and the greek crisis of 2012This article suggests simple and effective methods to solve the Greek tragedy of our times by means of diagnosing the illness down to its causes and then offering available simple measures for unwinding these malignancies.

The Economic Dilemma

The present day Greek crisis comprises a socio-economic dilemma which consists of a couple of ‘Zero-sum Games’ where resourcing for one critical need comes on the expense of another critical need.

These dilemmas compound each other to form concrete threats to the socio-economic stability of the European continent and further on to the global scale, given the Eurozone and more generally the EU.

One of those Dilemmas concerns the monetary constraints when the supply of currency is subjected on the one hand to heavy interest by the global banking cabal, headquartered in Wall-street, and on the other hand is subjected to depletion (“vacuuming”) by means of VAT – a “skull tax” like system which targets the foundation of socio-economics in the flesh.

The other Dilemma concerns the need to protect the country itself, i.e. the stability and the natural resources, while all such funding must come at the expense of other critical matters, given the above VAT-vs-Interest constraint and aggravating its impact further.

Greece may implement a more effective measure for the sake of ‘implicit_default-while-effective-recovery’, by means of eradicating its VAT, which is quite like a skull-tax or a carbon tax, i.e. its annihilation should be the first target of economic public protection. This is because the monetary policy of currency-starvation is two folds:

On the one hand, the thralldom-of-interest on money issuance causes the crisis altogether. On the other hand, VAT depletes the currency supply exactly where it is needed most: at the end user’s hand-to-mouth in-the-flesh economy.

While combating the thralldom-of-issuance requires addressing explicitly and directly the cartel of interest i.e. taking the global banksterite genocidal mafia head-on, then curbing the VAT rather a matter of social-welfare, which this time is implemented in the most effective, just and economic sense.

Apparently the “conservative” (of crony power) party has won 130 out of the 300 seats of Parliament, and would form a coalition “of the willing” to stay in the Eurozone, with its “socialist” colleague PASOK.

That is the regular method of the EU: make the local state vote once and again, until it produces the wished for result. Southern-Balkan dealers wouldn’t let the proletariat spill their spoils.

greece military and the economic crisi of greeceThe Military Dilemma

The concentration of the 250,000 US military personnel from around Europe in Greece may bring some $25 Billion p.a. to that country, thus saving it financially for the long run, without a threat to French banks or to German pensions.

The U.S. GAO (Government Accountability Office) claimed: “245,000 beneficiaries in U.S. European Command”, where the cost of a single brigade, i.e. at about 11,000 personnel, is at about $100m p.a. : US Army brigades in europe cost billions p.a. 

It is the same US Army which has been occupying the vast expanses of the EU in so far which by now can only excuse its existence and presence concerning the south-eastern corner of Europe, starting with Greece; otherwise it would keep on the inflammation of tensions vs. Russia, thus we suggest it concentrates itself in Greece.

The possibility of a future nuclear attack on Israel and its devastating aftermath is one more substantial reason why the US Armed forces in Europe should retrench in Greece. This is hinted in a comprehensive yet highly hypocritical, quite British in style, article in English at an Israeli website, under a Hebrew language title: Challenges of a Multi-Polar Nuclear World

For the Greek socio-economic fabric, it is about a splash of US-paid jobs and US paid bases – an economic volume in the Billions p.a. for generations.

A comparison to remember is how the 1.5 million UK troops stationed around Tel-Aviv boosted the country’s economy in the early 1940s (at the height of WWII) , building hospitals, roads, refineries and buying lots of food & recreational services.

Zero-sum games are coupled with immorality

  1. A Zero-sum game yields immorality, e.g. arid environments give a great survivability advantage to evil people.
  2. Immorality leads to perpetrating zero-sum games, e.g. web-sites for on-line ‘deals’, where the unsuspecting users are bound to loose in a rigged game.

Since zero-sum games are the presence of evil, then it is very clear they must be unwound entirely, i.e. to the point of dissolving them entirely while the physical damage is still manageable, containable and corrigible.

greece and european union 2012 end of euro and end of greeceThe Geopolitical Dilemma

Our understanding of the London-Syriza axis has always been of a violent ultimatum London sets to continental Europe by which the drought in interest-thralldom would lead to a break-down of the Euro Bloc/Zone/Union, given alleged ‘social-unrest’, where the society which feeling of unrest is of consideration in that regard is actually that of the Londoner Bankers, rather not that of the Greek workers.

This is reminiscent of how ‘climate-change/warming‘ actually refers to the socio-economic climate, while the geographic climate actually keeps on cooling on a steady course.

The Sources of Greek Riches

  1. Greece must be the major narcotics hub to Europe, bridging the Bosporus (Importers) with  Albania (wholesalers).
  2. Greece must have been a major Gateway to Russian and Soviet riches since 1917 at the latest.
  3. The Greek Church spread around the Mid-East, with relations in Eastern-Africa, must have been a prime strategic asset for all the northern powers, stretching from Russia to the USA. Just consider an enduring commission on all the resources, defense and politics concerning the Mid-East and Eastern-Africa.

Surely, all this kinds of meddling yield a very polarized society, with very little capacity to enforce anything on the clandestine ruling elite. It is like a large Sicily, more than even a southern-Italy or even an Israel. Sure as hell, the Eurozone GmbH knows this in detail quite well, thus loathes their activities and accounts for their loot.

Proto-imperialist Greece (above) and neo-imperialist France (Africa), don’t deserve EU funds, unlike ailing Spain, which is needed as a bridge to Western-Africa and to the Latin Americas, although apparently lacking a capacity (which Greece has got) to extort the northern countries, since its Church reports to Rome and the Gibraltar to the UK.

The Dilemma of elections and selections

Hopefully Greece shall remain peacefully and modestly in the Eurozone, thus hopefully keeping the demagogues in Paris and Madrid under Check. The importance of this stability in unity is further emphasized by the open threats to the very civilizations of southern Europe, expressed e.g. by this Gazan Islamist cleric

Source: Essential Intelligence Network