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Why Islamic Governments are Responsible for the Innocence of Muslims Movie Protests

Written by The Informed Aussie
Published on Tuesday, September 18th, 2012
Globalist Report

Innocence of Muslims Movie Protests from Melbourne AustraliaTHE Innocence of Muslims movie has polarised the global Muslim community. It has caused an emotive response not seen since the infamous cartoons published in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten in 2005.

In Australia alone, the distress caused by the Innocence of Muslims movie has even compelled parents to involve their children in the protests.

One parent forced their child to hold a sign saying “behead those who insult the Prophet”.

For some unknown reason, there appears to be reluctance from the main-stream media to analyse where the hatred of the Innocence of Muslims movie has spawned from.

Many have argued that the reason why the Innocence of Muslims movie sparked such a violent reaction was due to the insulting nature of the film. Others have argued that it’s because of the ignorance of the protestors.

Why Islamic Governments Caused the Innocence of Muslims Movie Protests

Although there is some merit to the above two arguments, I would argue that most of the hatred towards the Innocence of Muslims movie was primarily derived from Islamic governments and their agenda of oppression and restriction of freedom of speech.

In most Islamic countries, freedom of speech is virtually non-existent. Governments of countries who have a majority Islamic populous don’t allow their citizens to express themselves in the same way as citizens of western countries do.

Freedom of speech, to Islamic countries, is considered blasphemous by their governments.

THEREFORE how can the West expect the faithful of Islam to tolerate movies and images such as those from the Innocence of Muslims movie and cartoons published in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten when the majority of Muslims are never given the opportunity to participate in a society that has freedom of speech as its core value?

To prove my point, let’s examine the situation in Saudi Arabia:

  • The population of Saudi Arabia is over 28,000,000 (Source: Google)
  • Over 96% of the population of Saudi Arabia are Muslim (Source: Wikipedia)
  • Saudi Arabia is ranked 158 in the press freedom index (Source: Reporters Without Borders)
  • With regards to internet censorship, all internet traffic is filtered through a proxy to filter all content that doesn’t align with the principles of Islam (Source: Wikipedia). When unauthorized content is accessed, people can be arrested.
  • In Saudi Arabia, Christians, Jews, Hindus and other minority faiths are not allowed to worship in public spaces (Source: Human Rights Watch).

Innocence of Muslims Movie Protests from Sydney AustraliaSaudi Arabia isn’t the only Islamic country that doesn’t allow freedom of speech to flourish.

Indonesia, Egypt and Libya also don’t provide their citizens the right to freedom of speech. In fact, the Innocence of Muslims movie has been banned in those countries.

Governments of Islamic countries systematically brainwash children with an ideology that is intolerant and not adaptive.

This has NOTHING to do with Islam and Islam is not to blame, rather the blame should be solely attributed to corrupt Globalist Islamic governments.

Therefore, If Muslim children are brainwashed from birth and are never exposed to a diverse range of opinions and ideologies, then how can they be expected to become open-minded and tolerant in adult-hood?

If Muslims in general are oppressed, lied too, never presented with factual and diverse opinions, how can we expect a fundamental change to occur?

At the end of the day, the reaction to the Innocence of Muslims movie was to be expected and in reality was a replica of the reaction to the cartoons published in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten.

The majority of Muslims are not angry because of the insulting nature of the Innocence of Muslims movie, they are angry because they are not accustomed to the same freedoms (freedom of speech) that people from the west are accustomed to.

DO NOT blame Muslims for their emotive reaction to the Innocence of Muslims movie, instead blame the governments of Islamic counties because of their unwillingness to allow their citizens the right to freedom of speech and the opportunity to be exposed to alternative opinions that the west has become accustomed to.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lightoverdarkness Jawed Iqbal

    With all due respect, you have it all wrong sir! The reaction to this video (I would not even call it a film as the people making it had no idea how to make a proper film) was due to the incendiary message and if you believe that it’s the so-called “Islamic” governments that promoted the angry protests then you really have no idea as to the respect and adoration that Muslims have for the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

    Did the protesters go way overboard and committed unnecessary acts of violence? Yes.
    Was their response inappropriate? You bet.
    Did their governments encourage them to take to the streets? Wrong!
    In fact, the govs of the muslim countries tried everything in their power to please the western powers.

    As for this “freedom” you so love to promote, why not try to persuade your own governments to allow the freedom for people to speak out against the zionist banking elite?

  • Judy

    The FBI made the film, and the CIA and the Saudis run the Salafists who reacted to it.
    “Last but not least it turns out the film maker is an ex-con with a long list of convictions for drugs and fraud. And he turned into a Federal snitch to get a lighter sentence. It was in jail that this career criminal decided to become a film maker and he wrote the script for Innocence of Muslims. ”

  • Saba Zehra

    I agree that in most of the Islamic countries, governments suppress the voices of their people and in the developed countries, the situation is quite different. Then why there are such laws like holocaust denial in European countries. Are the governments in these countries tyrant and not willing to grant freedom to their people? Why the banning of hate speech in various so called “civilized” countries? When the Egyptian people were on the streets against Qaddafi then it was applauded by Americans and if now they are against the movie then u think that they are fundamentalists. Is it justifiable?