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“Million men march to Jerusalem” was part of the Globalist Agenda

Written by The Informed Aussie
Published on Friday, April 6th, 2012
Globalist Report

Notice the well known globalist fist logo (left) and the green map of "Palestine" covering the entire territory of Israel (right), indicative of the genocidal intents of the organizers of this 'color invasion' (photo credit: Facebook screen grab)

Notice the well known globalist fist logo (left) and the green map of “Palestine” covering the entire territory of Israel (right), indicative of the genocidal intents of the organizers of this ‘color invasion’ (photo credit: Facebook screen grab)

It has recently been reported in detail that the so called “Million men march to Jerusalem” planed to take place this weekend (March 30, 2012) was in fact conceived and orchestrated by Obama’s globalist controllers and their associate operatives such as the racist demagogue pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr (Obama’s spiritual mentor) and the CIA’s terrorist front group “Weather Underground” founder Bill Ayers, a close associate of Obama for years who helped originate the concept of fomenting chaos on Israel’s borders, as a tactical substitute for the internal chaos fomented by globalist NGO’s during the “Arab spring”.

The Mullah regime in Tehran quickly picked up on this globalist manufactured event , calculating it can use it to open up  second front against Israel, thus disrupting a possible Israeli attack on Iran. In this respect the Mullahs might be unintentionally playing into the hands of NATO, since a dangerous destabilization of the Israeli-Lebanese-Syrian border zone in this manner might spiral out of control and trigger a regional war between the aforementioned states, thus serving the globalist purpose of using the Israelis as expendable pawns against the Syrian regime, especially now that Assad has successfully purged the last strongholds of the Al-CIAeda “rebels” in Syria. On the other hand, this might also serve the Iranian agenda of using Syria and Lebanon as an expendable buffer zone against the Israelis, but this too might spiral out of control if the Israelis decide to use this opportunity as a pretext for attacking the Iranian nuclear program. Brinkmanship is the name of the game here, and it is yet to be seen how things will develop in the coming days and weeks. 

The logo of "Hadash", the Israeli Communist party, can be seen at the left upper corner of the sign carried by the patsy.


The same goes for the Kremlin, who is interested in averting an attack on Iran for its own reasons, thus hyped this “spontaneous march” in its state sponsored propaganda channel, RT(Russia today) , which is often presented for some reason as an “alternative” news source (just like the soviet “Pravda” was “alternative” to the Washington post).


Earlier this week the Kremlin joined forces with another Psyop apparently orchestrated by Soros operatives in co-operation with the Israeli Communist party “Hadash” which has always been subservient to Moscow, and apparently still is. As expected, RT hyped this pathetic rally to grotesque levels, even though it managed to draw no more than a few hundred Communist patsies and provocateurs.

Other then Syria, Lebanon and the Palestinian areas, Jordan has also been reported to defer to the Islamists and allow the ‘March to Jerusalem’ take place within its borders, reportedly “under strong pressure from the Islamist opposition and its foreign backers ” .

The Hashemite dynasty ruling Jordan since its inception has always been subservient to the CIA \ MI-6 apparatus, a fact that should give you a clear indication as for who exactly are those “foreign backers” of this manufactured invasion. As a matter of fact the wide spread term “west bank” as a nickname for the Samaria and Judea districts was invented by CIA operative king Hussein of Jordan to designate the western areas of the transjordanian (i.e. east-jordanian) kingdom, which it invaded and occupied illegally between 1948 and 1967 .

This recent event marks the peak of a week or so of a concentrated globalist disinformation campaign designed to negate and avert what the US perceives as an Israeli intent to attack Iran without their permission. The anti-globalist media has been collaborating with this disinformation campaign under the childish assumption that war can be prevented in this manner, but if the globalists really wanted to negate the possibility of war they would not have mobilized such an unprecedented military force into the Persian gulf. The real purpose of the campaign is not to avert war per se, but rather to avert an independent Israeli action prior to the globalist move scripted to take place in June or later. The globalists are terrified of an independent Israeli action which could potentially also advance the Israeli stance in the post-war diplomatic maneuvers , much like the similar scenario during the 1991 gulf war and the subsequent Madrid convention, when the US imposed operational paralysis on the Israelis in face of Saddam’s bombardment on their cities, and thus managed to push them into the diplomatic corner in Madrid after the war, which initiated the earliest phase of NATO’s indirect invasion to Israeli territory via the Palestinian proxies.

(As a side note , any “alternative” writer who participates in this “March” Psyop should be considered a globalist controlled agent provocateur and expelled from the anti-globalist movement at once. It doesn’t matter what’s your stand on the Israeli \ Palestinian issue, nothing good can come out of globalist manufactured distractions like this one.)

Published and written by Essential Intelligence