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Australia Succumbs to Pressure from Globalists and Joins United Nations Security Council

Written by The Informed Aussie
Published on Friday, October 19th, 2012
Globalist Report

Globalists, Elite and Prime Minister Julia Gillard successfully won their bid for a seat on the United Nations Security Council

Who does Prime Minister Julia Gillard really report to?

GLOBALIST puppet, carbon tax lover and communist Julia Gillard has once again set Australia on the path to world government.

Today, Prime Minister Julia Gillard and her Globalist sponsors successfully won their bid for a seat on the United Nations Security Council.

At a reported cost of more than $24 million AUD, a heavy price has been paid for membership at an organisation that was established for the sole purpose of establishing World Government.

There is no doubt that the only reason why the Globalists granted Gillard’s wish to join the United Nations Security Council was so that Australia’s vote could be used to push:

IN a disgusting and shameful betrayal by third world countries that are impacted the most by the policies of the Globalist Agenda, Australia’s foreign minister was quoted as saying “African Nations and island nations from the pacific are the reason why we won our bid“.

The arrogance of the Australian Government is so compelling that Australia’s Foreign Minister even described the victory as “a big, juicy, decisive win, and it’s very, very sweet.’

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that Australia has successfully won a seat on the United Nations Security Council. Australia has held a seat on the United Nations Security Council four times, with the most recent being in 1986.

An image of the New World Order United Nations LogoSo who has the most to gain from Australia winning a seat on the United Nations Security Council?

Considering that Australia has very close ties to 60% of the United Nations Security Council permanent members, China, United Kingdom and the United States have all been gifted with a guaranteed vote to help push their own agenda’s

AUSTRALIA claims it will behave in an independent manner, Australia claims that it won’t succumb to the pressures imposed by the permanent members and Australia claims that it will represent the interests of the minorities who voted it in.

The truth is that Australia will only serve as an instrument of the global elite who control the United Nations Security Council.

So what does this mean for Australia?

  • This development means that the Australian Carbon Tax will now never be revoked.
  • It means that Australia will now participate in more wars
  • It means less funding will be available for essential services
  • It means that Australia will no longer be known as the land down-under, but rather as a war mongering puppet of America and China.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard and her Globalist sponsors may have gotten what they wanted this time, but I can assure you, the fight has only just begun.

  • roboman

    Is this satire?

  • roboman

    Is this satire?

  • conspiracyoz

    Awesome Article Andrew!

    • Tony Ryan

      By the way,fellas, this might sound anal and petty but please don’t let Woolworths run our language too… the word is ka-ching, emulating the sound of a pre-1960 cash register.

  • TruthM@tters

    Hi Andrew! Thank you for posting this article. Great to see someone putting the truth out there on subjects such as this. It would be nice to see more Australians doing the same.
    I’d just like to clarify one thing for readers though, Julia is actually a Fabian Socialist moreso than an outright Communist, as are all members of the Labor Party from its foundation. Fabian Socialism believes in doing things slowly and gradually (via reform) whereas Communists typically make changes via revolution. This is why you’ll frequently hear the Labor Party use the buzz word “reform”.
    But anyway, as for Australia getting a seat in the UNSC I was asking myself “what does this really all mean?”. I mean, (asked rhetorically) does Australia really need to have this seat to be part of the globalist agenda when they’re already conforming to it. I’ve read a couple of articles including this one and I think I can say that it all really boils down to Australia (or rather I should say our government) wanting to have its part in the global government itself, therefore have the power and authority to dictate rather than just be dictated to. You would think that the globalist elite would choose beforehand who they want on the council, as they’re in control, however what I believe we’ve witnessed here is Julia Gillard selling Australia’s soul to the devil so to speak. Australia is now even moreso in bed with the beast. It’s sad, sickening and outright disgusting. :(
    Thanks again! Keep up the good work!

  • Tony Ryan

    The entire point of Australia’s membership of the Security Council is to ensure a vote for Israel’s wars and against the sovereign rights of Iran and Syria. Gillard is an inaugural member of the Israel-Australia Leadership Forum and she is an Israeli asset. There can be no doubt she assured Israel of the support of Australian troops the same day she was appointed/annointed PM, despite a surveyed 84% of Australioans opposing Israel. Of course, any involvement by Australian troops will trigger civil war in this country so she must have a backup plan in this regard also. I wonder how many American and Israeli bribes were paid to our UN supporters.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for a great post. Sadly it is true, but then again Aust has been owned by the globalist since Federation – lock stock and barrel. People just don’t learn history.

  • chris from oz

    Great summary Andrew – nicely put.

    Although our elite are going hell for leather to get their despicable NWO over the line, the cracks are showing. This despicable “win” is nothing more than wallpapering the bathroom while the house is burning down. Also, Bobby Carr’s assertion that 24 million is a bargain for the seat doesn’t take into account the 2.9 BILLION the Aus govt has blown shmoozing nations that voted yes with “foreign aid” over the last few years. Arguably, that seat has cost the Aussie taxpayer a little over 3 Billion. Cha-CHING!!!!

    Keep up the great work mate:)

    • http://www.theglobalistreport.com/ Andrew Puhanic

      G’day Chris, thanks for the feedback :)

  • Andrew Puhanic

    I bet if you asked any one of the “sheeple” who lined up to vote at the last election, they probably would have only spent 5 seconds deciding who to vote for… Compulsory voting in Australia should be banned!

  • Wesker

    Its a Big Win for Alice A Bailey and The Papacy

  • John F Cook

    I expected it, they know they can rely on “us” to vote the way we are told to.