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European debt and the Anglosphere’s Chinese trap

Written by The Informed Aussie
Published on Tuesday, May 8th, 2012
Globalist Report

Can the Euro bloc survive the current stormThe currently developing trend in European politics of (self-proclaimed) anti-austerity politicians getting the upper electoral hand in both Greece and France (where Bilderberg stooge Hollande has just won, as we predicted three weeks ago in The French connection report) cannot save the imploding economy of the west which continues (and will continue) its manic-depressive roller coaster between ‘stimulus’(borrow-and-spend) and ‘austerity’(loot-the-people-to-pay-the-Banksters). 

When the first option is applied, foreign investors dump their bonds and threaten to collapse the economy. When the second is applied, street rioters and labor unions also threaten to shut down the economy with aggressive strikes and disruption of public order. (The Greek police has attempted to neutralize this factor by deploying the ‘Golden Dawn’ pseudo-Fascist patsy front, in order to radicalize the opposition and create a pretext for crackdown).

The only option left to politicians in such conditions is money printing which is (and will be) applied every time the stock market hangs by a thread and threatens to collapse in the September 2008 manner. There is no doubt that long-term commodity prices (most notably gold and silver) will quadruple in the coming years as a direct result of fiat money printing which is bound do gut major currencies like the dollar and the euro. As recently reported, Washington and Beijing appear to have agreed upon the long-term devaluation of the Dollar by raising the value of the Yuan, which will enable Washington to pay its huge debt with cheaper dollars.  It is evident that gold prices are being artificially suppressed until this move can be stabilized incrementally without creating inflationary panic in the markets that will send gold prices all the way to the roof. Therefore caution needs to be applied regarding the purchase of gold (either in physical form or as an ETF) in the near term, since a lower bottom might be coming ahead of the next leg up in the gold market, which should send it up to 5000$ an ounce.  

American Dollar and Chinese YuanNevertheless, the Wall street banking cartel would still like to maintain the Dollar’s hegemonic status until this process has taken its course, and therefore the danger of manipulative moves on the petroleum market (which is still pegged to the Dollar) still exists, as well as the more immediate danger of speculative attacks on the Euro, which is the only method to make the Dollar look better while the Yuan outperforms it under the public radar.

Germany has just quadrupled the size of its task-force for handling the Greek crisis and located it in Athens in an effort to contain the possibility of Greek default that will unleash the domino collapse of the European union right as the next phases of the sovereign debt crisis are about to erupt in the rest of the PIIGS countries.  

It seems like the near future will bring about a battle for hegemony over Europe between the Anglo-American and Franco-German oligarchies. 

Further Notes from the Author

We predicted the trending scheme of globalist transition from the Anglosphere to China back in our December 3rd report - Globalists & China : Geopolitical tandem - and now it seems to be unfolding behind the scenes. This is the key to understanding the apparent contradiction between the Pentagon’s aggressive policy of containment, destabilization and belligerence towards China and between Wall Street’s flux of western resources utilized for the buildup of the Chinese economy. As The North-Atlantic Sting continues to unfold, traditionally competing national empires like the US and Russia will be played against each other, until they have outlived their usefulness for the money powers who will then make China their new base of operation. This repeats the pattern of exhausting one base of operations from all of its available resources while using its manpower as an expendable pawns pool and then moving to the next base. The medieval Venetian oligarchy was Transplanted Into England once Venice became unmanageable, and the British empire itself metamorphosed into the American empire at the turn of the 20th century, and especially after the second world war once the UK has exhausted its colonial capacity.

First published on Essential Intelligence