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How the Globalist Agenda Divides Us All

Written by The Informed Aussie
Published on Saturday, September 8th, 2012
Globalist Report

Globalist Agenda BrainTHE Globalist Agenda divides us all by forcing everyone into a sphere that is defined by cultural, political and socio-economic norms.

Every day, people make choices about which allegiance to follow based on a misconception that in order to be classified as normal, one must associate themself as part of a group or clan.

On a daily basis we are forced to pick sides, collaborate and identify ourselves within a group.

The notion and ideology of the individualistic free thinking person in reality is not possible because the globalist agenda forces upon us the idea that if you are not part of us, you must be against us.

Our political system, social circles and other important environments such as the workplace are all driven by the idea that in order to remain together, we must unanimously share the same thoughts, feelings and opinions.

This is exactly what the globalist agenda is trying to achieve and how the Globalist Agenda divides us.

It is virtually impossible to associate yourself with a group or social circle without completely submitting yourself to the principles and norms that the group identifies itself with.

Therefore, for many people, it is impossible to live a life that is free from influence and prejudice that our social circles force upon us because they are forced to succumb to the rules of the groups they associate themselves with.

When people are forced and influenced to succumb to the rules of the groups that they associate themselves with, the concept of free thinking can no longer exist.

How is it possible for an individual in our society, especially in Western societies, to break free from the manipulation and pressure of the groups and social circles they belong to?

Think about it, what would be the reaction from your work colleagues if you said to them that the direction of the world we live in is heavily influenced by a small minority of bankers, globalists and hereditary land owning families?

Certainly, the response from your work colleagues would be to outcast you as a conspiracy theorist.

However, all you have done is expressed an opinion, and nothing more. Your opinion was based on the truth you believe, yet even though your opinion had nothing to with your everyday existence at work, your colleagues are so entrenched in the social norms of the group that even an opinion that has nothing to do with them personally, is rejected within the group.

The example above demonstrates the difficulty that everyone faces and how the globalist agenda to conquer and divide us all is succeeding.

Let’s consider the dynamics of the upcoming US presidential election. Americans are being forced to pick a side on the belief that both options will provide a solution to their economic woes.

Examples of how the Globalist Agenda divides us

This is how the Globalist Agenda divides us

The reality is that the only two options Americans are forced to pick, have almost identical policies, except on a handful of key issues. Ultimately, once the public has made a choice, nothing will change except the fact that the country has been divided into two segments, resulting in a society that has positioned its citizens into a corner that is almost unescapable.

The news is not all bad.

There is a growing minority who don’t identify themselves with the groups described above to the extent that ordinary people do.

However, they face an uphill battle because the pressure applied by the media and governments at present is far too strong.

To break yourself free from the globalist agenda of divide and conquer, you have to position yourself into a mindset that the groups you belong to only represent a very small portion of the reality of the world we live in.

Once you open your mind to the fact that the social norms you are born into are not necessarily true and once you take the time to holistically question how the fabric of your society has been constructed, then you can you begin to break yourself free from the globalist agenda.

FROM birth, we are forced to accept what we are told, we are told how to behave and we are pressured to conform to the norm. This is exactly what the globalists seek and how the globalist agenda divides us all.

For many, change is hard to accept. But once you cross that line and open your mind to the realities of our amazing world, change becomes the norm.

WHEN you accept change as the norm, your mind opens and separation from the social and political norms we are born into becomes easier.