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Facts About The Fluoridation of Your Drinking Water That Will Shock You

Written by The Informed Aussie
Published on Tuesday, October 16th, 2012
Globalist Report

The systematic poisoning and medication of our water supplies with Fluoride has led to increased rates of cancer worldwide.

If your government is about to add fluoride to your drinking water, or has already added fluoride to your drinking water, then these facts about the fluoridation of drinking water will change your perspective. 

It’s time to end the mass medication of our water supplies!

In 1939, the first public proposal that the US should fluoridate its water supplies was made, not by a doctor, or dentist, but by an industry scientist working for a company threatened by fluoride damage claims Griffiths, J. (1998, Fluoride: Industry’s toxic coup. Earth Island Journal, 13, 38-40
In Berhait block of Sahibganj district of Jharkhand State, the ground water used for drinking and cooking by a large number of villagers contains fluoride ranging from 0.116 mg/L to 29 mg/L. As a result, 157 out of 600 persons showed clinical features of fluorosis, including 85 cases of dental fluorosis in children Nayak, B et al. Health effects of groundwater fluoride contamination. School of Environmental Studies, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India. April 2009, Vol. 47, No. 4 , Pages 292-295
In 1933, the world’s first major air pollution disaster struck Belgium’s Meuse Valley. Several thousand people became violently ill and 60 died. Kaj Roholm, the world’s leading authority on fluoride hazards, placed the blame on airborne fluoride emissions. Griffiths, J. (1998, Fluoride: Industry’s toxic coup. Earth Island Journal, 13, 38-40
A scientific study, conducted in Belgium, discovered that excessive use of fluoride products could cause poisoning, damage the nervous system and foster the brittle bone condition, osteoporosis OLIVER, J. (2002, Aug 11). ‘Fluoride is poisoning ulster’s children’ ; new study proves danger says activist. The People
Fluoride, which is deposited in mineralizing new bone more easily than existing bone, distorts the natural regeneration of the bone. As fluoride accumulates, the bones become thickened and develop outgrowths. Tendons and ligaments may then be affected and nerves may become trapped and damaged. Woffinden, B. (1998, A clear and present danger. Earth Island Journal, 13, 3-S6
The highly respected Chemical and Engineering News, published by the American Chemical Society, ran an investigative report on fluoridation of water. After months of investigation of both sides (supporters), it reported the suppression of evidence of adverse effects of fluoridation and fluoride. The report cited studies on dental fluorosis (mottled teeth), skeletal fluorisis, kidney disease, hypersensitivity reactions, birth defects and cancer. The report stated that “the recommended level of artificial fluoridation, about one part per million, leaves little margin of safety to potentially more susceptible elements of the population.” Evelyn Hannan. Merrick. (1989, May 22). Dangers of fluoride. Newsday
Fluorine is the 13th most abundant element in earth’s crust Bhupinder Singh, Shalini Gaur, V.K. Garg. Fluoride in drinking water and human urine in Southern Haryana, India. Journal of Hazardous Materials. Volume 144, Issues 1–2, 1 June 2007, Pages 147–151
Autopsies performed at Melbourne University on 49 kangaroos culled from around the Alcoa aluminium plant in Victoria found all but one were suffering from fluorosis, which leads to excessive bone growths, or lesions, on joints in the paws, ankles and calves. The fluoride can also cause tooth and jaw deformities that hinder eating and foraging Hubbard evidence points to dangers of fluoride. (2012, Apr 09). Bay of Plenty Times
In India, the most common cause of crippling skeletal fluorosis is fluoride-laden water derived from deep borewells and according to surveys in India and China the disease occurs when the fluoride concentration in water exceeds 1ppm Hubbard evidence points to dangers of fluoride. (2012, Apr 09). Bay of Plenty Times
A study, completed in 1989, found “equivocal evidence” that fluoride caused bone cancer in male rats Griffiths, J. (1998, Fluoride: Industry’s toxic coup. Earth Island Journal, 13, 38-40
What is Dental Fluorosis? Clinical dental fluorosis is characterised by staining and pitting of the teeth. In severe cases, all the enamel may be damaged. In skeletal fluorosis, fluoride accumulates in the bone, progressively, over many years, leading to stiffness and pain in the joints. In severe cases, it can cause changes to bone structure, calcification of ligaments, and crippling effects. Dangers of excessive fluoride. (2006). Irish Medical Times, 40(49), 27-27
Average test scores between children who are exposed to high levels of fluoridated water had a statistically significant lower level of intelligence as compared to those children who are exposed to low levels of fluoride. Puhanic, Andrew. “New Study Proves Children Exposed to High Levels of Fluoride Have Reduced Intelligence.” Globalist Report. N.p., n.d. Web. 16 Oct. 2012.
A review of 11 studies involving more than 7,000 children showed that the effect of fluoride supplements on primary teeth could not be determined, with one study showing no cavity-reducing effect Puhanic, Andrew. “New Major Study Reveals That Adding Fluoride To Water Has No Benefits and Major Safety Issues.” Globalist Report. N.p., n.d. Web. 16 Oct. 2012.
A 1971 National Park Service study of the area downwind of an Anaconda aluminum company smelter and a phosphate plant found excessive elevations of fluoride in pines, firs, grasses, shrubs, herbs and hay. Honey bees had the highest fluoride levels among insects. Wildlife, from birds and ground squirrels to larger mammal predators, had fluoride levels that reached as high as 13,333 parts per million (ppm). Smith, G. (1998, Why fluoride is an environmental issue. Earth Island Journal, 13, 1-S2
Fluoride is also known to attack the immune system, an effect confirmed by researchers during a court hearing in Scotland in 1981 Whitlock, R. (1999, Water fluoridation: The truth they don’t want you to know. The Ecologist, 29, 39-41

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    Thanks for this article. There is another very good source, the US National Resource Council 2006 review on water fluoridation, by far the most comprehensive and authoritative review to date.