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Puppet Master United States Signs Weapons Treaty With Its Servant Australia

Written by The Informed Aussie
Published on Tuesday, October 30th, 2012
Globalist Report

Australia and the United States War FlagsTHE United States and Its obedient puppet Australia are about to finalize a trade agreement that allows both puppet master and servant to trade weapons between themselves.

The Defense Trade Controls Bill, signed in haste by the Australian Senate in preparation for a visit by US Globalist Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, has been passed by the Australian Senate to allow Australia to buy and sell weapons from the United States.

The Defense Trade Controls Bill 2011 implements a treaty Australia signed with the United States in 2007.

Written In partnership with the United States, the Bill also allows Australia to ship weapons to Australian Soldiers to wars and conflict zones more expediently.

Both the Liberal and Greens Parties have argued that the bill was signed without proper consideration. Australian Greens senator Scott Ludlam told parliament his party was opposed to the bill as it facilitated weapons trade.

Liberal Party senator, Ian McDonald, urged the government to not pass the bill and to reconsider what harm this treaty could cause to the Australian defense industry.

Senator McDonald was quoted as saying ”rushing it (the bill) through without proper consideration could cause “irreparable harm” to Australia’s research departments and defense industries. He then went onto say “This is just symptomatic, emblematic of what this government is all about”.

China vs United States Military Power Comparison in AsiaSo why would Australia sign such an agreement? The fact is that more than half of Australian defense weapons are bought from the United States. Considering that Australia has blindly followed the United States into both the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, it was inevitable that these two Globalist backed war-mongering nations would eventually form such a partnership.

Foreign relations between Australia and it’s largest trading partner China will ultimately be impacted by this treaty. China is currently Australia’s largest trading partner. In 2012, exports to China totaled 27.3 % of Australia’s total exports and 18.6% of all imports to Australia (Source: Austrade).

If Australia doesn’t take-care in maintaining its relationship with China and other developing countries in Asia, then it could be compromising its economic and political position within Asia.

Also, relations with trade partner and closest neighbor Indonesia, could also be impacted by this treaty. Indonesia has a population of 242,325,638 million people and is the world’s most populous Muslim country, making it Australia number one priority when it comes to South-East Asian affairs.

THE Defense Trade Controls Bill proves yet again that the once lucky country has not considered it’s own interests, but rather the interests of the Globalist power brokers of the United States.

  • Jean Barnes

    I read someplace recently that Australian citizens had their gun rights taken away from them. Is this true? I know they are trying very hard to get guns away from Americans. The United Nations along with globalist elites are working with Islam, Communists, etc. to take down the U.S. which is the last step in securing a one world government under the United Nations. This election here in the U.S. is the most important one ever because it is a fight for our life. We must defeat Obama and restore our Constitution which hasn’t been followed for the last 50+ years. President Regan saw what was happening and tried to turn things around but in his later years in office, Alzheimer took the best of him. The Bush’s, Clinton and now Obama have implemented what we see now.

    • Andrew Puhanic

      Hi Jean, yes, you are correct.

      In 1996, the Australian government conducted a gun Buyback scheme. The 1996 Buyback scheme took 600,000 firearms, including all semi-automatic rifles including .22 rimfires, semi-automatic shotguns and pump-action shotguns.

      In Australia, it can be very difficult to purchase firearms.

      Before someone can buy a firearm, he or she must obtain a Permit To Acquire. The first permit has a mandatory 28-day delay before it is first issued. In some states (e.g., Queensland, Victoria, and New South Wales), this is waived for second and subsequent firearms of the same class. For each firearm a “Genuine Reason” must be given, relating to pest control, hunting, target shooting, or collecting.

      Self-defence is not accepted as a reason for issuing a license, even though it may be legal under certain circumstances to use a legally held firearm for self-defence.