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Council on Foreign Relations Reveals How World Government Can Be Achieved in 2013

Written by The Informed Aussie
Published on Friday, December 28th, 2012
Globalist Report

Council on Foreign Relations CFR LogoThe Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), an organisation established in 1921 by the global elite, has publicized what it believes to be the challenges that need to be overcome to establish World Government in 2013.

In summary, the Council on Foreign Relations has sought the opinion of four Globalists from around the world on what are the greatest challenges the world faces that would prevent the formation of World Government in 2013.

  • Richard N. Haass –  President, Council on Foreign Relations (2012). Bilderberg Group (2005)
  • Yang Jiemian – Trilateral Commision Member (2010)
  • Igor Yurgens – Chairman of the Management Board, Institute of Contemporary Development, Russian Federation (2012)
  • Michael Fullilove – Executive Director of the Lowy Institute for International Policy (2012)

Astonishingly, these Globalists claim that the emergence of World Government will not occur if the following 7 ‘challenges’ are not overcome 2013.

1) The world needs to establish shared responsibility for the most intractable problems of our post-unipolar world. Therefore, for World Government to become a reality, China needs to play a greater role as a global power.

2) To implement World Government, it is essential to strengthen organisations like the United Nations, World Trade Organisation, International Monetary Fund and the G20.

Danges of New World Order3) Major powers need to begin engaging less prominent countries so that both major and minor players in the global political landscape can further the “networked governance” principle. Essentially, the key to World Government in 2013 is for all countries to enter into new mindsets and functioning mechanisms.

4) Globally, trade needs to be more regulated. In 2013, government subsidies should be tackled at the global level as opposed to regional or bilateral level.

5) The World needs to begin harnessing regional efforts into common action on a global level. Discouraged by the stalemate of global governance building, many countries and regions are now turning to regional and sub-regional integration, which explains why we are seeing more regional and sub-regional free-trade agreements.

If such a trend cannot be reversed in a timely fashion, then there will be no World Government in its real sense.

An image of the New World Order United Nations Logo6) The Internet needs to be more regulated. It is believed that governments should start ‘maintaining’ the free flow of information on the internet to limit the amount of cyber-aggression.

7) The deterioration of the political landscape in the Middle East has challenged the principles of World Government. Also, the inability of the international community to cope with this region’s challenges threaten to also undermine the establishment of a World Government.

These blueprints published by the Council on Foreign Relations for the establishment of World Government come at a time when the world’s political leaders are beginning to warm to the idea of a World Government.

Recently, the President of the European Council revealed a desire for the European Union and Russia to contribute to the development of World Government.

Herman Van Rompuy was quoted at the 30th EU-Russia Summit as saying:

By working together, the EU and Russia can make a decisive contribution to global governance and regional conflict resolution, to global economic governance in the G 8 and G20, and to a broad range of international and regional issues.

The push for World Government by institutions like the Council on Foreign Relations, the European Union and the Vatican are worrying signs that what the world has feared for many years might come to fruition in 2013.

  • Ooden

    Hopefully …some of these Videos and Documentary links will explain the ever engulfing juggernaut — CFR; NWO… Bilderberg, Illuminati, etc. (chiefly though; ….the CFR is the focus, ….though others get mentioned since the cabal are affiliated together…. in more than one way… They each have multi-functions and yet, separate functions too, ….that serves ultimately, ….to achieve, and conclude agendas ….thus culminating into the Cabal’s Goal of —One World Governance.)


    Video 1:
    Video-Topic & Title:
    (Summary copied from Website)

    “Council on Foreign Relations – The Power Behind Big News……”

    ~Start of Summary~
    The CFR is an organization sister to the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Britain), both founded in 1921 right after World War I when the League of Nations idea failed. The sole purpose of such organizations is to condition the public to accept a Global Governance which today is the United Nations, [...among others ~Ooden.] This is the true face of the so-called Globalists, and Centralized Power is what they are really after.

    From 1989 to 1993, during the administration of Skull & Bones [...a wealthy and powerful Secret Society cabal ~Ooden] …George H.W. Bush, with the exception of Vice President Dan “Zombie” Quayle, his pal Secretary of State James A. Baker III, and Health Human Services Secretary Louis W. Sullivan, ALL Cabinet members were of the ultra-secretive CFR.

    From 1993 to 2000, in the Bill “Wacco” Clinton administration, with the exception of Secretary of Defense William Perry, ALL Cabinet members were of the CFR.

    From 2001 to 2009, in the dreaded George W. Bush administration, ALL CABINET MEMBERS were CFR operatives:
    Vice President Dick Cheney
    Sec. of State Collin Powell (2001-2005)
    Sec. of State Condoleeza Rice (2005-2006)
    Sec. of Defense Donald Rumsfeld (2001-2006)
    Sec. of Defense Robert Gates (2006-2009)
    Sec. of Labor Elaine Chao (2001-2009)
    EPA Administrator Christine Todd Whitman

    From 2009 on, in the Barack “Disco Dancer” Obama administration, we see the following:
    Sec. of State Hillary “Psycho” Clinton – Bilderberg Group (a step up from, but just as bad as the CFR)
    Sec. of Defense Robert Gates – CFR
    Sec. of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano – CFR
    Sec. of Commerce Bill Richardson – CFR
    UN Ambassador Susan Rice – CFR
    National Security Advisor James Jones – CFR
    Sec. of Treasury Timothy Geithner – CFR
    Director of National Economic Council L.H.Summers – CFR
    Economic Advisor Paul Volcker – CFR

    This is a video on NEWS FABRiCATiON and also about the powers that REALLY run the big media.
    A closer look at what the CFR is all about.
    ~End of Summary Here~

    YouTube Video 1 @—>>
    (Documentary Approx. 50 min)
    (Short Documentary Approx. 8-12 min)
    (Approx. 12-16 min)
    (Approx. 12 min)
    (Approx. 132 min)

    Qld. Aust.