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Australian Carbon Tax is the Biggest Scam Since the Introduction of Fractional Reserve Banking

Written by The Informed Aussie
Published on Saturday, July 7th, 2012
Globalist Report

debating the carbon tax source Bill LeakNot even after one week of paying the Australian government carbon tax, Australian businesses have already begun to suffer. Reports are beginning to emerge from small to medium businesses that the cost of doing business in Australia has escalated to the point where it’s becoming no longer viable to trade and provide essential services due to the carbon tax.

A power station on the New South Wales central coast has blamed the carbon tax for shutting down. The NSW Government owned Delta Electricity has decided to shut down the power station permanently just days after the introduction of the carbon tax.

The Munmorah power station has been on the radar of the green lobbyists to have it shut down for many years. The CEO was quoted as saying that “the carbon tax was the final mitigating factor that forced the closure of the power station”. When asked if the power station would remain open if the Australian government carbon tax wasn’t introduced, the CEO was quoted as saying “Yes, the power station would have remained open”.

What frustrates us Aussies the most about this globalist backed carbon tax, is the fact that it will not only dampen the economic prosperity of Australia, but it will have virtually no effect on climate change and global warming (that’s if its real?).

If you are still not convinced that the Australian government carbon tax will have no effect on global warming and climate change, then I encourage you to read an article written by Greg Sheridan from the Australian. Mr Sheridan, I believe, successfully argues that the primary reason why the Australian Government has been ineffective in convincing the Australian public that the carbon tax is a good idea is because its overall agenda is dishonest. I encourage you to read the article and would like to hear your thoughts? To read the article, click here.

Therefore, as Mr Sheridan proposes, are carbon taxes (especially the Australian government carbon tax) designed to not to lower greenhouse gas emissions and offset the effects of climate change, but to make them increase more slowly?

Considering that China and India will continue to build coal-fired power plants to feed the power demands of their citizens, governments who force its citizens to pay carbon taxes are arguably engaging in one of the biggest scams the world has ever seen.

In opinion, climate change and the concept of paying carbon taxes to alleviate climate change is the biggest scam since the introduction of fractional reserve banking.

Do you agree?