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Gillard Carbon Tax is Hurting Families

Written by The Informed Aussie
Published on Sunday, June 17th, 2012
Globalist Report

Will the Gillard Carbon Tax push up electricity pricesOn July 1 2012, the Gillard Carbon Tax that is supposed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions will begin.

The truth of the matter is that it will not reduce carbon dioxide emissions and the supposed effects of global warming. In fact, all the Gillard carbon tax will do is further disadvantage Australian families, Australian businesses and the entire Australian economy.

With less than three weeks before the the begins, there are disturbing reports emerging that the cost of living for ordinary Australians and the cost of doing business in Australia is rising.

Considering the fact that Australia only emits 1.5% of the world’s carbon emissions and that it only has a population of just under 23 million people, the globalists have placed Australia into a position by which its thriving economy may never recover from.

Australian Carbon Tax Facts

As the clock ticks and the Australian Carbon Tax becomes a reality, the effects of the Gillard carbon tax will be difficult to ignore:

  • In the State of New South Wales, electricity prices are about to rise by an average of 18%. The regulator who is in charge of regulating electricity prices in New South Wales has admitted that half of the 18% price rise is because of the Carbon Tax. This increase in electricity prices will equate to a $555 a year increase on last year’s electricity prices.
  • The owner of six McDonald’s outlets in Sydney has estimated that the Carbon Tax will add hundreds and thousands of dollars to his operating costs. Also, an engineering firm based in Melbourne has estimated that the carbon tax will add $70,000 (25%) to its energy bill.
  • A wool producer in Adelaide has cut 10 jobs in the past month and restructured his business ahead of the introduction of a Carbon Tax because of the anticipated increase in costs.
  • The Gillard carbon tax won’t reduce carbon dioxide emissions, but will increase the price of electricity, it will also increase the cost of healthcare. In Sydney, it is anticipated that the average increase in annual costs to Sydney hospitals will be $120,000 because of the Carbon Tax
  • In New South Wales, the average cost of rent in government subsidised rental properties will increase by $1.50 per week as a direct result of the carbon tax. Most of the 300,000 New South Wales residents who are living in government subsidised housing are on or below the poverty line. The Housing Minister for New South Wales, Pru Goward, has been quoted as saying “the cost associated with the Carbon Tax will increase the cost of every nail and every drop of paint that is used to build government subsidised houses”. The Minister then went on to say that if she doesn’t increase the cost of rent, then the government will be forced to reduce the number of houses available. I think it’s fair to say that having people live in fewer houses won’t reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
  • In Brisbane, it is anticipated that council rates will jump by an estimated 1.9% in 2012/13 because of the carbon tax
  • In Western Australia, its largest retailer of energy has admitted that the Australian Carbon Tax will increase the cost of electricity by up to 9.1%.
  • The Centre for International economics has estimated that building and construction costs in Australia will increase to 1.42%.
  • The cost of servicing a car’s air-conditioning unit will increase as a direct result of the Carbon Tax. It has been reported that the cost to service and manage a car’s air-conditioning unit will jump by between $18 and $24.

Australias carbon tax will not affect global warmingAustralian Government Attacks Opponents of the Carbon Tax

The Australian government is now on the offensive and is doing everything in its power to reduce and manipulate negative reporting about the Australian Carbon Tax. Recently, the Australian Communications and Media Authority found that a Sydney morning breakfast radio host (Alan Jones) breached the commercial radio code of practice by claiming that ‘human beings produce 0.001% of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere’. Although this statement may not necessarily be true, the Australian Communications and Media Authority found that there was no reason to pursue the radio host on his slanderous statements against the Prime Minister in which he said “the Prime Minister Julia Gillard should be put in a chaff bag and thrown out to sea”, but rather that the comments made by the radio host about the carbon tax where more serious and deserved punishment.

Considering that Australia is in the middle of an electoral cycle and the Gillard carbon tax would have been in effect for at least one and a half years until the next election, there is still a chance that the Australian Carbon Tax can be revoked.

The leader of the opposition, Tony Abbott, has been quoted in reference to the Carbon Tax saying “what parliament has done, parliament can undo” and “getting rid of the Carbon Tax is as simple as getting legislation through the Parliament”. When questioned about the resistance he would receive from the opposition if he repeal’s the tax, he said that “the constitution provides for a double dissolution precisely to accommodate a situation where a recalcitrant Senate is frustrating the mandate of the elected government”.

Unfortunately, the option of using a double dissolution now to stop the introduction of a Carbon Tax is not possible at the present moment because the Senate in Australia is controlled by the Greens Party (who support the globalist Carbon Tax) and not the opposition party (Liberal Party). Please note, the author of this article does not support any political party in Australia, but is making reference to the fact that the Liberal party in Australia are the only ones who are willing to revoke this dreadful globalist Carbon Tax.

At the end of the day most Australians do not want a Carbon Tax and would prefer if the Australian Federal government would reverse its decision to introduce a Carbon Tax. The Gillard carbon tax won’t reduce carbon dioxide emissions and will harm the Australian economy and hinder the opportunities and dreams of all Australians for many years to come.