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Are the Globalists Using the BRICS Bloc to Establish Global Government?

Written by The Informed Aussie
Published on Wednesday, April 18th, 2012
Globalist Report

Brics summit in New Delhi March 2012The Globalists have been actively seeking to devalue the US Dollar so that they can progressively introduce global government. Traditionally, the US Dollar has been regarded as the world’s currency and has been used as the primary currency for trade between most western and non-western countries. Although this has been true for the last 50 years, the emergence of other more powerful currencies and countries has now seen the fall of the US Dollar and the rise of the BRICS bloc.

An alternative global reserve currency is what the Globalists are seeking and is what the Globalists need to begin the introduction of global government and the new world order. The Globalists have been actively encouraging the new ‘emerging’ nations to cease using the US Dollar as their primary currency and instead have been pushing for the South Africa’s rand, Brazil’s real, China’s Renminbi, Russia’s rouble and India’s rupee as the five major currencies of global trade.

Speculation has been mounting over the last two years that the Globalists have been pushing towards the new world order via the elevation of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. The Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa bloc (also known as BRICS) is arguably now the world’s most influential group of countries. At present, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa represent 41 per cent of the global population and more than one-quarter of global GDP.

As well as representing more than a quarter of global GDP, the BRICS bloc also holds more than half of all foreign exchange and gold reserves. Since its inception, the bloc has pushed for the establishment of a development institution to rival the World Bank.

The Globalists established the BRICS bloc and are now using the BRICS bloc to further advance the Globalist Agenda. The term BRICS was created by the Globalist Jim O’Neill at Goldman Sachs. Jim O’Neill is the Chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management of which miraculously sold its stake in BP just days before the massive oil spill in the gulf coast. The Globalists and Goldman Sachs Globalist Jim O’Neill envisaged that by shifting world influence, and power, away from the United States of America that they would more easily define global economic terms to establish global government and the new world order.

It was reported that the first meeting of the Globalist backed BRICS bloc was in 2009, following the global economic downturn (that was orchestrated by the Globalists themselves). After the Globalist inspired global financial crisis was over, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa began to absorb the once untouchable political influence of the United States.

The influence and power of the Globalist backed BRICS bloc cannot be under-estimated. The BRICS emerging economies have now been reported as joining together to back a single Globalist candidate to lead the World Bank. Traditionally, the United States have been the largest interest group in the Globalist funded World Bank. However, there appears to have been a shift in the Globalist plans as Brazil’s finance minister was quoted as saying “”We will take a position together with the BRICS, making a common choice”.

globalist backed brics bloc global parliament new world orderSo are the Globalists are using the BRICS bloc to establish global government and the new world order? The answer to that question could be yes, however there is not enough information available to be able to easily draw to that conclusion. One possible reason why the Globalists may introduce the new world order through the BRICS bloc could be because of the fact that by 2050 the combined value of the real, rouble, rupee, renminbi and rand (or R5) is expected to eclipse that of the richest countries today.

Another reason why we should speculate that the Globalists are introducing the new world order through the BRICS bloc could be from the discussions of the next BRICS bloc meeting of which have been confirmed on record as “BRICS Partnership for Global Stability, Security and Prosperity”.

The third reason why the Globalists may be using the BRICS bloc to establish the new world order is because of the fact the all of the countries that form the BRICS bloc are unstable, lack fair and transparent democratic process and could easily be taken over by the Globalists.

The final reason why the Globalists may be using the BRICS bloc to establish the new world order is from the decision (by the Globalists) to link markets and establish financial integration of the BRICS economies from 230 billion, which is projected to increase to $500 billion in 2015, through extending credit in local currencies and benchmark equity index derivatives (derivatives that were created by the Globalists themselves) that will allow investments without currency risks while cross-linking the stock exchanges. By eliminating the intermediate step of converting to and from the dollar, the Globalist backed BRICS bloc effectively reduce their reliance on the US Dollar, further advance the upcoming crash of the American Dollar (and economy) and hand over control of all fiat currency and gold to the Globalists.

Globalist Backed BRICS bloc 2011 Economic Summary

So how well is Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa performing? There is no doubt that China will become the next super power, however the combined growth of all of the BRICS bloc members means that there must be cause for concern because if the Globalists convince and take over as leaders of the BRICS bloc, then effectively , they will have access to most of the world’s natural resources, gold reserves and the power to influence all other nations to form global government, global parliament and the new world order.

global bloc growth rate over G3BRAZIL: A growing population, rising Incomes and a wealth of natural resources are all hallmarks of emerging economies, but among the BRICs, only Brazil can boast all three. The past year saw more offshore oil discoveries and preparations start for the 2014 World Cup of soccer and the 2016 Olympics. GDP growth slowed to about half the breakneck 7.5% pace of 2010- still double the OECD average.

INDIA: With 1.2 billion people, median age 25, India’s advantage is its human resources. Getting ahead is hard for many when inflation’s running at 8%, but GDP growth is equally brisk. While economists debate whether India will surpass Japan as the world’s third-largest economy in 2012 or whether it’s already happened, Mumbai-based Tata Group recently became the largest industrial employer in the U.K. Think about the irony.

RUSSIA: The country’s rapid growth, interrupted in 2008, resumed, largely as a result of strong demand for oil and gas, of which it is a top exporter.

CHINA: China’s decision to participate in the Greek bailout illustrated how the tables have turned in world affairs. (Puzzlingly, It continues to receive developmental aid from Canada and the U.S., a nation it will surpass in GDP as soon as 2016.) There are signs of a slowdown in China’s runaway property market, but that was in part orchestrated by central planners. Even at a reduced growth rate of 9%, the country remains the driver of the world economy.

The world now needs to watch how the Globalists will use the BRICS bloc as a catalyst for the introduction of global government, global parliament and the new world order. If the Globalists don’t continue to use the members of the BRICS bloc, then they may refocus their attention on the euro zone.

China as an individual state will probably surpass the United States as the world’s next superpower over the next 5 years. This may present as an opportunity for the Globalist to assimilate into the political circles of China. Only time will tell of the Globalists will do such a thing.

  • Kurt Tucholsky

    This article shows how little the author seems to understand, or care to notice. Putin repeats each year his ‘Anti-Globalist Agenda’ by pointing out that his plan for the future is a “MULTI POLAR WORLD”, you can’t talk more Anti NEW WORLD ORDER than that…don’t fool yourself.

    • http://www.theglobalistreport.com/ Andrew @ The Globalist Report

      I have to disagree with your statements, especially your inference that Putin is anti-globalist. Putin is regarded internationally as one of the most influential Globalists. The reason why I draw that conclusion is from the fact that Putin is seeking to establish a new world order via the BRICS bloc. Putin’s desire to shift global power and control from America to Russia and to then centralize the global decision making to a handful of people is exactly what the New World Order stands for. The Globalists seek to centralize global economic and political decisions to establish a New World Order and this is exactly what Putin is seeking. Weather Putin is seeking to create global government or Obama is, in my eyes, the outcome would be the same.

      This article focuses on how the Globalists are using the BRICS bloc to establish global government and is not a direct attack on Putin.

      I think It might be a good time to analyse what Putin is seeking from the BRICS block and how he is working with the Globalists. Stay tuned, I’ll post something over the next few weeks.