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Australian Government Now Spies on Its Citizens More than the US Government Does

Written by The Informed Aussie
Published on Sunday, September 30th, 2012
Globalist Report

Australians are now spied on more than anywhere else in the western worldThe Australian Government has now been labelled as the most intrusive government in the western world.

It has been revealed that on a per-capita basis, the Australian government spies of its citizens more than any other western government.

In 2010-2011, more than 3,400 Australians had been spied on by more than 17 government law enforcement agencies. This includes state and federal police agencies, the Australian Tax Office (ATO) and Medicare.

The shocking truth is that these government agencies can access telephone and Internet data records without a warrant from a judge.

On a per capita basis, the Australian government is more than 18 times likely to intercept telephone calls than the United States government (Source: Sydney Morning Herald).

Even more disturbing, these government agencies accessed telephone and Internet data records an astonishingly 250,000 times without even recording why and when these intercepts had taken place.

A representative of the Australian Federal Police, Assistant Commissioner Neil Gaughan, claimed on Australian national television that this alarming level of spying is ok because:

  • There is more accountability in Australia then in the United States of America.
  • The Australian Federal Police has better relationships with Australian telecommunication companies.
  • Australian telecommunication companies allow government agencies more access to personal data.
  • People are only spied on when the matter is considered serious.

What Neil Gaughan failed to mention was that the power to grant warrants was taken away from judges and given to the administrative appeals tribunal, making it easier to obtain warrants.

In reply to Neil Gaughan, Cameron Murphy from the NSW Council of Civil Liberties was quoted as saying:

Only fifteen warrants to intercept telephone and internet data records were ordered by Judges in 2011

This therefore means that the remaining 3,473 warrants issued to spy on Australians had been issued by members of the administrative appeals tribunal, an unethical organisation that is composed of private citizens who are appointed by the government.

Cameron Murphy from the NSW Council of Civil Liberties also made a valid observation that:

Police, and other law enforcement agencies can (at any time) retrieve the data they have gathered to work out where you have been, where you have made a call from and who you have called

To highlight how far down the rabbit hole the Australian Government has fallen, the latest annual report from ASIO (Australian Security Intelligence Organisation) highlighted that it completed more than 2,900 intelligence reports, 575 reports on threats from the Arab spring, G20 Summit in Korea and Commonwealth Games in New Delhi and various reports on the implication of Osama Bin Laden’s death for Australia.

Considering Australia’s population is only around 22 million, why is there such a blatant need to invade the privacy of ordinary Australians on such a grand scale?

The high probability that law-abiding Aussies are being spied on is no surprise. Since 2005, the workforce of ASIO has increased by a whopping 62%.

Even more disturbing than the number of telephone intercepts in Australia and the size of ASIO is the fact that Australia’s law enforcement agencies claim that someone committing an act of terrorism could be someone who “destroy(s) trust and to spread(s) fear and paranoia”.

How many Alternative News Blogger’s fall into this category? Who knows, maybe the Globalist Report is being monitored by ASIO.

Unfortunately, how this data has been abused and how this data has been used will only be known in 20 years, as this is the prescribed period an organisation like ASIO can keep secret their illegal activities.

Therefore, if the Australian Government has the willingness to commit such violations, then how much more willing must organisations like the United Nations be to limit the right to privacy of everyone else?

  • medicare

    When the matter is considered serious.Is government spies on citizens of Australia rather than compared to USA.

  • TruthM@tters

    LOL … it always makes me laugh when I hear about governments spying on its citizens. If the general public, the masses, were really concerned about being spied on then they’d close down their Facebook and Twitter accounts, stop sending emails and stop messaging.
    People dont realise that the best way to get people to give up their personal information, daily activities etc etc etc is to come up with a socially popular way for people to give it up ever so willingly. This is what Facebook and Twitter have achieved. Facebook was started by Darpa/Information Awareness Office, not Mark Zuckerburg. He is just the innocent looking front man who was handed the project. I mean who would ever dare question that guy as having evil intentions of spying on the masses on a global scale? Right?! Siri also originated from Darpa, was taken over by Siri Inc. then purchased by Apple. The reason I’m bringing this up is because whatever you say to Siri gets stored on Apple’s servers!! Along with a lot of personal info from your iDevice (phone book etc). Another deceptive way to get people to freely and willingly give up (not care about) their personal info.
    Then of course you have emails, messaging and TXTing. They can track it all. They even know where we shop and what products we like to buy. But “they” are not just our government but all the globalist organisations out there.

    So ‘intercepting phone calls’ is really a very old and limited means of spying.
    From the moment we all start(ed) using the internet we’re being tracked.
    They dont call the world wide web the world wide ‘web’ for nothing. Spiders create webs…. we’re all now caught up in that web. And like an insect caught in a web, how easy is it for someone to escape from it or rather disconnect themselves from the web. It’s not! It is now so well integrated into every aspect of our lives.

    But anyway, under the new world order no one will have any privacy. Everyone will have to give up their rights unless you want to be considered a terrorist.
    The war on terror = the war on peace, privacy and freedom.

  • Billy Shakespeare

    It would be interesting if people discovered that digital tv also broadcasts both way, that phones are 24 hour listening devices (and in most cases, viewing and tracking as well)… that the microchips in credit and debit cards can also be tracked, and of course recording devices on all our roads tracking our traveling habits also… the amount of spying which COULD be really going on is endless..

  • nimmi

    What do you expect from a penal colony?

    • the typist


  • Anon

    This is really scary.

    • timbravo

      Be not afraid. Here’s another perspective for ya: THEY must be really scared of YOU.

      Why is that? Because you’re powerful!!! Get out there and do work in the open, unafraid. Let the fear live in them.

      • Aussie4Liberty

        Bravo Tim! These spooks know that what they do is illegitimate and that the the system they serve is ilegitimate. They put all this in place to silence dissent and to prop up their criminal enterprise that they force us to pay for. This is because they fear that intelligent individuals will speak out against their authoritarian babble and use logic to destroy their absurd control freak rhetoric (which is like cryptonite to statists).

  • simon

    This doesn’t surprise me at all, if any dose their homework they will know why these take place, our Govt Attends criminal headquarters like the G20 summit and they discuss these issues as well , they are already talking about drones in our sky’s and its just going to get worse if people don’t wake up, turn off your idiot box and focus the real world folks.

  • redgie

    wow. what an interesting fact, and yet, Australia is still the best country in the world to live in. I wonder if there is any correlation?

  • Anonymous

    Brilliant site, glad I found you. as for creating fear and distrust..
    gee the Govts doing just fine!
    add the enforced storage of all web browsing calls etc now underway and we have the completion of a truly horrendous invasion of all our privacy.
    and I hear the Australians HAVE NO RIGHT…to Privacy anyway
    no recourse for anyone using a CCTV or videoing you in your home or yard.
    no recourse to fight back for a backyarder using a Drone to snoop let alone govvy thugs doing the same.
    over ruled overseen and I am SO Over it!

  • http://Google J. Williams

    The prime minister is after all a Fabian, a product of International Jewry & pushing for a one
    world government. The opposition party is no better. they are the ones that took our guns away. They both work for the same Globalist Overlords & only too willing to betray it`s citizens eg. Julian Assanges, David Hicks, etc. etc. .

    • http://www.theglobalistreport.com/ Andrew Puhanic

      Aussies simply have no real choice of government… Just like you’ve mentioned, the Labor Party will give them Carbon Taxes, the Liberal Party have vowed to buy drones and use them for both military and police enforcement. The Greens will do both.

      • http://gravatar.com/cere6ra1 Jen

        Thank you Andrew for researching and writing this article which will never appear in Australian media.

    • nimmi

      No, this is the Anglo-sphere, not Jewry.
      The English are the most murderous empire in human history,
      and the supreme commander in chief ( queen )
      is our head of state!
      Actually Gillard is an Emily’s list bogan,
      she’s a misandrist!