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Who Are The Anti-Globalists

Written by The Informed Aussie
Published on Saturday, May 19th, 2012
Globalist Report

Globalist Backed United Nations New World OrderIt is hard to say with any precision who the anti-globalists are. Many carry the label with pride and are highly vocal about their beliefs. There are others, who are arguably the minority, that insist on voicing their concerns by using violence and intimidation.

There are two prominent definitions of who the Anti-globalists are. Some may define them as “individuals who have identified a group called the Globalists who seek to establish a New World Order through the creation of Global Government and actively seek to stop the Globalists from achieving their objectives. Others may define Anti-globalists as “individuals who actively seek to prevent the globalization of the world from becoming profit focused to human focused”.

Many Anti-globalists differ in their means of action and in the causes that they defend. However, most anti-globalists share a common view about the Globalists and how the Globalists are destroying our global economy and bringing forth the New World Order.

Anti-globalists see a world in which the legitimate interests of many people are being crowded out by the power of big corporations, which place the pursuit of short-term profitability above the fulfilment of important needs, such as care for the environment, human rights and poverty reduction. Anti-globalists also feel that the design of global governance and the way international institutions operate are biased in favour of the interests of these big corporations.

In consequence, anti-globalists consider it their objective to provide a counterweight to increasingly effective corporate lobbying and to emphasize the importance of goals other than profit (“people before profits”); defend these long-term goals (some of which span more than one generation) against short-term thinking; and ensure that the global governance system gives due weight to non-corporate interests.

Anti-globalists try to raise the public’s awareness and to influence decision-makers and the media at the national and international levels. They stimulate debate by providing information, analysis and expertise on difficult technical subjects, help explain how complex procedures work and facilitate interaction between policy-makers and those outside the system. 

Anti-globalists are not bound by formal divisions of responsibilities and can therefore react quickly to new developments. They examine critically official documents and decisions and when they feel that these are incomplete, inappropriate or simply wrong or damaging, they mobilize opposition and try to change them. Their success in doing so has been helped in no small measure by modern telecommunications and the media.

Globalist Control the Earth Now They Want to Control the UniverseWith the notable exception of some more radical groups, anti-globalists do not reject all aspects of globalization. Some have asked whether the term “anti-globalist” is not a misnomer, an easy way out for the media to describe a wide range of groups, each arguing their own different cause. Anti-globalists want globalization “with a human face”. They are critical of one or more aspects of globalization. In the words of French activist José Bové of the Confédération paysanne: “We are not against globalization itself because it is an inevitable movement, what we want is another kind of globalization. Martin Khor of the Third World Network stresses that: “We aren’t anti-globalization: we want fair globalization.”

Anti-globalists have gained considerable influence and strength since the early 1990s. Before then, protesters lived a more isolated life. But thanks to the Internet and to cheap international air transport, their voices have become more difficult to ignore and their actions better coordinated. The Internet allows them to communicate in a cheap and easy manner among themselves and with decision-makers at home and abroad. Many trace their strength to the Earth Summit (the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development) held in Rio in 1992, when it became clear that a solution to modern environmental problems (such as global warming) needed international action and international agreements by the Globalists.

With the upcoming Bilderberg Group meeting in May 2012 fast approaching, the anti-globalists will be out in full force. As the momentum of the anti-globalist movement accelerates, the Globalists will be under incredible pressure and therefore may be limited in their opportunities to continue the implementation of the New World Order.

Only the anti-globalist movement can stop the Globalists and the New World Order

  • Patriot

    Our government is overtaken by globalists. Time to remove ALL of them and replace them with patriots.

    Look how Republicans and Democrats are BOTH selling us out to the UN.


    • Andrew Puhanic

      Hi Patriot, thanks for the share.

      The left right paradigm is and has always been set-up by the Globalists to control us. These idiot’s that pick a side are simply voting for the same team and are perpetuating the Globalist Agenda unwillingly.