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Stupid Predictions Made By Alex Jones That Never Came True

Written by The Informed Aussie
Published on Monday, May 20th, 2013
Globalist Report

Alex Jones LiesI used to be a believer in the Alex Jones doctrine. However, the propaganda, lies and false predictions that Alex Jones regurgitates on a daily basis has become all too much for me.

There comes a point when the lies and conspiracy theories that Alex Jones preaches as truth simply become a burden on rational thought.

Unfortunately though, the sensational hype of Alex Jones and how he mixes truth with conspiracy theory in my mind is a dangerous cocktail that could cause someone to commit serious crimes against peaceful and unsuspecting people.

For readers of the Globalist Report who believe every word Alex Jones preaches, please take the time to watch the following 13 minute clip that highlights predictions made by Alex Jones that never came true.

So what are your thoughts about Alex Jones…? Is he dangerous or simply misunderstood?

  • George T


    what are these predictions that he makes??

    I think your engaging in circular reasoning!

    • Andrew

      Hi George, The predictions are all found in the video. I just checked if it’s working, and as of 18/06, it was.

      • sickofthedisciples

        still working, more accurately then jones is.

  • Essential Intel

    Alex Jones, like most “alternative media” , is bona fide controlled opposition.

  • http://www.facebook.com/brent.stiles.18 Brent Stiles

    He did predict 9/11 which I thought was interesting at least. I suggest focusing on your own information rather than trying to discredit infowars. Sure he makes mistakes like all of us but how many countless people has he woken up? I don’t only follow Alex, I do my own research but I’ve already been turned off of your site because the 2 articles I read were hit pieces on infowars. Don’t try to fracture the liberty movement as there are enough forces already attempting the same thing.

    • Andrew

      Hi Brent, what forces are you referring to? Fact or fiction??? You see, this is exactly how Alex Jones lures the weak and vulnerable.

      if I lied to my children enough and told them BS stories about Angels and Demons, eventually they would believe my lies.

      This is how Jones works. Rather then focus on the facts, he resorts to mixing sensational lies with populist agendas.

      How can the liberty movement focus on group’s like the Bilderberg Group when the supposedly largest alt media outlet is preaching so much BS?

      Ultimately, I’m just a one man operation, with very little influence, Jones and info wars is a multi-million dollar operation.

      Doesn’t it concern you that someone with so much influence can be wrong so often?

  • http://twitter.com/exo_human exohuman

    What is the point of this post?

    • Andrew

      The point of the post is to highlight the fact that Alex Jones frequently makes predictions that don’t come true. Now, if someone who unwillingly believes as gospel the word of Alex Jones, when he next predicts that the American Dollar is going to collapse, might they respond to his “accurate prediction” and make a financial decision that they might regret?

      Some people are stupid and when stupid people are lied too, that’s a dangerous cocktail that can only lead to disaster

    • sickofthedisciples

      the point is, how many predictions can one guy make, that are wrong, before people stop listening!. jesus, h christ!