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The Fallacy of Airport Security

Written by The Informed Aussie
Published on Saturday, July 28th, 2012
Globalist Report

airport security melbourne airportRecently, my family and I went away on a short break to enjoy the warm sun of Queensland Australia. Once we arrived at the airport and checked-in our luggage, we proceeded through the terminal security checkpoint that leads to the terminal we needed to be in. It is at this point that the security measures I was forced to endure become blatantly obvious and a waste of time.

Thankfully, my family and I were not subjected to walk through the latest airport body scanners that are being rolled out though all Australian airports, however I was personally pulled aside to be checked for explosive residue.

This procedure involved the opening of my carry-on language and having an airport security staff rub a swab on my shoes, pants and top.

The whole process took about 2 minutes to complete and was an absolute and complete waste of time. I could to an extent tolerate having being forced to walk out of line to be tested for explosive residue, however what I couldn’t tolerate is the fact that I was profiled by the security staff as some sort of threat. Maybe airport security staff read the Globalist Report?

The fact that I was with my two children (3 years and under), wife and parents warranted the security staff to pull me aside is baffling.

Were they trying to intimidate me? Did my tired eyes alert them that I may have been up all night concocting some sort of explosive device? Or did they simply pull me aside randomly?

If the latter is true, then I’m afraid that the whole purpose of detecting bomb residue on ordinary civilians is a waste of time and is only designed to intimidate ordinary people. It is the outcome of making you believe that the government is watching you is what is being achieved, not the prevention of bombs entering aircraft.

On our return trip from Queensland to Melbourne, the profiling capabilities of Australia’s beloved airport security staff gets even better. Once we had checked in our bags and proceeded to the terminal security checkpoint, my family was subjected to more bomb residue testing and investigations.

In the first instance, I was asked to open my hand language so that it could be swabbed for bomb residue. On this occasion, they did not swab my shoes, pants or jumper. In the second instance when I was handing over a piece of oversized luggage, the terminal security staff questioned where I was going and what was in the bag (portable cot for the baby). The terminal security staff insisted I answer him.

As soon as I bowed down and answered the gentleman, he proceeded to load the oversized luggage. He didn’t check what was in it or even where it was going.

Once again, I don’t believe I was profiled, but was another random participant in the game of life that big brother is planning for us all.

So I pose again the same three questions I asked earlier. Were they trying to intimidate me? Did my tired eyes alert them that I may have been up all night concocting some sort of explosive device? Or did they simply pull me aside randomly?

Once again, I am convinced that this was a random incidence. It is the random nature of pulling aside law-abiding citizens to intimidate them and to ensure that they understand that they are being watched all the time that is most concerning.

The major threats we face are not derived from terrorists or bomb wielding middle-eastern men, the real threats are derived from the government.

To point out how stupid airport security is, I’ll leave you with the words of the late George Carlin:

There is too much security at the airport… I’m tired of some guy with a double-digit IQ and triple digit income rooting around inside of my bag for no reason and never finding anything… Haven’t found anything yet, haven’t found one bomb in one bag… And don’t tell me that “well the terrorists know that their bags are going to be searched so know they’re leaving their bombs at home”… There are no bombs; the whole thing is fucking pointless”

My experiences, although relatively minor, are endured by thousands of people every day. While this charade continues, the sheeple will slowly move into place, ready for the governments’ and Globalists next agenda item, World Government and the New World Order.

  • Daniela

    Well if people are not happy about this draconian pseudo security system,they should boycott the airport enmasse and stay away from aitravel,use trains or stay home for holidays. What would the airlines do without passengers? Close shop!! Also our politicians would have to make changes or airlines would go bankrupt since most of air travellers are holidaymakers and not business.